The term 'territory' in all of its variations

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The term 'territory' in all of its variations

Post by Fujiwara »

Since the term "territory" and its synonyms have now been around for over 500(!) chapters and translations haven't always been consistent due to the fact that it's been a long time and various translators have worked on the files, I put together an overview over the various occurrences of words meaning territory/domain/area for reference purposes:

File 354, p.5 (Akai, talking to Ran): 場 with special reading(!) エリア - "area"
File 587, p.4 (Jodie, talking to Conan): エリア - "area"
File 700, p.13 (message + flashback Akai): エリア - "area"
File 811, p.16 (Okiya): my エリア - "area"
File 811, p.16 (Okiya): your 領分 - "territory"
File 821, p.9 (Okiya): エリア - "area"
File 845, p.3 (Masumi): 領域 - "domain"
File 878, p.16 (mystery girl): 領域 - "domain"
File 891, p.5 (Haibara): my 領分 - "territory"

All three words have the meaning "territory."

If I missed any occurences (which is likely ^^) please let me know and I'll add them.
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Re: The term 'territory' in all of its variations

Post by jimmy_kud0_tv2 »

So if I have this right, Shuuichi likes using the word "area" possibly enough that Jodie copies it, or maybe it could be an FBI term being that its said in katakana (english)? He uses "territory" for Haibara and then she later uses it herself. And "domain" is Masumi's word, and she uses it possibly as including Conan in the fruits case. The Mystery girl identifies herself as "outside the domain". Also we have Bourbon saying "My Japan" and Shuuichi later saying because they are in Japan, that it is more his "field". Maybe that factors into this somehow? So we have...

AREA - Shuuichi (and possibly Jodie?)


DOMAIN - Masumi (and possibly Conan?)


FIELD?? - Rei's Japan

Maybe they could be terms used by Organizations? Like FBI using "Area", BO using "Territory", Detectives using "Domain", and Special Police using something else like "Field" ? But then what the heck is the Mystery Girl being "outside the domain" mean? who knows this is just a guess.
I hope that I can find someway to contribute to the community even if it's just random crack theories and looking things up for people who can't find the information they need.
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