Another Botfia poll: Vermouth/Irish arresting blames in rand

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Should Vermouth/Irish be able to arrest Anokata's blames in random games?

Poll runs till January 29th, 2056, 6:26 am

Total votes: 7
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Another Botfia poll: Vermouth/Irish arresting blames in rand

Postby KangarooGirl » January 11th, 2013, 12:43 am

For clarification purposes this is only a question for random games. Say Anokata blames Conia for killing PT. Vermouth-police decides that she will attempt to arrest for that. At the moment, Akobo will reprimand the cop for trying to arrest for a blamed action (which happened to me earlier). Should that stay the case or should Vermouth/Irish be allowed to arrest the blamed person in that case?

It would confirm to Vermouth/Irish that it was a blame. Also, the whole collaborating to arrest reason we prevented that in the first place isn't relevant in this case. But then again, the BO could potentially work together like that still for whatever reason. So yeah, vote and discuss :)
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Re: Another Botfia poll: Vermouth/Irish arresting blames in random games

Postby Akonyl » January 21st, 2013, 10:49 am

forgot this poll existed, but I'll try to remember to put this in when I get back from work

otherwise, someone remind me :V
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Re: Another Botfia poll: Vermouth/Irish arresting blames in

Postby PhoenixTears » January 21st, 2013, 3:06 pm

Just realized the question is "Anokata's blames".... I feel like they should be allowed (in random games only) to arrest for any blame that is not their own. So if they have the suitcase N1 and blame Conia for killing Akonyl, then they personally cannot arrest Conia for killing Akonyl, but if someone else does it N1 instead, then they COULD arrest for it?
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Re: Another Botfia poll: Vermouth/Irish arresting blames in

Postby Akonyl » January 21st, 2013, 3:23 pm

I was just going to make the change universal to all blames anyway, not specifically anokata's blames (after all, currently BSBlame just piggyback's on normal Blame's code).

although the poll specifies Anokata, the original intent of the "BO can't arrest for blames" rule was so a single BO team wouldn't be able to chain blame-arrest their opponents to death, and it seemed like the poll was just saying that for random games it should check whether or not the arrester is actually on the same team as the blamer before reprimanding them, not specifically for the Anokata role. So basically the new rule would be (for a random game):
Vermy-Cop arrests for Anokata Blame: goes through
Vermy-Cop arrests for Gin BSBlame: goes through
Vermy-Cop arrests for Vermy-Cop BSBlame: fails, arresting for her own blame
Vermy-Cop(Lover) arrests for Anokata(Lover) Blame: fails, arresting for lover's blame (also based on another poll already done)

correct me if I'm wrong on that though :v

edit: And should be in that way next update.
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