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Re: DC Question and Answer Thread - Have a question? Get an answer here

Post by Shiho4869 »

Reader wrote:
December 28th, 2020, 2:50 am
Shiho4869 wrote:
December 27th, 2020, 6:55 pm
Do you know what episode does this picture come from?
You can do reverse image search.
I did try on yandex, and found that that pic is in the intro of season 10 episode 22. But don't know where that scene is actually.
Thank you :)


Re: DC Question and Answer Thread - Have a question? Get an answer here

Post by xavaw81726 »

Hi there. I'm the guy who asked questions here a while ago and got successfully answered by a moderator. Thanks for that! I have returned with more questions to ask if there's no problem with that. It would be cool if the same moderator answers them again, please. I will ask the new questions alongside with the old ones just to get confirmation of them:
1. Who knows all of the future/ending of the series besides the author and all editors?
2. Is the only way to know the further story, the waiting for the next chapters to get released?
3. Is all of the manga and anime that we have of the series so far the entire story that we know so far?
4. When will we see the great events of the series that the author has never shown before?
5. Is the start of the series really 1994 with the start of the manga?
6. Has the series really been weekly ever since then to today?
7. Why hasn't the series never got completed in a lifetime with decades of production?
8. When and how will the series end according to you?
9) Why was Conan back to his former body at chapter 1000 and then got back to child? Sorry, I have never read nor watched the series so I don't really know nothing.
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Re: DC Question and Answer Thread - Have a question? Get an answer here

Post by Spimer »

1) Maybe some of the VAs or anime staff.

2) Gosho sometimes gives out hints in interviews or teased things in Let's Talk Day events.

3) Yes. The manga written by Gosho is the base of all the story. While sometimes anime adds extra scenes, those are not considered essential part of the story.

4) Whenever the author feels like it. Also, "great events" definition changes depending on the person. Whether what he writes fits one's expectations is another tale altogether.

5) Yes. The series began serializing in Weekly Shonen Sunday in January, 1994.

6) While the Shonen Sunday publishes almost all weeks of a year, the author often takes breaks between cases to research and write the next episodes at a more leisurely pace without so much stress of deadlines.

7) Isn't it obvious? Because it sells. As long as anything sells, those who own the rights wish to ride on that success as long as possible.

8) For me, it might take another few years depending on how much longer RUM arc extends, if there is a "Boss Arc", and what happens afterwards.

9) Basically, Conan has been able to go back to Shinichi several times thanks to prototype antidotes made by Haibara, who was a researcher in the Black Organization and who worked in the APTX 4869 drug that shrunk both him and her.
However, these antidotes have a time limit and taking too many of them in a row can shorten the time it's effective.
He also cannot stay in that form the whole time, because as soon as he appears, rumors might begin of him being alive again, drawing attention of BO and putting others in danger.

If you want to enjoy the series and understand current storylines, I recommend that you read the manga.
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