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Re: Detective Conan Anime Discussion Thread (Latest Subbed Episode: 900)

Posted: June 21st, 2018, 8:05 am
by k11chi
ProfParanoia wrote:
kkslider5552000 wrote:Episode 903: Birds of a Feather at Loggerheads

-Have we seen "Danny's" before? I feel like this has been in the series before...

Danny's is apart of irl Conan lore.

You've cracked the case.

Re: Detective Conan Anime Discussion Thread (Latest Subbed Episode: 900)

Posted: June 26th, 2018, 12:59 am
by kkslider5552000
Episode 904: Result of the Draw

-I would love to see at some point everyone just being bored by seeing dead bodies "god dammit, another one. *sigh* ok"

-"Do you know how much money he owed?" None, he only owed...his life! :o

-It would be funny if every line Conan said to her ended with "you murderer!"

-The fact that that entire detective boys scene was like 5 seconds made it kinda funny

-I always appreciate that the unchanging animation for anime talking is the entire reason this Agasa thing makes sense

That sure was a case. Like, for whatever reason, I did find it a bit more engaging than some but it was still a mediocre, semi-generic 1 episode AO. Brief moments where it felt like the animators were trying to make the series look remotely cool, which was appreciated (also, as per usual, series looks better when the characters aren't in broad daylight).

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Re: Detective Conan Anime Discussion Thread (Latest Subbed Episode: 900)

Posted: July 3rd, 2018, 1:16 am
by kkslider5552000
Episode 905: Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later (Part One)

-"I can't believe we're spending the weekend in such a wonderful place". guys have visited like half of Japan at this rate, I can reasonably believe that you would spend your weekend in a subjectively wonderful place.

-I like how often one-off characters are knowledgeable about things and people know because they are the best at blogging about their subject on the internets. Realistic or lazy writing, you decide!

-Cow magnet is a real thing, I checked

-Wow little girl, that sounds really boring. You should try this new invention called "video games"

-Wow that sounds like a series where stuff happens and actually ended. Must be nice.

-Oh no, she has Post Traumatic Sentai Disorder!

-It is actually bizarre seeing a child actually affected by seeing murder in this series

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Re: Detective Conan Anime Discussion Thread (Latest Subbed Episode: 900)

Posted: July 17th, 2018, 1:19 am
by kkslider5552000
Episode 906: Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later (Part Two)

-We need to find a cool name for these generic Black Organization members like in this Opening, similar to how we have Shadowman for every murderer.

-I'm starting to hope the revelations about this case become more and more dramatic and absurd and that the entire episode is almost nothing but that

-"Does anyone know what they key was for?" open something. ...that's what keys are used for.

-"a key to the door of happiness" Several shameless and obvious jokes I could put here.

-That was a pretty great ending. Like the pre-credits ending.

That case was pretty good. Like in some ways I felt like it was still less engaging than it should've been, but it was good enough at least, especially some of the weirder and better parts of it. Though wow are they running out of ideas when they decided to make a traumatized girl, sentai, cow magnet case.

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Re: Detective Conan Anime Discussion Thread (Latest Subbed Episode: 907)

Posted: July 24th, 2018, 1:19 am
by kkslider5552000
Episode 907: The J League Bodyguard

-"I'm the star here" Objectively that should be true, Sleeping Kogoro has solved an absolutely absurd amount of murder mysteries. So much so that he should be considered some legit worldwide known superhero in a world where EVERYONE WANTS TO KILL EVERYONE ELSE

-"You'd be better grateful, kids. Who do you have to thank for this valuable experience." "Me?" pffft. I love you Haibara.

-Genta, stop talking to Mitsuhiko's crotch

-Uh, this episode's getting a bit weird.

-This is a lot of time without any crime happening in a 1 episode AO

-The kids being immediately suspicious of any compliment from that guy is pretty funny

-Weirdly, Ayumi fainting from being lovestruck or whatever had her blushing less than how an average anime girl blushes 24/7 nowadays.

-"Don't die!" If Genta was more like this, I would be a fan

-I looked it up and yep, it's an actual person from Movie 16. I was gonna make a joke that no one remembers that movie but...good job proving me wrong!

-Kogoro being WACKY~! and Haibara commenting that it isn't funny is genuinely funny to me. That doesn't always work, but pointing out that your joke isn't funny did, in fact, work this time.

-I'm 14 minutes in, what is this episode?

-God dammit Crunchyroll translator. He says "DOPING" in English, don't translate it as something else when you've subtitled "doping" multiple times already in the same episode! That's just dumb!

-I'm pretty sure at least 1/3 of the entire animation budget of this episode are these brief soccer scenes.

-"That old man doesn't qualify as a victim" Tremendous

-This episode really needed Jodie. (WHAT IS GOING ON?!)

What?! That was the weirdest episode! I cannot fathom why or how we got this episode. Just so many bizarre choices. And I have to admit, I kinda loved it. It was just so unintentionally(?) odd and different and it had lots of Haibara. In general, it was really entertaining, if maybe not for the reasons they intended.

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Re: Detective Conan Anime Discussion Thread (Latest Subbed Episode: 907)

Posted: July 30th, 2018, 11:36 pm
by kkslider5552000
Episode 908 – Friendship Washed Away In The Riverbed

-It feels like it's been half a year since a manga based chapter, omg

-Do you think Conan gets anxiety just from seeing groups of three?

-I will say, the people in charge of the anime have to be the most secure people ever when it comes to the popularity of their show. "What will be the hook in the beginning of this episode?" "A BUNCH OF CHARACTERS TAKING A NORMAL PICTURE" "BRILLIANT""

-"It's really popular among girls these days to upload photos made to look cute to the internet". It's also really popular to use every obvious trendy modern day thing in this series

-I also try to make sure shadows are in the pictures of my food. This is very important.

-...yes I'm sure you totally deserve a book published for your...random cell phone pics of your food...

-"What was that about?" It was about minutes of my life being wasted


-Oh wait it probably isn't. NVM

-"Conan-kun, you sure are knowledgeable." ...thank you for the obvious, Takagi.

-Clearly, the murderer was Megure all along


-...what a weird joke to end on

You know, elements of this case were kinda good I guess but so much of the setup to this was a really bad mixture of boring and not good. And also, it really feels like very little that's enjoyable has happened in the anime this year. It's just a neverending cycle of cases no one cares about.

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Re: Detective Conan Anime Discussion Thread (Latest Subbed Episode: 907)

Posted: August 7th, 2018, 1:40 am
by kkslider5552000
Episode 909: Mystery of the Burning Tent (Part One)


-What are you up to?

-Y'know, I'm speaking outloud here, not actively looking for answers. But...
Spoiler: Rum arc speculating
I do hope that my own personal theory of Rum being three different people is true. Is it true? Is it a popular theory? Because it didn't take me long based on early clues to start to think that's where this is going. Probably because another murder mystery series I'm into did something similar (you know the one).

-I need to say such boring things like "Camping is not my style" to dramatic music while I do a smug, evil smile. It seems like a great idea

-"The other day" Oh, I wish it was just the other day.

-"Man, I think this woman is targeting me. Also, HEY I'M REALLY GOOD AT PERCEIVING THINGS IN A WAY A KID WOULDN'T, LOOK AT ME!" Good job, Conan.

-A glass eye killed her dog

-What I've learned from this series that all groups of adult friends hate each other in Japan



-The awkward moment when they realize they were throwing oil instead! :V

-Don't worry Haibara, she's seen dead bodies all the time. :D did Gosho develop a hatred for right eyes?

-So half this ending is focused on Takagi and Sato. random. Appreciated, but random.

Re: Detective Conan Anime Discussion Thread (Latest Subbed Episode: 907)

Posted: August 14th, 2018, 1:51 am
by kkslider5552000
Episode 910: Mystery of the Burning Tent, Part Two

-I can't wait until they reveal that they both have the Sharingan in their right eye. :V

-So we all know he wasn't actually doing squats, right? It was a trick. Obviously.

-Gosho has some serious issues with right eyes to deal with

-"I could be confused" ...sure?

-Ok, it is funny that they forgot about the case where a guy burned to death

-A balancing acorn. My god, between this and COW MAGNETS, we have run out of items to use in murder mysteries.

-To deceive our eyes, with acorns!

-A candle seesaw. A candle...seesaw.

-I mean it is kinda cool but at the same time...a candle...seesaw.

-"It's dangerous so don't do this at home". I'm now imagining children actually trying this at home

-Oh no, I'm so worried about Ayumi. I wonder if anything bad will actually happen to Ayumi at the hands of this character who only exists for this case. The drama is keeping me right at the edge of my seat. How...exciting.

-"I don't want to die alone" ...well I didn't expect that

-Well she got creepy

-I wish when she grabbed Ayumi, a referee or something appeared and yelled "SAFE!" It's late, I don't know if I'm referencing a sport correctly, who cares...

-Haibara staring at her ass with a smile

-This episode ended with ass. Why?

This was case was surprisingly better than most of them this year! Yeah, what do you know, Gosho Aoyama is a better writer than random anime writers trying to be Gosho Aoyama. What a twist! Anyway, I liked the mix of story and case in this one, worked pretty well, got a bunch of different things out of it. Still have no idea what's actually going on. Case was solid, but I think I might be too burned out to properly judge or appreciate it. It was at least interesting and fairly well paced.

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