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Postby Kan Kōhi » March 1st, 2017, 12:41 pm

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Re: (New?) idea about „a no kata“

Postby jimmy_kud0_tv2 » March 1st, 2017, 1:14 pm

Kan Kōhi wrote:
[*]Then I remembered that back on Bikuni (the „Mermaid Island“) Conan Edogawa and Heiji Hattori flipped through some of the old guest books and Conan notices the name of „Shiho Miyano“, while thinking „Shiho Miyano... Isn't that her real name? But this has to be a stupid coincidence. She's not the type to go crazy about eternal youth and beauty...“ (translated from the german version). What if he was right about the person who signed there [i]not
being Ai - but not about the coincidence?
[*]Doing a bit of further research after looking that up I found out that Shiho normally is a female name, but that there are (differently written and admittedly probably really rare) variants of it that can also be used for male persons.
  • The user Corab from the german board DCDP told me that the variant I found (史峰) is spelt Shihô (しほう), while the Shiho we know is spelt Shiho (しほ). But he also told me that there nevertheless is a variant written 史歩 (Shiho) and he found at least one (male) photographer online with this name.

We can see the Kanji written in the guestbook pretty clearly, and they are repeated in Conan's thought bubble. Its the same kanji used for Shiho (Ai)'s name. So the only way your theory could work is if they had the exact same name.
I hope that I can find someway to contribute to the community even if it's just random crack theories and looking things up for people who can't find the information they need.
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Postby Kan Kōhi » March 1st, 2017, 1:32 pm

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Re: (New?) idea about „a no kata“

Postby Tantei San » March 1st, 2017, 1:50 pm

Kan Kōhi wrote:[*]And considering Akemi: There is an interesting parallelism in her - the other Miyano sibling - "inheriting" the name of her old, male professor, Masami Hirota, to use it as a pseudonym. Maybe she was inspired by her own sister and grandfather to do so (while not necessarly knowing about him being the boss, that is).

The name was fake in the Robbery case, and was used as a disguise so that no one would know her real name as well as her connections with BO.
[*]Vermouth is described as Anokata's „favourite“ - could it be that there is an analogy to Atsushi and his foreign wife, who got some parallels to Vermouth too? Could the son take after his father in this regard? Did he perhaps even introduce them to each other during Elena's studies in Japan?

I don't know who you are considering as "Foreign wife" but i will assume here to be Elena. As far as I can think most probably "Vermouth" as the codename given to say, Sharon/Chris Vineyard was a close 'relative' to the Boss(Relative to the fact that I can't describe what sort of relation the boss and vermouth hold) was one of the first Test Subject of the then, APTX-4869/Silver Bullet and that was the core reason as to why is looks so young even after 20 years.(Courtesy: The Amazing SpiderMan 2 - Now, If you remember the scene where Peter finds out about his father's Spider research, that, No matter who uses it, the Sample will work only on those having the same blood type of that of Richard parker.)Now ,why I gave that example here is because I assume that the Drug, If and only if, was being made for Boss's sole purpose he must have used 'Vermouth' as a bait to see what sort of reaction happens on her.
[*]If you consider Atsushi leaving his home around 30 years ago for „a big research facility“ (which is assumed to be the organization) while supposing that he was at least 18 back then - just like his daughter is now, which would make him at least 48 at present - and continue to speculate that his father (the grandfather Shiho Miyano who is at the core of this theory) was also at least 18 during the conception or birth of his son, he would be close to 70 or older now. That's indeed an age a lot of people consider fitting for Anokata, let alone the project the organization works on „for half a century“, making him at least 20 back when it started.

Tbh, If find it completely unacceptable that Atsushi at point of time moving out of his father's house to go some where else, only to land back at his father's crime syndicate. Also, I don't think that Atsushi was forced to work/study like that of Haibara and mind you it takes 4 years of Bachelor degree, 2 years masters degree(maybe more) and atleast 3-4 years of Doctorate. And it is healthy to assume that instead of 18 Atsushi would be around 27-28 in the least case scenario(that being he took all degrees without a drop year).So using his reason to leave the house as a mode of not only describing his age but also establishing relations like that, I don't pretty much agree with it.
Not only that, but the fact that everyone needs to be 18 at the time of starting a family seems way too weird.

[*]The implication of an inheritance is also that Gramps Miyano already died at the age of around 40, give or take. Why was it never being expounded upon this information?

I think that anything was never stressed over that fact of him being dead was because -
1) It was irrelevant.
2)And once, Atsushi left the house, he was never recalled as such.

Could this idea open the possibility of him faking his death three decades ago?

Why is everyone so obssessed with faking deaths now and then, Anyway, Whether, He or The Boss ever died will only be revealed when we enter the Boss's Arc.
[*]A rather meta-like thought, but: Conan instantly dismissed the Shiho Miyano in the guest book being the one he knows and never talked about that with her (on-panel). Maybe it would set some things in motion too early if he did and she'd tell something important about her gramps?

Mistook it to be the one he knows, is that what are you trying to say? I mean, come on, If he knew about the fact that she was associated with the BO and that it is completely possible that she was there to gather information over the drug she was creating.Then, there is no motive of Conan going about asking her, though, He should've asked her after that case.
[*]The emotional impact would be devastating for Ai, I think, if she realized that her own grandfather is the head of the biggest danger in her life and the people she holds dear.

I don't think that would be the case, because it wasn't ever shown anything about her grandfather-related that she ever had some sort of feelings towards anyone as such. All that was, for, her Mother and sister.
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Re: (New?) idea about "Ano Kata"

Postby Spimer » March 1st, 2017, 2:17 pm

Welcome to the forums!

You were right in mistrusting the source of Professor Hirota's Japanese name because it's wrong.

The correct spelling is: "広田正巳".

Other than that, your theory feels a bit too contrived and gasping at straws. Feels more of a hypothesis in some aspects.

You bring up good points of Japanese kanji wordplay (which we know Gosho uses in some tricks) but maybe the answer is simpler than that.

Otherwise, I applaud all the effort you've done to look into the matter.
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Postby Kan Kōhi » March 1st, 2017, 2:50 pm

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Re: (New?) idea about "Ano Kata"

Postby kkuuddoo » March 1st, 2017, 4:24 pm

This is a very Intersting Idea you have here
You paid good attention to detail, and its quite reasonable from one side
However as we all know there are a couple of ideas and theories out there, and we still don't have a huge stepping stone towards the truth, so your idea is still available in a way, maybe, we still don't know what gosho has in store for us.

I give you a hand of applause, because I do like the idea in a way, especially the Kanji character play part, that is mainly what pulled me to liking your idea.

However, I have a few questions concerning your idea
1- I didn't understand why the Boss will favor Vermouth if he is the Miyano grandfather
Is it because she is one of the first successes for the BO research ( assuming why she does not age because one test worked on her )
She is the only living research surviver and she shows signs of the success of the research ? she is the only research hope ?
2- Assuming Haibara thoughts about her parents "accident" isn't really an accident true
Why would Miyano Grandpa kill his son and his wife and leave his two grandkids without parents
Not caring about their suffering, not having a problem with killing Akemi, which led shiho to escape and BO went after her to KILL her
* That makes him a very heartless Father & Grandfather, IMO
GIN X SHIHO <3<3<3

Elena Miyano and Atsushi ..... APTX 4869 & Silver Bullet
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Re: (New?) idea about „a no kata“

Postby Tantei San » March 2nd, 2017, 2:20 am

Kan Kōhi wrote:
From where did you get the information that Vermouth was the first test subject of APTX 4869/Silver Bullet? Or was that just an assumption on your part?

I don't really understand the last part, sorry - could you clarifiy? And I think it's not known for which purpose or for whom the drug was made.

I assumed it that way, that, the possibility maybe that the Boss is a conservative guy and since he made a drug for his own use, and if it is a genetic drug(i.e, Only works on his blood-same type)And,If Vermouth is close possibly some sort of acquaintance, then, vermouth might be used"As a mice for the experiment".
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Re: (New?) idea about "Ano Kata"

Postby Absenta » March 4th, 2017, 4:14 pm

It´s a good viewpoint.

It´s interesting to think about the boss in a physical way. I don´t think he is a gramp, I think he is actually a 7 year old boy and thus he only shows his real form to Vermouth. We always think in the boss as the shadow criminal, but it would be funny and coherent that he´d be like Conan. Because in a narrative way they are nemesis, Vermouth would be anokata´s Ran and that´s why she knows that Shinichi is the only one that can face him.

Let´s think abouth the project origins...., in the series they said it started 50 years ago...the series are settled in the 90´ originally, so this affirmation coincides with 2WW and whe know that was a time of a lot of experimentation (nazis). It´s possible that the project started in this context. I assume that anokata is british but could knew some nazis and emmigrate to Japan to settle this experimentation stuff here (allies). Although this is a risky theory and I don´t think Gosho would introduce this kind of stuff in DC.

¿Do you think Vermouth, aside the boss, as something to do with Elena Miyano and Mary Sera?
She could be her sister, or even her mother, but that would make her Ai´s auntie or grandma!

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