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Re: Forum Mafia 81: DC Bedtime Story (Day 4)

Posted: July 31st, 2019, 1:08 am
by blurfbreg
When Hattori Heizo picked up his radio to notify nearby police officers to come into the area, the priest chanted another verse from the Dhammapada.
Taṃ puttapasusammattaṃ byāsattamanasaṃ naraṃ
Suttaṃ gāmaṃ mahogho'va maccu ādāya gacchati.

As a great flood carries away a sleeping village, so death seizes and carries away the man with a clinging mind, doting on his children and cattle.
- Verse 287, Dhammapada
One of the participants began to search around the area, pulling away the police officer's grip on him.

"Something is wrong! Tashitsu (Sheppu) (多湿), where are you? You normally come back to me now!" As he shouted loudly, his dear chipmunk starts running for him. "Oh there you are! I was so worried about you!" As the chipmunk crawled onto his hand, a sticky substance coats Gamma's hand. Once in Gamma's hand, Tashitsu (Sheppu) immediately falls into a deep sleep. At that moment, Gamma falls into unconscious as well. A nearby policeman instantly recognized the chipmunk and shouted, "Oh no! Not Fumimaro Ayanokoji keibu!"

Hattori Heizo screamed into the radio, "Kuso (くそ)! Get here, NOW!"

Gamma (Ayanokoji, the cop with a chipmunk) was murdered! No will.
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Night 5 begins on Friday August 02, 2019 at 05:00 GMT +0

Re: Forum Mafia 81: DC Bedtime Story (Night 5)

Posted: August 2nd, 2019, 1:12 am
by blurfbreg
As crowds of people mourn the "passing" (i.e.: fading out of consciousness) of a revered copper and his dear pet, the priest continues chanting.
Kayirā ce kayirāthenaṃ daḷhamenaṃ parakkame
Saṭhilo hi paribbājo bhiyyo ākirate rajaṃ.

If anything is to be done, let one do it with sustained vigor. A lax monastic life stirs up the dust of passions all the more.
- Verse 313, Dhammapada
At the sound of this chant, you could say that Mia Fey felt spiritual energy fill up inside her. As she reflected on her crimes and the hatred that other had for her, she released her dormant powers and ran rampant around the temple grounds, pushing aside all who might stop her. Dozens of policemen and hundreds of passerby fell unconscious in her path. The crowds on the temple ground fell like bowling pins for an entire minute. Suddenly, Mia Fey falls unconscious (but alive) on the ground as well. On closer inspection from one daring policeman, a receipt for a bottle of Chianti was found on her person.

All the reinforcement that poor Hattori Heizo called for had fallen to the ground. Even though Mia Fey is down for the count, it seemed whatever affected her and all the other participants of the tour are now spreading in the air. You can almost say that the end is near...

Vote (vote count): Voters
Ekoyuhale (1): KainTheVampire
Mia Fey (4): PT, Maya Fey, Mia Fey, cinnamoroll
cinnamoroll (1): Ekoyuhale
Spoiler: Mia Fey's Will
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You wish you know what the old will is.

Re: Forum Mafia 81: DC Bedtime Story (Day 5)

Posted: August 4th, 2019, 12:56 am
by blurfbreg
Undeterred by the horrible scene playing out in front of the priest, he continued chanting.
Sukhaṃ yāva jarā sīlaṃ sukhā saddhā patiṭṭhitā
Sukho paññāya paṭilābho pāpānaṃ akaraṇaṃ sukhaṃ.

Good is virtue until life's end, good is faith that is steadfast, good is the acquisition of wisdom, and good is the avoidance of evil.
- Verse 333, Dhammapada
When the priest read out this verse, cinnamoroll walked over to Heizo-keibu-dono and told him, "I believe I know who the evildoers are. With the proof I have on hand, I can definitively say it is..."

As she began to point at a particular direction with her right arm, cinnamoroll began swaying in place. Hattori Heizo asked, "Are ya alright, cinnamoroll?"

A few seconds later, she fell unconscious onto the ground. As one of the policemen got closer, she realized that cinnamoroll was in fact Morofushi Taka'aki, the genius police detective who is also known to all as Koumei. As the policeman tried to put cinnamoroll in a more comfortable position, she somehow tears off the mask covering cinnamoroll's face. The policeman stepped back and gasped realizing that this is the face of the Phantom Thief, with the monocle somehow not bulging out of the mask of Koumei's face.

Hattori Heizo did not know whether to be horrified or joyful. Catching a thief or finding out that the thief was going to help save the city of Nagano. He will never find out whether the thief had good intentions or not.

cinnamoroll (KID-Koumei) was murdered!
Spoiler: cinnamoroll's will
*takes off mask*

*takes off other mask*
No more masks :3
(you can do it town!!! <3)

Btw, N1 I CE’d Maya, no prep phase crimes.
D1 aptx kamite as chianti.
N2 I CE'd Moon... she has crimes... I decided to throw cuffs at her for N1 kill.... maybe I'll fail, but gotta try!
Well.... that failed :v
But.... I got Rum! \o/
Ok, so me being the unlucky charm I am, all my allies died, only PT’s left, please don’t be BO, and please don’t die T_T
I think she’s town, she knows I aptxd link.
I CEd PT just to be sure, and she has no crimes \o/
I’m trying Yuri as Curaçao, I hope it works >_< (it didn’t >_>). But I was right to think that alcohol I stole from her meant she was evil. Got her anyway \o/
Tonight (n5) I’ll CE kain and steal from Maya, but I don’t have much expectation of surviving, I can’t believe I survived this long ^^’

PT I’m rooting for you!!! <3 You can do it!!!(Even if you end up being a lover or BO, which I doubt, I hope you win!)
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Re: Forum Mafia 81: DC Bedtime Story (Night 6)

Posted: August 6th, 2019, 1:00 am
by blurfbreg
The priest was slowly heading back into the temple. Barely out of earshot, the remaining conscious participants could still hear his chanting.
Muñca pure muñca pacchato majjhe muñca bhavassa pāragū
Sabbattha vimuttamānaso na puna jātijaraṃ upehisi.

Let go of the past, let go of the future, let go of the present, and cross over to the farther shore of existence. With mind wholly liberated, you shall come no more to birth and death.
- 348, Dhammapada
KainTheVampire shrieked like she had just seen an oni taking her life. She shouted at the thin air, "Yes! I did it! I stole the boss's files! I'll never give them back. I don't want to be under your influence any more! STOP HAUNTING ME!"

As she confessed to whatever she may have done, she took her last breath and fell unconscious onto the ground. Hattori Heizo, being one of the last few remaining people awake at the temple, searched through KainTheVampire's pockets to find a bunch of coloured cards and a receipt for several kinds of Curaçao. A connoiseur would have told you that it'd be like staring at a rainbow if you ever saw them.

Hattori Heizo sighed. If you were in their place, you'd be panicking right now too. At this point in the temple district, only the priest who has been chanting (not even the head priest), the police commissioner, along with three participants of the tour are awake. Bodies (alive, but unconscious) lay around the temple district like a scene from the Great War that befell Japan. It was like the Americans invading Japan all over again, but no one was seemingly dead (except for those unfortunate few who died from a "curse", which can't be real, right?). Still sitting at the edge of your bed? I would too. Is the BO going to end? Would someone be able to foil the plans that are set in motion?

Vote (vote count): Voters
KainTheVampire (1): Ekoyuhale
Eko (1): Maya Fey
Abstain (1): PT
Dead before voting (1): KainTheVampire

KainTheVampire (Curaçao) was cursed to death!
Spoiler: Kain's will
master at surving by chance for so incredibly long Have fun slaughtering each other.
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Re: Forum Mafia 81: DC Bedtime Story (Day 6)

Posted: August 7th, 2019, 12:00 am
by blurfbreg
The priest crossed his legs at the entrance to the inner sanctuary and continued to chant.
Sabbasaṃyojanaṃ chetvā yo ve na paritassati
Saṅgātigaṃ vidaññuttaṃ tamahaṃ brūmi brāhmaṇaṃ.

He who, having cut off all fetters, trembles no more, who has overcome all attachments and is emancipated — him do I call a holy man.

- Verse 397, Dhammapada
Ekoyuhale began spewing out all sorts of non-sense. Something about beavers and moose and maple syrup. Something about an organization trying to take over the world. Something about alcohol. It was like someone was prying the secrets from her lips. She then fell to the ground, unconscious. Hattori Heizo then searched her body to find that Ekoyuhale is actually a CSIS agent under the name Aquavit.

There were two conscious participants remaining. But you see, the most unbelievable thing happened.

Ekoyuhale (Aquavit) was murdered!
Day 6 Begins
Day 6 ends in approximately 15 minutes.
Night 6 begins approximately 15 minutes after Day 6 ends.

Re: Forum Mafia 81: DC Bedtime Story (Night 6)

Posted: August 7th, 2019, 12:17 am
by blurfbreg
Hattori Heizo put the two remaining participants next to each other on the steps to the inner sanctuary. PT and Maya Fey stood face to face. However, the two participants sat silently still, seeming to mutter some name. Alas. Nothing came of it. PT cursing Maya Fey, whispering her secret name as Gin, while Maya Fey whispering PT's secret name as Yamato Kansuke.

Despite all the terrible things happening, despite the end possibly nearing for the priest, he continued to chant.
Cutiṃ yo'vedi sattānaṃ upapattiṃ ca sabbaso...

He who in every way knows the death and rebirth of all beings...

- Verse 419, Dhammapada
The priest suddenly fell to the floor, unconscious like the rest of the people on the temple grounds. Hattori Heizo also collapsed on the floor as well. His gloves had a tiny hole in it, allowing whatever affected the rest of the people to slowly affect him.

PT (Wakasa Rumi) slowly felt something wrong with her body too. Maya Fey (Pisco) laughed, "I finally got my hands on that which allows me to take over the Black Organization. Now I can rule the world. MUAHAHAHAHA." Pisco put on a gas mask and a HAZMAT suit hidden in the inner sanctuary. After coming back out, he released several vials of a liquid that was aerosolized into the air surrounding Zenkoji Temple. Soon, the entire area was covered in a dense cloud of some kind of chemical. Those in contact simply fell unconscious. Those who woke up had no recollection of anything that happened that entire day. No one had any clue as to the actual participants of the tour that day, nor of the tour itself.

The people of Nagano still have no recollection of what happened that day. Anyone who tried to view any digital records or physical records found them all erased. Pisco had vanished and was never seen again.

...and that's how the coup d'etat ended. Oh? You're wondering why we're all still here, training in this Black Organization camp retreat? Ah! That's because it was all an exercise. We knew that one day we will be infiltrated, so that was our exercise to ensure that our members knew what to do in case of a real situation. What? You were hoping for some kind of actual ending to this story? You're going to end up dead if you don't do well in that same exercise starting tomorrow! Get to sleep, rookies!
Maya Fey (Pisco) WON! \o/