Did Akai change opinion about Ran?

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Did Akai change opinion about Ran?

Postby Nemomon » December 13th, 2016, 2:20 pm

A random topic, today I thought that it really must be a very bad luck to meet 2 times the same random guy on two different continents.

During the last encounter Akai did not have a good opinion about Ran saying that she always is crying. Now, as Okiya, he had much more occasions to meet Ran. Do you think he now has a better opinion about her, or he still thinks that she only can cry and/or call Shinichi for help?
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Re: Did Akai change opinion about Ran?

Postby DCUniverseAficionado » December 13th, 2016, 11:56 pm

Nemomon wrote:Do you think he now has a better opinion about her, or he still thinks that she only can cry and/or call Shinichi for help?

Ah, but how do you know that's what he thought of her? That he had a "low" opinion of her? That could be your interpretation.

He compares Ran to Akemi—he doesn't think there's anything wrong with her crying at all. He thought Akemi did the same thing, when he wasn't looking. He calls Akemi "stupid" because her death hurt him, so it's by no means an insult to Ran—if anything, Shuichi comparing you to the woman he loved is pretty high praise, as I see it. So, perhaps, he thinks that she might do the same thing—die in an attempt to protect those she cares about (though, in the case of Ran's romantic relationship, Shinichi/Conan, for the most part, has been the one keeping secrets and risking his life).
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Re: Did Akai change opinion about Ran?

Postby ATEM » December 14th, 2016, 4:53 pm

I don't think he thought of her in that way from the start he compared her to akemi that she is trying to act all strong but cries alone in the dark I didn't feel it like he was accusing her of crying or for being weak but accused her for trying to be strong while she isn't .
In america she was afraid of the serial killer but she refused to go with the taxi driver and leave shinichi although she knew her power may not be enough to do anything but she can't leave him to die alone anyway , and in japan she was crying infront of a kid only and she didn't confess to anybody If akemi didn't try stand infront of the BO and rob the bank to save herself and her sister and help Dai so they can be finally together she might have been still alive if she admitted her weakness and didn't try to hold everyone's pain she wouldn't have been killed ,Ran reminded him of akemi she wanted to defend her friend although she knew she won't be able to save herself as if he wanted to tell her don't act as that fool don't die like her ....
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Re: Did Akai change opinion about Ran?

Postby yuukichang » December 19th, 2016, 5:08 am

Since Akai became Subaru, he didn't mention anything to Ran about his thoughts about her. I think it will be fun if he will said something, like when Vermouth is in disguise and she apparently spilled the word "angel" where Ran already suspected her :)
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