Anyone else misses the old soundtrack?

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Re: Anyone else misses the old soundtrack?

Postby Valentin » March 11th, 2018, 6:17 pm

Adel34 wrote:
Valentin wrote:Since we’re talking about a hundred plays, I guess the question is rather “Which episodes did not feature it?” …

Particularly if you watch an adaptation from 2004 or 2005, you can hardly miss it. Still, here are a few of the big ones that include it: Episode 288, Episode 345, Episode 496, Episode 521, Episode 648, Episode 754, Episode 861.

No, no. The version I'm talking about included a second part to the song. Ep. 267, just before the ending theme. This is what I'm talking about. Not the version that plays nowadays. The version that plays these days does not include the second part.
While it’s true that the second part is frequently cut in more recent cases, the remake does include it. The first seconds of Episode 865 feature a condensed sample, the version played in Episode 846 from 08:36 is relatively complete, and the revelation of Kusuda Rikumichi before the ending theme of Episode 496 even has nothing but the latter portion.

The material is safe and sound. Apparently, though, the unnecessary decision to add strings at the beginning has caused a shift in the application of the song. Nowadays, it’s much less often the dramatic climax it used to be, but rather the prelude of a conflict.

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