Mystery Poll: Poll #27

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Re: Mystery Poll: Community stats so far

Postby Kor » October 24th, 2017, 2:39 pm

Gosho vs DCTP

As some of the mysteries have resolved since we've started doing these polls, in this post I'll compile the stuff the community was correct or incorrect about.

And yeah I know that once we shifted to Strawpoll, it's not just DCTP members voting, but my thread, my titles :V

Poll #1:
Who is Masumi's 2nd brother?

Community voted for the correct option with a majority

Poll results:
Shuukichi - 71% (42 votes)
The unknown child - 3% (2 votes)
Another existing character - 8% (5 votes)
A character that wasn't introduced yet - 3% (2 votes)
The 2nd brother doesn't exist. Sera's been in contact with Akai. - 7% (4 votes)
The 2nd brother doesn't exist. Sera's been contacting someone else. - 7% (4 votes)

Poll #2:
Who is the Unknown Child?

Community voted for the correct option with a majority

Poll results:
Masumi's shrunken mother - 81% (34 votes)
Masumi's shrunken middle brother - 0% (0 votes)
Shrunken Elena - 5% (2 votes)
None of the above, but s/he's definitely shrunken - 2% (1 vote)
A sibling of Masumi - 0% (0 votes)
A half sibling of Masumi - 2% (1 vote)
A relative of Masumi - 7% (3 votes)
Someone related to the rich friend of Masumi's father - 0% (0 votes)
A friend of Masumi - 2% (1 vote)
A Black Organization member - 0% (0 votes)
Member of a certain agency - 0% (0 votes)

Poll #3:

Which of these characters do you think has some sort of British connections/relations?

This was a multiple votes poll. It remains to be seen whether Rum or Bourbon have British connections, but the community's top 2 options turned out to be correct, so... Community was correct.

Poll results:
Bourbon - 27% (22 votes)
Sera Masumi - 37% (30 votes)
Unknown child - 29% (24 votes)
Rum - 6% (5 votes)
none - 1% (1 vote)

Poll #9:
Which one of the current ongoing mysteries do you think Gosho will resolve first?

Community voted for the wrong option... with a majority

Poll results:
Masumi's connection to Shinichi and Ran - 53% (68 votes)
The identity of Masumi's 2nd brother - 17% (22 votes)
The identity of the unknown child who lives with Masumi - 12% (16 votes)
Amuro's past - 5% (6 votes)
Rum's identity - 4% (5 votes)
The ordeal between Scotch, Amuro and Akai - 4% (5 votes)
Kuroda's past - 2% (3 votes)
Vermouth's secret - 2% (2 votes)
The identities of the 2 mothers/sisters Gosho hinted at - 1% (1 vote)
Itakura's program - 1% (1 vote)

Poll #11:

Who do you think are the two mothers that according to Gosho, will be revealed to be sisters?

Community voted for the correct option but without majority

Poll results:
Masumi's mother and Elena - 32% (54 votes)
Elena and Amuro's mother - 29% (49 votes)
Masumi's mother and Yukiko - 14% (24 votes)
Masumi's mother and Amuro's mother - 6% (11 votes)
Another option with plot related characters - 6% (10 votes)
Elena and Yukiko - 5% (8 votes)
Yukiko and Chikage - 3% (5 votes)
Another option, but it will just be a trivial thing and not related to the plot - 3% (5 votes)
Eri and Masumi's mother - 1% (2 votes)
Eri and Amuro's mother - 1% (1 vote)
Eri and Elena - 1% (1 vote)
Amuro's mother and Yukiko - 0% (no votes)
Ayumi's mother and Satou's mother - 0% (no votes)

Poll #15:

What do you think happened with Scotch?

This one's a bit... problematic. 3 options here sort of fit the description. Amuro misunderstood, Akai was kinda indirectly responsible (but not really, though...?). Only one person voted for Scotch killing himself, so... let's put this one as community being wrong I guess...

Poll results:
Akai was indirectly responsible for Scotch's death - 53% (32 votes)
Akai killed Scotch - 18% (11 votes)
Scotch is actually still alive, but Amuro doesn't know about it - 13% (8 votes)
Akai learned Scotch was a spy and informed the organization, and then Scotch was killed - 7% (4 votes)
Akai had nothing to do with Scotch's death. Amuro misunderstood - 7% (4 votes)
Scotch killed himself once he was found to be a spy - 2% (1 vote)

Poll #17:

How long do you think the Rum arc will be?

Community was dead wrong on this one

Poll results:
3 years - 30% (19 votes)
4 years - 21% (13 votes)
2 years - 14% (9 votes)
5 years - 10% (6 votes)
Over 10 years - 10% (6 votes)
1 year - 6% (4 votes)
7 years - 6% (4 votes)
6 years - 2% (1 vote)
10 years - 2% (1 vote)
8 years - 0% (0 votes)
9 years - 0% (0 votes)

Poll #18:

What do you think Rum's appearance will be like in Movie 20?

Community was wrong

Poll results:
Rum will merely appear as a vague or shadowy figure - 34% (23 votes)
A bunch of recurring characters will make an appearance in the film and one of them is Rum - 18% (12 votes)
Rum's voice will be heard - 10% (7 votes)
Rum's voice will be heard, but it will be distorted - 9% (6 votes)
Rum will just be mentioned and won't make an actual appearance - 9% (6 votes)
A glass of rum will appear in the film, not the actual member - 7% (5 votes)
Rum's identity will be revealed - 6% (4 votes)
One of the random extras in the film will be Rum - 3% (2 votes)
New Rum suspects will make an appearance in the film - 1% (1 vote)
Lum will appear, not Rum - 1% (1 vote)
There will be no Rum appearance - 1% (1 vote)

Poll 19:

Who do you think is the character with the odd eyes that is hinted at the latest movie 20 promotional video?

Community was wrong... again

Poll results:
Rum - 44% (38 votes)
A movie only character - 33% (28 votes)
Those eyes are just there to generate hype but there won't be any character like that in the movie - 13% (11 votes)
It's part of a disguise - 7% (6 votes)
A recurring character that didn't get introduced yet in the manga - 2% (2 votes)
An already existing character - 1% (1 vote)

Final tally so far:
The most voted option was correct in 4 polls.
The most voted option was incorrect in 5 polls.

As far as being correct when it comes to the actual mysteries, community so far is 100% successful (most voted option is correct).
On the flipside, based on these results, the community absolutely sucks at determining Gosho's pacing and it got a bit too hyped about movie 20 to think clearly.

Some of you may have noticed I did not take the Chiba poll into account. That's because it was a joke and the people who voted in it know it was a joke, so... yeah that can't be part of the stats :-X

Once we get additional resolutions to the rest of the polls, I'll add them to this post (or make a new post). That's for the future, though.
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Re: Mystery Poll: Poll #27

Postby Kor » December 8th, 2017, 5:21 am

Poll #27 is up:

For the first time in this thread, a simple yes/no question.
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Re: Mystery Poll: Poll #27

Postby Nemomon » December 8th, 2017, 9:20 am


He's just a side character related to even more side character.
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Re: Mystery Poll: Poll #27

Postby MeiTanteixX » December 8th, 2017, 10:26 am

Kor wrote:Poll #27 is up:

For the first time in this thread, a simple yes/no question.
Good choice for a poll.
This will be a good way to see how many are certain about Muga.
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Re: Mystery Poll: Poll #27

Postby bash7353 » December 8th, 2017, 10:40 am

Everything's related to everything, isn't it?
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Re: Mystery Poll: Poll #27

Postby jimmy_kud0_tv2 » December 8th, 2017, 6:39 pm

no (so far 49 votes no)

I don't think he has anything to do with the Rum plot, I just think that he is just adding
to the tone that the Momiji side plot is meant to convey. I feel like if there weren't issues
going on behind the scenes that we would be getting more cases with Momiji and Sebastian
lurking around in the background stalking Heiji.
I hope that I can find someway to contribute to the community even if it's just random crack theories and looking things up for people who can't find the information they need.

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