Mystery Poll: Poll #37

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Re: Mystery Poll: Poll #36

Post by KingWilson »

vaibhavgupte wrote:
May 26th, 2020, 12:32 am

yes I agree wakasa is red herring.
but she is portrayed so directly that hardly
anyone still believes she is rum.
i dont believe it either.
so she is a red herring gosho doesnt intend us to fall.
he intends us to fall for other red herring wakita kanenori
and he is successful since most people believe he is rum.
now correction on wakita.
that traitor comment is not only suspicios one
from wakita. there are two more.
1) in wakita episode there is yaiba hint.
today in yaiba enemy boss advisor makes appearance
in show.
2) his name wakita kanenori is anagram of
tokiwa kanenari which in japanese is time is money
.what rum always states.
these two make wakia biggest red herring
and why most people think wakita is rum
is either of the two.
both are too obvous
We should discuss this on rum thread vaib, this thread is not to discuss rum thread, so i will give my answer in the rum thread


Re: Mystery Poll: Poll #37

Post by Kor »

Poll #37:

Definitely the most relevant mystery :-X
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