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[COMPLETE] 2019 January Anime Schedule (2 manga-based, break, 1 AO remaster)

Posted: November 22nd, 2018, 10:39 am
by Spimer
[COMPLETE] 2019 January Anime Schedule (2 manga-based):

The Crimson Schooltrip episodes will have a new OP theme and a "main theme", probably used as new ED.

Both will be sung by Kuraki Mai, who'll have a cameo in the episodes too.

OP song:
「きみと恋のままで終われない いつも夢のままじゃいられない」
"Kimi to koi no mama de owarenai itsumo yume no mama ja irarenai"
"It won't end as love for us, it can't be a dream forever"

Main theme:
"Barairo no jinsei"
"Rose-colored life"

January 5th (Ep 927)
紅の修学旅行 (鮮紅編)
Crimson Schooltrip (Scarlet Part)

January 12th (Ep 928)
紅の修学旅行 (恋紅編)
Crimson Schooltrip (Crimson Love Part)

January 19th

January 26th (AO Remaster)
Episode 87
The Crane's Return of a Favor Murder Case