Shiho's Attempted Suicide

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Re: Shiho's Attempted Suicide

Postby bash7353 » May 5th, 2017, 6:42 pm

I've always looked at Haibara's actions as more rational than what you've been describing here. She's the traitor to the Black Organization that they won't stop hunting down until they find her and kill everyone around her. In the time (I know that's a tricky concept in this series) she's spent with Conan, and especially with Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko, she's grown quite fond of them. Haibara hates the fact that her presence is putting them in grave danger. I don't really share the view that Haibara is doing this because she's emotionally fragile, rather I think she's doing it to protect people she cares about.

When it comes to her initially taking the drug, I think that she did realise that her situation was hopeless, and that regardless of what she does, she'll likely end up dead. At the same time, she did remember the lab rat that wound up an infant rather than dead, and Shinichi whose death couldn't be confirmed, but whose children clothes mysteriously disappeared. I could imagine that she - perhaps only subconsciously - decided that her best chance of surviving is taking the drug.

We don't really know what about the drug and its development Haibara hasn't told Conan, but there are certainly things she's been keeping secret. For all we know Haibara was actually aware that the drug would turn her into child, and is only pretending she took it to commit suicide, so as not to reveal that she knows more about the drug than she's letting on.

I can understand that people look at Haibara's emotional situation, and in the real world would make a lot of sense. Emotions control a big chunk of most people's lives, even if they've been through far less than Haibara has. At the same time, those sorts of themes are not typically addressed in this series.

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What job would that be?
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Re: Shiho's Attempted Suicide

Postby Raspbryl » May 6th, 2017, 5:57 pm

I seeing how emotional she got over the death of her sister as hard as she's tried to hide it - I think there is more irrationality here bubbling under the surface. near the end of 129 where she first appears she has a public breakdown while confronting Conan over not being able to save her sister. Even if there wasn't all that much he could have done regardless of the version you go with. Oh she tried to rationalize the suicides but suicidal people damn near always do - I don't see much of a difference between her thought patterns and my own as I was contemplating the same thing when I was younger.

I would advise against taking everything she does at face value - there is more to her than what she chooses to show the world.

Now as the series went on she's certainly changed and she's clearly not as weighed down by grief as she used to be - even her formerly steely composure has started to melt as those around her help her to open up again. it's been an interesting character arc to watch and I refuse to believe that I'm the only one who noticed. her smiles have gotten more genuine and while wry amusement at the idiocy around her continues its as if its started to endear itself to her... usually.... when Gentas not involved.

bash7353 wrote:
Raspbryl wrote:Reading too much into things is quite literally in my job description - I would not be a responsible adult if I was lax on the details. My team depends on that - I cant let them down.

What job would that be?

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Re: Shiho's Attempted Suicide

Postby Ahococacola Screamer » May 13th, 2017, 5:49 am

Shiho has edgy personalities, that's for certain and that is nothing surprising at all, considering what she has been through - her parents' deaths and especially her sister's murder by Gin and now under pursuit of a group of people who really want to kill her.

What has happened to her is very tragic as you can't imagine how much pain it was to go through. Her life's meaning is somewhat diminished because her loved ones are gone so the suicidal thoughts are also something to be expected. Shiho is a character that needs sympathy and respect for the efforts she has put up to live her own life as of now given her decadent past.

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