Possible Relation Theories (SPOILER!)

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Re: Possible Relation Theories (SPOILER!)

Postby DCUniverseAficionado » January 25th, 2017, 4:35 pm

Serinox wrote:I doubt he will really make Araide appear again. Gosho said the same thing about him in 2015 or something, that he forgot him (which I doubt means he actually forgot him, but more like didn't actively think about him but was aware of that character's general existence) and at some point he said he had forgotten Makoto. I think that if Gosho had wanted to keep Araide around as a side character, he would've done it (unless Araide was axed because he was unpopular with the readership, like Eisuke supposedly was), and the fact that he has made no attempt to what so ever makes me really doubt that, even after he talked about him in the past.

I'm just hoping he won't waste the character by the end of the series... and he will be, ultimately, wasted, I think, if, by the end of DC, he was just Vermouth's disguise. I have no objection to Gosho creating Tomoaki Ariade to be Vermouth's disguise... but I do have an objection to him appearing only twice since the end of the Vermouth arc—that's two cases since Case #125 (Vermouth arc climax), and we're currently on Case #285. He last appeared in January 05/06 (505–507/427–428). At least have him appear one more time, and maybe do something that helps Team Shinichi/Conan out.

But if you're asking me about the odds, then yes, they are pretty low.
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