All about Amuro

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All about Amuro

Postby Amary » August 16th, 2017, 10:31 pm

I am a new member here. I would like to know everything about Bourbon/Amuro/Rei, can you guys tell me all the knowledge you have about him? And who was it that he uhmm let's say his past love (accdg to Gosho but I forgot where did I have read it) anything will do. Hope anyone would share. Thank you
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Re: All about Amuro

Postby Swagnarok » August 17th, 2017, 12:43 am

Amary wrote:I am a new member here. I would like to know everything about Bourbon/Amuro/Rei, can you guys tell me all the knowledge you have about him? And who was it that he uhmm let's say his past love (accdg to Gosho but I forgot where did I have read it) anything will do. Hope anyone would share. Thank you

Welcome to the DCTP Forums. I hope you get some enjoyment out of being here.
Amuro is an agent of the "Public Security Bureau", an agency that's part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. As a police officer, he is an acquaintance of the late Wataru Date, as well as the man named "Scotch". He has infiltrated the Black Organization under the codename Bourbon presumably to obtain valuable information about the BO for the Japanese police and perhaps also to undermine them from within.
He was once associated with Shuichi Akai, who had also infiltrated the Organization under the false name "Dai Moroboshi", but at the time Amuro was unaware that Akai was anything other than a loyal BO member. He blames Akai for Scotch's death, and as such wants to kill Akai. At this present time he does believe that Okiya and Akai are the same person, though he has suspected in the past.
He has met Elena Miyano at some point, when he was a child, but this detail has yet to be expounded upon. It is not known who his past love is, if any such person exists, or if he's currently in a romantic relationship with anyone.
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Yoshiteru Nichimura: Japanese-American CIA agent, Hidemi's colleague and former boyfriend. Known among the ranks of the CIA as "Grim Reaper", from his skull-like face and his deadly short-range combat skills. He has a very good fast draw and he's very highly proficient in the Israeli martial art form called Krav Maga. However, he has no talent as a sniper, and he doesn't bother trying to be one.
Ryan Jackson: African-American CIA agent and director of CIA operations in Japan involving the Black Organisation. He was once good friends with Ethan Hondou, who taught him how to charge at a gunman without getting hit. He was an army chaplain who served in Iraq, seeing combat on numerous occasions, most notably during the Second Battle of Fallujah. He's been a lifelong resident of Metairie, LA, and he's married with several children. He graduated from Loyola University Maryland. His favorite saying is, "It is sometimes necessary to lie damnably in the interests of the nation."
Elena and Atsushi Miyano: Faked their deaths and now secretly lead a "White Organisation" against the Men in Black. Parents of Akemi, Shiho, and Satoshi Miyano.
ELXR-0666: A drug developed by the BO that can revive the dead, the ultimate aim of their research and development of APTX-4869.
Nancy Akechi: Ran Mouri, revived by ELXR-0666 and then shrunken to a 7/8 year old by APTX-4869. Lives with Conan and her two parents, who are unaware of her true identity. Is the sixth member of the "Detective Boys".
Cognac: Shinichi Kudo made a bargain with Elena Miyano: Join the BO in exchange for the drug that could revive Ran from the dead. He became a Black Crow under the codename Cognac, specialising in using his detective skills to investigate matters important to the Organisation.
Antichrist: An ancient hominid species very closely related to Homo Sapiens. They were biologically indistinguishable from human beings, except for the presence of the "Altar Organ", an internal bodily organ that allowed them to replace one of their other body parts, even the brain, with a corresponding one belonging to another person upon consuming said replacement body part. This species went extinct long ago, but they are relevant to the BO's plans today.
Yoko Okino: Boss of the Black Organisation upon the death of Korn, who in turn succeeded Pisco. Codename: Cabernet Sauvignon. Her mother was a member of the BO Council, and she raised her daughter to worship the Ancient Canaanite gods. Yoko's philosophy was also shaped by something that she witnessed as a child, the bullying of one of her classmates that led to suicide. She represents the "young blood" of the Organisation, and her religious fervour sets her apart from the Council, which consists of elderly and middle-aged bureaucrats and businessmen. She sees them as heretics.
Mezcal: Biochemist who assumed control of the APTX-4869 project upon Sherry's defection. He joined the project approximately one year before the events of Episodes 128-129 and the two of them worked closely in developing the drug.
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Re: All about Amuro

Postby Nemomon » August 17th, 2017, 5:36 am

He also works under Vermouth and at the same time he blackmails her saying that if her secret would be leaked to the BO, it would cause a real mess. We don't know, though, how much he knows about her and how he found out about her secrets. As of now it looks like that that blackmail doesn't affect much their relationship, and they work pretty normally to the point of Amuro willingly taking orders from her.
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