Rum Arc Discussion Thread (Plot + Characters)

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Re: Rum Arc Discussion Thread (Plot + Characters)

Postby PhantomWriter » April 12th, 2018, 9:46 pm

ArseneLupen wrote:
CrimsonGenius wrote:
RUM wants to know about Shin'ichi because if he is alive, he suspects Gin messed up his mission

Was Gin´s mission really to poison Shinichi ? Nope, the mission was originally the transaction with the company owner. The encounter with Shinichi was also a coincidence. Also if we think, Gin said, Its the first time they used the APTX4869, so he didnt know any side effects of the drug. (Only Shiho knew). The person who messed up is actually Shiho, because Gin thought the drug is actually a killing machine with leaving no evidences.

So I think that Rum isn´t blaming Gin. I mean, Rum can´t actually blame him.

I'd have to agree, though it depends on how the Organization handles it. Problem is, though, our POV is very limited. We don't get a lot of "inside" information because Conan is an outsider in terms of the main plot and the insiders (Rei, Akai, Haibara, etc.) have various reasons for not bringing up that information. Thus, we have to infer things based on previous actions the Organization has taken.

They're cutthroat about certain kinds of mistakes, such as the stuff with Pisco getting caught on camera. There's no deniability there, the guy got caught on film murdering a guy, and they knew he was going to spill everything if he gets arrested. They're also very quick to go after moles when found out or testing who could have betrayed them. Scotch is an example of the former. The latter is shown with Kir. They set up a test to make sure she was genuinely loyal to them via murder.

However, Rum was forgiven for his own mistakes and the Organization is trying to clean it up, as evidenced by the Asaca song case. It could just be that Rum's doing what he's supposed to do, that something happened and Gin left a loose end incidentally (because the poison didn't kill, which had never happened before in their records), so he's trying to clean it up. The Organization doesn't know the ramifications of Gin's screw up, he's pretty high on the food chain, he wasn't caught on film, and he's otherwise proven loyal, so I doubt they'd go after him.

(The problem with the idea of Rum and Gin clashing is that Rum would come across as a hypocrite (considering the Kohji case) and we don't have any establishment of the conflict between the two, meaning it's a bit out of left field. Sure, Gin doesn't care about Rum's screw up, but Gin doesn't care about a lot of things. Instead, he notices Kogoro possibly being involved again and that he could be a threat...)
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