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Super Digest Book 70+ : Gosho Aoyama's Interview (containing manga spoilers)

Posted: July 19th, 2014, 1:24 pm
by Startold
Q1: What's the greatest change in your life since serialization started?
A: I grew older. (laughs)

Q2: Where in Beika City would Aoyama-sensei like to visit?
A: Shinichi's house, maybe.

Q3: For the Meitantei Zukan (the Detective Picture Book at the end of the volumes), your assistants are the one who choose them, right?
A: In general, the assistants are the ones who choose. By the way, all the Japanese authors who really exist have had permission obtained from them before they are featured. Likewise, we also seek permission from the Japanese actors who appear.

Q4: Who's your favorite character in Sangokushi (Records of the Three Kingdoms)?
A: Probably Guan Yu. He's a good businessman, and is a strong fighter.

Q5: What is the secret to surviving as a manga artist?
A: Don't allow yourself to draw whatever you think of, and you need to incorporate clichés that everyone expects to see. In other words, 'balance.'

Q6: Any place you recommend visiting in London?
A: The Holmes Museum. The people attending left drawings of Conan-kun (tn: in some place where you can leave drawings, presumably). Edogawa Conan enters the scene! (laughs)

Q7: What do you consider when creating a character?
A: Their personality is usually inspired by a character in dramas/movies, the people around me, aspects of myself, and so on.

Q8: Be straight about it, who is Aoyama-sensei's favorite female character in Detective Conan?
A: You don't mean an ideal marriage partner, right? In that case, Ran. If you mean a life partner, Yukiko ... (laughs)

Q9: Please tell me your top five characters and top five stories.
A: My favorite character is Conan (same goes for the other four). I liked the story with the bomb that featured Matsuda in Volume 36.

Q10: What do you like about Conan-kun?
A: He makes me money ... if I said that, he'll get mad at me. (laughs)

Q11: Please don't let Detective Conan end this year. I'm on an exchange programme overseas for a year, and not in Japan.
A: It's still a long way from the end!

Q12: What are your sources of inspiration while drawing Conan?
A: Movies, dramas, plays.

Q13: For the 20th anniverary’s movie, I’d like you to make Kudō Shin’ichi the main focus, since he never has been before. For the first 1-hour half, you would have a story about Shin’ichi’s past (Shin’ichi×Ran), for the latter half you would have a story in the present, where Shin’ichi’s future is connected to Ran. What do you think about this idea?
A: That’s pretty good. I’d like to see it. Draw it! (laughs)

Q14: I would like to see more episodes with Shinichi.
A- Me too. (laugh)

Q15: Do you feel stressed about drawing Conan, since the series's being more and more popular?
A- Not at all.

Q16: Have you already thought of ending quickly Conan so you could have more time for yourself?
A- A little. I would like to have more time to play Kantai Collection.
(Note : Aoyama says "Kan Kore", so I assume he's talking about "KanColle", so "Kantai Collection", a card game popular in Japan).

Q17: Is there a trick to continue writing an already long story?
A- There maybe is one, but I don't know it.

Q18: What feeling have you got when you draw the scenes where the murderer kills someone?
A- The feeling of being a murderer. (laugh). I think I must have strange faces at these moments.

Q19: How do you think up snobbish expressions/dialogue?
A: I think of situations that make people unhappy/uncomfortable, and naturally, those expressions will come.

Q20: What do you want from Japan in the future?
A- Stop the Olympic Games!

Q21: What's your favorite Mai Kuraki song?
A- "Secret of my Heart".

Q22: I’d like you to have an arc in Kyōto in the manga, not just in a movie. Since the movie had Kyōto in the spring and Ushiwakamaru as its theme, for the manga I’d like you to make it Kyōto in autumn with Sakamoto Ryōma as its theme.
A: Kyōto is nice, isn’t it? It would be nice if I could go there to gather material. Kyōto’s cuisine is also nice, isn’t it?

Q 23: Do you know how to play soccer?
A- Not at all.

Q 24: I would like to be a seiyu in "Conan" in the future. How can I be one?
A- Do your best!

Q25Please make Conan appear in Tōhoku.”
A: “Then I should travel to Tōhoku to gather data. (laughs)。

Q26: What stories are the longest to prepare?
A- In drawing, it must be the Men in Black stories.

Q27: On volume 79's cover, we can see Conan picking up his glasses, but he has already got them on his nose. Is it an error?
A- Really?! It's an error.

Q28: Is there a character who became popular but only appeared in one case?
A- The kid at Teitan Kindergarten.
Q28: Is there a character that appeared in only one case, but gained unexpected popularity?
A: The liar from Detective Koshien, Koshimizu Natsuki.

Q29: Do you have time to think of something else than "Detective Conan"?
A- Yes. When I play Kan Colle.

Q30: Please have a Kansai Detective Conan exhibition and a fanmeeting where we can meet Aoyama-sensei.
A: If it happens, certainly.

Q31: Do you like eggplants?
A: Yes I do.

Q32: Aoyama-sensei, please do your best in the future for Conan.
A- I'll do my best!

Q33: Were you successful on your diet?”
A: “I wasn’t. I caught a cold. When you catch a cold it makes you think that you should eat, doesn’t it?!

Q34: Which artists have influenced your drawing style?
A- Monkey-punch-sensei, Chiba Tetsuya-sensei and Adachi Mitsuru-sensei. And Akemi Matsunae-sensei too Mix those four artists, and you'll get my drawings.

Q35: How do your ideas for the stories come up?
A- I think of it before sleeping. Like, "Oh, it would be funny if I did it like that"...

Q36: I think fans send you lots of mail. Do you manage to read them all?
A- I manage. Thank you very much. Fans ask from time to time autographs/signatures, but if I do an autograph for one fan, I should do it for all the others, so please understand me. Sorry.

Q38: Do you watch girl's anime for your manga?
A- No, not really... But I've watched Gyopi-chan ("Kingyo Chyuuihou") in the past.

Q39: In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, your favorite character is still Yuki the goat, right?
A: Wrong, it's actually a rabbit named Luna. I'm trying to keep Luna from moving out of my village now.

Q40: When you draw manga, do you watch a movie or listen to music?
A- Yes, of course. I also use my phone to go on the Internet.

Q41: What's the most entertaining movie you've watch recently?
A- "Pacific Rim". And "Django Unchained" was awesome too!

Q 42: Why do you draw fingernails for you characters? Since volume 60, we can see their fingernails.
A- Without the fingernails, I thought we couldn't see if they had gloves on them or not. That's why I began drawing the fingernails.

Q43: What do you take inspiration on when drawing action scenes?”
A: Action movies that I’ve seen.

Q44: Have you ever joined the Health Marathon of the Watermelon and Yam?
A: No. I'm not good with marathons.

Q45: Do you enjoy your life?
A- Yes, I do!

Q46: Sensei, of all the Conan movies that have been released, is there one movie you like more than others?
A- In movie 2, "The Fourteenth Target", when Conan's about to shoot at Ran, the camera rotates around Conan, and I've drawn the last drawing of this scene. And I really like that drawing.

Q47: Is thre going to be released an artbook with all your color illustrations of other works than "Conan"?
A- I don't know. But I wouldn't say no.

Q48: What's the best thing that has happened in the last 20 years?
A- The movies, I think. I wasn't aware they would released Conan movies.

Q49: What do I have to do to become someone as intelligent as Conan?
A: Please be diligent in your studies.

Q50: Is it tough being a mangaka?
A: It's very tough.

Q51: Which do you dislike more, going to karaoke with Conan, or going for a drive with Gin?
A: In this case ... going on a drive with Gin, because it's very dangerous.

Q52: Does Aoyama-sensei like to eat rakkyou?
A: Yes. I eat them with curry. But compared to rakkyou, I like fukujindzuke more.

Q53: Please tell me good mystery novels to read!
A: The Holmes series, espcially "The Dancing Men", "A Study in Scarlet" and "The Sign of Four". And more recently, I've read "Suspect X's Implication", wich was really interesting.

Q54: What do you to relax yourself when you don't have work?
A: I play "Kan Colle".

Q56: What's the theme of next year's movie?
A: It's not decided yet!

Q55: Will there be Kid in next year's movie?
A: Are you a seer or what?!

Q57: Won't Aoyama-sensei be the executive director of the 20th anniversary movie?
A: I won't be, even though I want to. I can't stop the serialization.

Q58: Are we not getting any more new FBI and CIA members?
A: Um ... how should I put it.

Q59: Whose hairstyle does Aoyama-sensei like?”
A: “Maybe Yukiko-san. It’s a lot of trouble, though. (laughs)

Q60: Will there be a new Kaito Kid vs Kyogoku-san battle?
A: No, it was a special event.

Q61: Will Kaito Kid become a key player in the final arc?
A: Um ... what should I say. (laughs)

Q62: Do you plan on showing Shinichi's and Ran's grand-parents?
A: Should I do it? (laugh)

Q63: When will you let Heiji properly confess to Kazuha?
A: Ahh. (laughs)

Q64: Tell me honestly, is Amuro a part of the Secret Police?
A: I'm surprised. Do you have ESP?!

Q65: Do you plan on drawing how Shinichi's parents fell in love with eachother?
A: Yes, I would like to draw it.

Q66: Who is the best in deduction between Yusaku and Heizo?
A: I think it's risky to say.

Q67: Are Yukiko and Sera's mother sisters?
A: Yukiko is not the sister...

Q68: Will Akai and Jodie get together again?
A: Should I do it?

Q69: What is Conan's height?
A: I wonder… He’s on the shorter side of a first year elementary schooler.

Q70: What is Kuroba Kaito’s club activity?
A: Isn’t it the “go home club”?

Q71: Have you decided the blood group of each character?
A: No I didn't.

Q72: How come Subaru-san always ends up cooking too much?
A: It’s because he’s not used to cooking…

A73: Have you estabilished detective Chiba’s first name?
A: His voice actor’s is Isshin… It might just become Isshin. But everyone with “一” in their name is a cool guy… I don’t know what to do. (laughs)

Q74: Does Azusa-chan have a boyfriend?
A: No, but she lives with the cat Taii.

Q75: Will Mitsuhiko confess to Ai in the end?
A: I wonder…

Q76: If you could have Heiji-chan participate in the final showdown against the BO, as a Heiji fan, I’d be happy.
A: That’s true. I would like to have him…

Q77: Does Ayumi still have a good feeling for Conan?
A: Yes!

Q78: Is Amuro-san an ally? Please make him an ally (laugh)
A: Amuro-san's an ennemy. Of the bad guys.

Q79: Is Amuro's face real, or is it a mask?
A: It's real.

Q80: Does Hattori Heiji-kun not appear in BO stories?
A: In the Halloween party story, he appears in front of Vodka. He’s a risky guy.

Q81: Why does Okiya Subaru not expose his neck?
A: Please read Shounen Sunday or the tankoubons.

Q82: How old is Akai-san?
A: How old does he look? I don't know either.

Q83: Could you let Kogoro buy a car?
A: No, he rents his car.

Q84: This is about Okiya. His glasses, and the way his eyes crinkle has changed many times over the course of the manga. Are there two or three people playing the role of Okiya?
A: No. Those change based on how I feel at the moment.

Q85: Please reveal more about Professor Agasa's house. If possible, Ai's room as well. Please tell us more about Ai's private life.
A: Eh, eh? Pervs. (laughs)

Q86: What job will Shinichi have in the future?
A: Detective, no?

Q87: I wanna see Kyogoku vs Black Organization.
A: I want to read that, too. Kyogoku is pretty strong. In fact, his strength is ridiculous.

Q88: Why is Heiji dark-skinned?
A: Because at that time, there were no black-skinned characters.

Q89: Were Heiji and Kazuha childhood friends because they lived near to each other?
A: They probably lived extremely near to each otehr.

Q90: Is Haneda Shuukichi the same person Yumi-san was talking about in volume 49?
A: Yes.

Q91: At what age did Okino Yoko debut?
A: I think it was when she was young.

Q92: Will you draw more cases involving Hagiwara, Matsuda's colleague who was also killed in action?
A: I really want to. (laughs)

Q93: Don't you want to draw a confrontation between Kid and Heiji?
A: I would like to draw one. (laugh)

Q94: Is there any relationship between Rei Furuya and Date Wataru?
A: Yes, there is.

Q95: Why does Makoto always have a plaster on his face?
A: Because it's cool (laugh). The wound there won't heal.

Q96: Does Conan know Kid's real identity?
A: Wouldn't it be bad if he discovered it? (laugh)

Q97: Conan is not good at cooking, how did he do his meals before he was shrunken?
A: Instant noodles and takeaway food. In addition, Ran occasionally cooked for him.

Q98: How many members does the Organization have?
A: I wonder.

Q99: What is the real objective of the Black Organization?
A: Ehh? You're asking this?

Q100: Do the members of the BO have their respective homes?
A: Normally, yes.

Q101: Is it true that the Black Organization's boss has already appeared?
A: It is.

Q102: Does the black organization not have an official name?
A: It’s just that it hasn’t appeared. It exists in my mind.

Q103: How old is Gin?
A: How old does he look like?

Q104: I can't imagine a scene where anyone from the Black Organization is arrested. It would be the best if Gin and Vermouth died in the end, wouldn't it? But I hope Amuro-san doesn't die.
A: Amuro ... I have no idea. What should I do. At any rate, please keep reading. Enjoy.

Q105: Are Ammuro-san and Taii the cat linked?
A: No they are not.

Q106: Please draw a shower scene involving Gin.
A: Ehh~~ (laughs) Please don't ask me to, you pervs.

Q107: I personally would like to have a great mind that works coolly like Conan's, and also a strong presence like Gin's that will heat up the story once I appear. The age Gin was at when he knew of the organization, and the reason behind his joining are things/stories that I would like to know. Please draw them.
A: Ah, right. I want to draw those.

Q108: In the finale, I think Conan will be fatally wounded by Gin.
A: (laughs) Eh? And that's the end?

Q109: Could Ran be the Black Organization's boss?
A: No, she could not.

Q110: How many members are there?
A: A lot.

Q111: My friend told me that Conan is the Black Organization's boss.
A: Tell your friend "You're stupid!", and that it's wrong (laugh)

Q112: My mother says the Boss is Vermouth, but she can't explain why. Is she correct?
A: It's not Vermouth.

Q113: Is Shiratori Ano Kata?
A: No, it's false.

Q114: When Conan's identity is exposed, will he personally let Ran know?
A: How should I put it.

Q115: I want to read a case where Conan and Haibara are both adults.
A: There's a situation like that in the drama adaptation. Now that you mention it, I feel like drawing it too.

Q116: Who is the sister from outside the domain?
A: Keep reading the manga and stay tuned!

Q117: Did Sera-chan and Conan-kun meet in Hawaii?
A: No, why?

Q118: Is there anyone that Sera Masumi loves?
A: Yes, there is.

Q119: Who's that person?
A: Keep reading the manga!
(note : "that person" is written "その人" (sono hito). The journalist is not talking about Ano Kata)

Q120: Who does Sera like now?
A: It should be Conan.

Q121: Has the location where Conan and Ran met Sera been drawn before? Even for one moment.
A: It has never been drawn.

Q122: Are Sera and Shinichi cousins?
A: No.

Q123: Won't it be interesting if Sera, who looks like a boy, appeared together with Eisuke, who looks like a girl?
A: I wonder what will happen.

Q124: Which do you not want to get in a fight with, Sera or Ran?
A: Both ... Well, Ran will have a panty flash moment, so it's not all bad; but if it were Sera's, it would be nothing but pain, so please give me a break.

Q125: I want to see both Haibara and Shuichi get back to their normal life.
A: Yeah.(I want, too.) Just stay tuned!

Q126: I love Ai-chan very much, is it real that Ai-chan cannot get be happy? I want to see her smile from now on.
A: I have no idea when I will draw that scene, but in the true end there may be some bright spots about her.
(Note: It seems that Gosho doesn't answer the question directly)

Q127: I want to see a raburabu moment between Conan and Ai.
A: What should I do.

Q128: Please stop trying to kill Haibara.
A: Again, what should I do ... (laughs)

Q129: Even if it's just for once, please straighten Haibara's hair.
A: Why? If I did that, you won't be able to tell her apart.

Q130: Why can Haibara sense the smell of BO from Subaru Okiya?
A: You'll get that in the manga.

Q131: Currently, what is Hondou Eisuke doing in America?
A: Isn't he working hard to get his green card so he can join the CIA?

Q132: Why don't you draw Ran's school swimsuit?
A: Just once is enough, I really want to draw it.

Q133: Please tell me a secret you'd never expect about Ran.
A: She likes Shinichi. You're not surprised, are you.

Q134: Please add more scenes with Ran in the shower/bath.
A: Perv.

Q135: Ran has gradually noticed Conan's identity, hasn't she?
A: How should I put it? Please continue reading and experiencing it.

Q136: Does the Mouri Detective Agency not allow pets? There could be a heartwarming story about Ran and a stray puppy ...
A: They already have Goro. Well, Taii is in Cafe Poirot, so maybe that's not such a good idea.

Q137: Do Shinichi and Ran had other friends than Sonoko?
A: There's that girl from the convenience store. I wonder if there are others?

Q138: Have you determined Shinichi and Ran's next meeting?
A: I definitely want to draw it in the future.

Q139: If I want to be someone as outlandishly strong as Ran, what should I do?
A: Please work hard at karate.

Q140: Can Conan find out what is Ran's favorite undergarment color?
A: He's a detective, he surely knows ♥

Q141: There is no kiss scene between Conan and Ran for the moment. Will there be one one day by any chance?
A: There has been one in a movie.

Q142: How old were Shinichi and Ran when they first met?
A: They were in primary school I think.

Q143: How is Ran's deduction skills?
A: The level of ordinary people.

Q144: Shinichi and Ran's wedding is going to be held at London's Holmes Museum, right?
A: Eh? You've already decided?

Q145: Who taught Ran how to cook? If that is the case, who did that person learn from?
A: Isn't she self-taught? Her mom is terrible at cooking.

Q146: Is there a city where you would like to have a case in?
A: Kawanakajima? I want to try drawing a murder case set there. I once thought of going there to gather relevant information.

Q147: Is the "Blue Parrot" in volume 82 the same "Blue Parrot" as in Magic Kaito volume 2?
A: It's the same.

Q148: With what feeling do you want to have to end DC?
A: In a good feeling.

Q149: Will there be a story at a karate tournament that Kyogoku-san and Ran participated in?
A: I have thought about drawing a karate tournament.

Q150: Currently, how much has DC been covered?
A: How can I say that... Maybe just a half, maybe close to the end. It depends on your imagination!

Re: Super Digest Book 70+ : Gosho Aoyama's Interview

Posted: July 19th, 2014, 5:47 pm
thanks a lot startold^^
I hope you'll be able to translate the other questions that are missing(I thing there is 150 questions in that intereview)

Re: Super Digest Book 70+ : Gosho Aoyama's Interview

Posted: July 19th, 2014, 6:03 pm
by Startold
I hope you'll be able to translate the other questions that are missing(I thing there is 150 questions in that intereview)
I can't find the scan of the other questions actually. ^^' If someone knows where to find the other questions, we can translate it.

Re: Super Digest Book 70+ : Gosho Aoyama's Interview

Posted: July 19th, 2014, 6:59 pm
I checked the spoiler cbox to see if someone found it,but apparently there is nothing more at the moment.

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Posted: July 19th, 2014, 9:19 pm
by Elixir
Japan will host the 2020 Olympics. With the current situation in Japan, nuclear radiation threat, I guess some people would oppose this. OR.. there would be bombings in the Olympics and Conan will stop it?

BTW, thanks for sharing the translations =)

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Posted: July 20th, 2014, 4:47 am
by kholoudsafir
^^ At least we now know the 2020 movie plot :P

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Posted: July 20th, 2014, 8:03 am
by Norman4869
looking forward to seeing the complete English translation :P
I have a few screenshots about some(about 10) questions of the interview and if you don't mind I can post them here~

Re: Super Digest Book 70+ : Gosho Aoyama's Interview

Posted: July 20th, 2014, 8:15 am
by Startold
We can't translate the other questions because we don't have the scan for it, actually. If someone has all the questions scanned, feel free to send them to me, so we can translate it.

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Posted: July 20th, 2014, 8:28 am
by Norman4869

Re: Super Digest Book 70+ : Gosho Aoyama's Interview

Posted: July 20th, 2014, 8:31 am
by Norman4869

Re: Super Digest Book 70+ : Gosho Aoyama's Interview

Posted: July 20th, 2014, 8:33 am
by Norman4869
The above is what I found, and I'll keep seeing other resources.:P

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Posted: July 20th, 2014, 9:29 am
there is a link posted by Ran 5-5 in the spoiler cbox ... ce=1&pn=0&

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Posted: July 20th, 2014, 10:25 am
by Startold
Thank you for the images. We're translating the questions Elixir sent us.
It looks like we were right: movie 19 is going to be about Kaito Kid and Van Gogh's drawing "Les Tournesols" (The Sunflowers). When the interviewer asks Gosho if Kaito Kid is going to be in the movie, Gosho answers "Are you a seer or what?".

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Posted: July 20th, 2014, 12:25 pm
by Elixir
The link was sent by Sunny in the Cbox. :)

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Posted: July 20th, 2014, 6:08 pm
by Startold
Sample of the translation of the other questions :

"Are Yukiko and Sera's mum sisters?"
Answer : The sister isn't Yukiko but...

What do you like about Conan?
Answer : The fact that it gives me money.

I'll post the other questions tomorrow (GMT+1 time). It would be great if another skillful translator corrected our translation, because I'm not 100% confident in it.
Thanks again to Tyna-chan for the help. ;)