Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

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Re: Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

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I know it's been a long time since I've been here, but I finally have a computer to use again, I found this board again, and just watched this movie today! lol I must say, I enjoyed it and the plot and glad that I did contribute to the opening weekend sales, even though, back then, I was unable to actually go see the film since I was in the process of moving back to the US. I liked learning about other parts of the police force and I'd always been curious of the order side of things. I'd always heard that Japan had a high conviction rate and stuff and seeing the process with Kogoro was fun. I think the only thing I truly disliked is a problem with a majority of the Detective Conan films...something over the top happening for Conan to save the day. The movie, up to a point, was slightly grounded in reality...but the stuff with Amuro's driving and the soccer ball thing and the stuff with the drone...meh. Been there done that. Wish they'd ease off of that.
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