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Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up

Posted: January 20th, 2019, 1:01 am
by FM GameMaster
It is now Night 1.

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up

Posted: January 22nd, 2019, 1:18 am
by FM GameMaster
Night 1 is over.
Festival was happening as the celebration kicked off the great meet up.

Kleene and Yuri discussing about their art and love for blood. Bash Akonyl Monsi and Callid arguing which of their bots is better.

While everyone was partying and celebrating a festival. C-Square caught a mayhem causing everyone to stop having fun. As a result he has been ban from the festivals.

Everyone cheered as C-Square (Okiya) has been banished.

Cinna and Kamite worked to together in creating food for everyone.

C-Square then left without a word

Day 1 Begins

Okiya (C-Square) has been banned.

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up

Posted: January 22nd, 2019, 1:29 am
by FM Gin
I seem to have been tricked.

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up

Posted: January 24th, 2019, 1:02 am
by FM GameMaster
Back in the main room

“So um…who was that?” ask shinichi’sapprentice.

“Oh that’s right, you showed up after he left.” Said PT answering his question. “That’s c-square a regular with mafia and such.”

Meanwhile in the kitchen.

“Hey Cinna, how’s the cake going along?” Kamite asked.

“Its getting there just need to frost it” Cinna said with high excitement.

The apple cinnamon cake on the cake pedestal was smelling great with its aroma, fresh with apples.

It brought the attention of Blurfbreg.

“ooo what you cooking you guys? It smells delicious”

Both cooks ignore Blurfbreg as they were busy with the entrees and snacks for the rest of the guest.

Blurbreg memorize by the smell of cake, decided to take it despite not being ready.

“I bet BlueKaitou1412, Abs, Stop and Memesu, will enjoy this, while I continue with the reading.”

Miaka, Raifuujin, and Moonraven were in the library looking for references and ideas for the fanfiction writing.

“Hey Miaka, how’s your Persona and Conan crossover going?” Moonraven ask while picking up a book on detectives and thieves.

“Doing great, still need to do something about Eri’s and Kogorou’s Persona” Miaka replied.

“Kogoro is easy, not sure about Eri’s though.” Raifuujin said helping along

Between two bookcases laid a pedestal with a glass cover on top. Inside the cover was the precious secrets of Detective Conan. The thing that united everyone in the first place was here in this room.

Miaka noticed it first and let out an awe.

“In case anything happens look into this book to reveal the end.” Raifuujin said out loud what was written in the plaque.

“Warning do not take” was written on the side.

Miaka didn’t notice the sign and open the case and to grab the book. The moment the glass was lifted an alarm so huge let out blasting all over the place.

“Miaka! What did you do?” MoonRaven let out a shout.

“I was just curious about it, I didn’t know an alarm will sound. “ Miaka said in her defense.

An voice was heard from nowhere but loud as if it was on a speaker.

“Miaka is now banned from this place” the voice was the from the host.

And without warning Miaka (Korn) was taken outside by the other guest.

Night 2 Begins.


Korn (4): Gin, Megure, Ran, Sonoko
Megure (1): Vermouth
Sonoko (1): Korn
Vermouth (1): Kazuha

Korn (Miaka) was voted to banishment.

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up

Posted: January 24th, 2019, 1:43 am
by FM Sonoko
Oh no. He was innocent after all. I cannot believe I was wrong with my deduction.

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up

Posted: January 24th, 2019, 3:07 am
by FM: Vermouth
Quite steadfast determination to get rid of Korn. Pray tell me, what did he do wrong.

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up

Posted: January 26th, 2019, 1:12 am
by FM GameMaster
Everyone at the party has doing live and well. People spread out among tiny groups. Aside from the two mischievous people, everything was swell.

Times up.

Nobody was banned cuz everyone was on their best behavior

Day 2 Begins.

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up

Posted: January 26th, 2019, 1:32 am
by FM Gin
FM GameMaster wrote: Aside from the two mischievous people, everything was swell.

If not for reading it a second time, I understood this as there are two BOsmods in the game.

Glad to see people still able to post/not banned.

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up Day 2

Posted: January 28th, 2019, 1:21 am
by FM GameMaster
Times Up

Ran (Cider) was lynched

Somebody has been injured.

Ran: Kazuha, Gin, Sonoko
Kazuha: Vermouth, Megure
Sonoko: Ran

Night 3 begins.

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up Day 2

Posted: January 28th, 2019, 1:35 am
by FM Gin
A mod! Is Korn's vote up there supposed to be Ran's..?

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up Day 2

Posted: January 30th, 2019, 1:34 am
by FM GameMaster
"So what's going to happen to the banned people? Are they going to be ok?" Asked Giogio.

"Does it matter? They have been behaving badly of course they not going to be ok" Cheesus said.

"Agreed in this event where we gather everyone we need people to be in their best behavior" Added Stopwatch.

"Isn't that right blurf?" Said Cinna

With a mouthful of cake from that he stolen he swallowed quiet sheepish.

"Haha, that is right, we ALL are on best behavior" Blurfbreg said with a weak smile.

"I don't know maybe is best if I could least check up on them" Giogio felt with a need of worry.

"Besides Miaka is out there, who knows if she can stand the cold."

"If you leave to check on them you are banned as well. Do you want that?" Kor said almighty with his power to ban.

"You know what Giogio, I'll go with you. At least if you get banned I'll be there with you." Jecka said, backing Giogio up.

"Thank you, than lets go and check up on them." Giogio (Kazuha) said with a smile.

"Wait just a moment" Someone cried out! "Do not let her escape"

Everyone looked around at the person speaking. "What the? Gio??" Abs said in complete shock.

"Then who is this person?" Blue said as he approach the fake Gio. With a pinch the face came right off.

"Raifuujin!!" Everyone said in unison. "That's right I can't be here knowing of how strong of a Kid fan that I am. Of course I have to be here in disguise."

"Well at least we have a reason to actually ban you now." Kor said pushing Raifujin -Giogio (Kazuha) out the door.

"Wait Like I said, I dont want to leave raifuujin alone. Besides we have an amv to work on. Need my partner for it" Jecka (Gin).

With that both Jecka and Raifuujin left the party. Though they did have a final words to be said.

Times Up

Kazuha (Raifuujin-Giogio) was banned.

Final Words
Spoiler: Happa-chan's goodbye
Gomen for being awful thief T^T
Gin-dear got tricked night 1, I got tricked night 2. Peowple wanna blame me for be BO U-U, ruud?
Ran came out as innocent night 1 so maybe she forgot to kill round 2? The oder mod still be there maybe so be caweful UwU.
I thinks Sono-chan is guud peep but not sure O-O. Pwease no hurties her okies?
Aweso we no gots hurties night 2, Gin-dear told me to say <-<.

This is the most cringe inducing will I ever wrote and I sincerely apologise to anyone reading it.

Gin (Jecka) join in the banned.


"Tricked" Night 1.

Megure - Ran - Vermouth - Sonoko

^My ranking of most suspicious to least suspicious.

Add: Kazuha was tricked Night 2.

Ran was crimeless Night 1.

Day 3 begins.

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up Day 2

Posted: January 30th, 2019, 1:46 am
by FM Megure
Oh no. That's not good. Two town dead in one night??

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up Day 2

Posted: February 1st, 2019, 1:19 am
by FM GameMaster
"Well time to say good bye to everyone. Thanks to everyone who could have make it to the meet up. It was a shame they were people who cause mischief throughtout the party." Said the Host.

"Just wait just a minute, there is somethingnt yet solved." Said nomemory (Vermouth)

"Who are you?"

"Questioning the host gets you banned." The host and banned Nomemory.

"Well that's just not fair." Cheesus (Sonoko) exclaim.

"It's fair cuz I said so" The host revealed the mask he has been wearing to revealed Anokyl!

"Anokyl??!!!"" Your the host??" multiple people exclaim.

"Of course, stay hype!" Akonyl shouted with glee.

"Hype?" shinichi'sapprentice said. "Since when akonyl said hype?"

Kamite approach akonyl and notice a skin off Akonyl's face ready to be peeled.

Without hesitation Kamite peeled off the skin only to be revealed to be a mask!!

"Jd-???" all in unison shouted his name.

" Of course but who else would have a great gathering? Wouldn't be a such a big hype without a nice mystery." Jd- - Akonyl ( Megure) said with great laughter.

The End.

Times Up.

Vermouth (nomemory) has been banned.

Vermouth: Megure, Sonoko

Nomemory was already banned so you banned her train keys as well.

Members has no one to arrest, and Moderators tie with Members,

Moderators Win!!!!

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up. Moderators Win!

Posted: February 1st, 2019, 1:30 am
by FM Megure
omg I did it

I guessed right

Also: man that was close at the end. If I hadn't guessed right and Sonoko had been playing me (or put together that trickster's actions failed but I still said I was tricked = bribe was used), it would've been a victory for town/members/whatever.

Good job guys!!

Re: DCTP Mafia: The Great Meet Up Day 2

Posted: February 1st, 2019, 1:37 am
by FM Gin
Congratulations, BOmods!

I knew from the beginning when Megure implied about YumiC-square, that they were a threat! It also clued me big time who the anonymous player might be behind the character. I was going to pretend to not have read the rules if they ask me any opinions about lovers.

To Sonoko: I lied when I said that what Megure told me about "Yumi" made me realize about lovers because of obvious reasons. Apologies for flipping the table and accusing you of being a lover! I honestly wanted to fully trust you but I was afraid that the host made another set of lovers so I didn't reveal anything to you. If Vermouth was the last mod, I believe Megure and Sonoko can easily catch them. I asked Vermouth to trick Megure in case they are the final mod but I was right in thinking they would use BRIBE the same night. I wasn't sure if the trickster is also an Eraser so I had Kazuha and I write the same exact information in our wills in case one of us gets Erased.

This was a short round and the extreme amount of changes in the rules had me reading everything and pinning all of the things in our hidden channel.

A few comments about the game and mostly to the host:

- I know this is a really new setup but I hope the GM would have double-checked everything before sending out results. We had so many errors. I accidentally learned about Agasa or whatever their DCTP equivalent was when the player was doing so well hiding their identity/role.
- The Standby Time. I thought we added an interval for deadline of actions and actual phase change to help GMs gather up all of the information they receive and give themselves time to write any stories if they wish to. I do not mind having to wait two or three minutes after the phase change time or if the GM has to postpone posting results for a few minutes or even hours as long as we are notified. This was not the very first time this GM I'm sorry but it's obvious who you are posted results later than the actual time either. I guess what I'm saying is it would be better if the GM picks an actual time they are free and can post results on time without delay and any errors. It's just silly that the players keep getting notified every few hours to send actions on time but we never get our results on the dot.
- Your actions failed! It still happened to this day that I got a "You were tricked!" result instead of the bolded line.

Again, congratulations mods! It was a fun short round and thanks for hosting, host!