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Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 18th, 2018, 1:13 am
by Raiden
Nooooooooo, Pofa didn't get summoned! :(

Diego x Godot ─ Second Pair of BO/Town Lovers dies by the hands of the vengeful town that went mad because of no Akai vengeance lynch last day phase
Lesson #1 on how to be Akai. No reason not to vote!
Thanks for GMing, PT!

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 18th, 2018, 1:31 am
by Ekoyuhale
Thank you friends!!!!

-- Shiradoori, from Cop Hospital

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 18th, 2018, 3:58 am
by dumytru
Good job town :)
And thanks PT for gaming.

Ah, it was such a long game.


Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 18th, 2018, 4:35 am
by Kleene Onigiri
Thanks PT for GMing \o/

But... where are my results? D:

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 18th, 2018, 4:57 am
by Fujiwara
Raiden wrote:Diego x Godot ─ Second Pair of BO/Town Lovers dies by the hands of the vengeful town that went mad because of no Akai vengeance lynch last day phase

Arch-nemesis o/\o

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Night 6]

Posted: November 18th, 2018, 5:11 am
by Abs.
<3ing Raiden's will real MVP

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 18th, 2018, 11:02 am
by Raiden
PT wrote:...just kidding. Real post coming next.

Oh. My sleep deprived mind didn't even notice the first endgame phase change. :x

I liked it better...a cooking show ending with lots of people dropping dead from poisoning. This could all have been avoided if you had let Cinna be the star of the show!
I didn't get a wink of sleep last night, and still haven't slept because I was afraid I'd miss a few appointments in the afternoon if I did... :x /me flees from SA's dart watch

Fujiwara wrote:
Raiden wrote:Diego x Godot ─ Second Pair of BO/Town Lovers dies by the hands of the vengeful town that went mad because of no Akai vengeance lynch last day phase

Arch-nemesis o/\o

Arch-nemesis o/\o
BO/Town Lover is probably the closest we'll get to be on the same side in a game ^^'

Abs. wrote:<3ing Raiden's will real MVP

Here's the japanese version:

Why do I always get complicated role when I wish for a simple role that don't require much communication? ^^'

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 18th, 2018, 12:32 pm
by PT
Kleene Onigiri wrote:But... where are my results? D:

Investigate isn't a day action. :V

And thanks for playing, everyone! <3

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 18th, 2018, 3:28 pm
by PT
Tips for future GMs, if you decide to keep the Assassin/similar role:

- Don't allow Sonoko or her BFF to be the assassin.
- Update revenge to allow snipers to injure their killer.

I'll leave everything else to whoever the next GM is to decide because I don't want to get into debates about it, but those are points that should definitely be added.

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 19th, 2018, 12:04 am
by Conia
Agent Lang ready to report

I wanted to give out some of my insights throughout the game, like a lot of people did in the graveyard, I suppose I was ready to die :P
First of all I wanted to find Nakamori to have Yuriko win her game, which was gonna be hard with Observe/SO, so looking for allies was inevitable. We went through all the players names, taking out people that would be too mean to kill N1, based on last rounds (Or if they hadn't played in a while). It's always mean tbh, but has to be done :-X We were also afraid of killing a townie, but had to take a risk. Yuriko also followed her bff list, and we finally decided on Gio. She didn't die and we actually were happy about it... Until we knew she was BO anyway :-X But for all we knew, a townie could have been saved. I stalked observed Blue as a teen so felt confident to contact him. A couple of hours lates Yuriko tells me the full list of possible roles for Blue and half of them were BO, I panicked D: So right after contacting him I backed down and didn't tell him much :-X
For voting Day 1, we agreed to vote together. Bold move for sure, and in fact it did help the BO in figuring us out, but we prioritized not getting randolynched D1. We ran through the player list again and decided on Jecka, but to give her the benefit of the doubt, I actually contacted Jecka, see what she had to say. She ended up agreeing on a check up of her action [Not an action swap, like it was said in the graveyard. Jecka never knew my ability] so we changed our voting target to Henry, luckily it didn't matter in the end.
Still happy about no murdering any townies, Yuriko had a feeling that Blurf could be BO, probably based on her comments on the Forum and Discord. They just seemed to be in favor of the BO, and apparently Yuriko wasn't the only one that noticed this, so Blurf was the kill target. Meanwhile, so to not act TOO suspicious to Jecka, I asked her to give me 3 abilities she could do. I told her I would get them all checked and would reply to her on D2 telling what her action was. I tried to imply I would Investigate them, but the idea was to just SO Jecka's target and deduce from there. Inv/SO/Discombobulate were the 3 alternatives Jecka told me and I asked her to use it on Gio, specifically because we wanted to SO Gio, thinking the BO might want to check her or maybe someone would protect her after being targeted N1, and go from there with any fished info.
But then... the breaking point started. After all actions were sent and agreed on on our part, an hour before phase change, Jecka contacts me saying she got a lead and is changing her target's action based on that lead. I went mad :-X What lead? Why change? Who asked you to change? WHO are you changing to? Jecka didn't want to say, so I implied that I would have to lynch her next Day :-X She finally opened up and told me her new target was Raiden and that her ability is Stakeout (I kept this to myself), that she was sorry and understood if I wanted to lynch her. With way too little time and way too many questions, I informed Yuriko and we agreed to change our SO to Raiden as well, since we still wanted to prove Jecka, or at least get to know what this lead was about. And oh boy, did things get worse...
Jecka dies. Second cop dies, when we were tasked to kill Nakamori already, and to top it all, Jecka's will makes it seem like I killed her, while not even mentioning this mysterious person that came to her with a lead!
I had to start doing something, so I invited people to talk to me. I had no problems telling the truth about the 3-actions-plan with Jecka, but I obviously didn't say how I was checking them. I also did this in hopes of Jecka's lead person to speak to me, and luckily for us, he did.
Ok Open your PMs
They are open
What did you ask jecka to do?
Straight to the action? Not even gonna ask how I ended up talking to her?
Ok how did you ended up talking to her?
I'm just saying, because neither her will nor my post said I asked to do anything :stuck_out_tongue:
And she did mention some last-minute PM arriving, conveniently I'm looking for said sender
An hour before cut-off, she told me that someone PM'd her with a lead
And asked her to change her action
I'm assuming this person was you
Yes that would be me, and it confirms that you were the other person

So it was Kamite that asked Jecka to change her SO to Raiden. We also knew that Raiden was investigated and tricked, but Kamite didn't know, and this was crucial to his "lead". So it was guessing time with Yuriko again before replying to Kamite. Here was my reasoning: Kamite had to be town. Why? Because a BO, being fully aware of the killing target 1 hour before phase change, would never ask said target to change her SO action just to try to "prove" Raiden and/or a trickster, they would never base their entire plan on the person that is dying. So I told Kamite the SO results that he lacked from Jecka, effectively telling him I could SO and that I trusted, at least 80%. I didn't exactly tell Kamite that I trusted him, but to almost every person that contacted me about Jecka, I told them I trusted Kamite as 80% town. If I had to be frank, I also hoped he would take the spotlight of the town, keeping the assassin in the shadows [Although the BO already knew a lot about Yuriko at this point anyway, boooo]. So, I started sharing more info with Kamite, but he kept being secretive and explaining his reasoning with few details :-X It was hard to trust him, but he HAD to be town, so we just pressed on, like that famous attorney used to say...
I think at this point, Blue revealed he had SI to me, which was great to know and based on the Observe, he could only be Sera, Vermouth-Sera or ShadowSeraman. His role was important and I wanted him to trust me so he would tell me more, so I agreed to vote alongside him as a way to show trust and we ultimately decided to vote for Blurf over Meems or DA. Meanwhile Yuriko was voting DA (We thought about voting together again but she sided with Raiden to vote and I did with Blue, so ended up split for the better good) and I told Callid that Yuriko planned to lynch DA so he followed along. The reason being that DA almost didn't reply to both of them. But timezones are a thing and after Yuriko talked more to Raiden and then to Iwa, they all went for the vote on Kleene, just because they felt something was off with her. On my part, Kleene was the only one that questioned my Jecka approach, while the rest of the people that talked to me accepted that I didn't kill her. This didn't make me feel off about her, she questions me always :D But I did slip to Dumi, Callid and Kamite that I didn't think her as town at the moment, that could have snowball'd Kamite into voting her too, since he originally wanted to vote for Raiden. First BO down \o/ I also told Callid before Day 2 ended, but after he left to bed, that Yuriko had changed her vote to Kleene and that I was sorry he couldn't follow the voting like he wanted, but I guess I don't feel bad about that anymore :-X
Now that I had a better alliance with Blue, he told me that he Detected Gin and Vermouth, both in. I kept discussing things with Yuriko and relaying info to Kamite, also asked him to give me his will in case he got erased, but he declined. I tried hinting at him to see if he knew Nakamori, but wouldn't say. We didn't have much to go for with actions and Yuriko decided to kill DA. Turns out Kamite actually survives against all odds (He did mention to me he was getting protected) and DA was Gio's Lover... BO/Town lovers dead, no need to feel bad for killing a townie :-X 2nd BO down \o/ And it also helped the BO to get rid of a huge threat before panicking started. I guess everyone won? Except Henry, it was hospital time for him.
At this time, after some very intense Day 2 and Night 3, I slowed down myself. Didn't talk a lot with people, just Yuriko, and watched the game develop a bit more. Callid claimed to have SO, which set me off... ANOTHER SOer in play? Difficult to think he could also be town, so I started distrusting him, which lead to him trying to convince Kamite and Yuriko that I was Anokata manipulating them and Kamite even asking Yuriko if I was her BFF and not someone else. That was.... hilarious :-X But that started sealing the deal for him. Cinna was just someone off the radar as far as I knew, like DA was before dying and like Stoppy at that point, but she was getting tricked. So we coordinated for Cinna and woot! 3rd BO down \o/ We also knew through FU that Stoppy investigated Raiden, so another contender to be Nakamori, while I FU'd that Kamite did not interrogate Moon on N3. So yeah, even after allying on D2, I still was secretly checking on his actions :-X
Night 4 we finally did what we were hesitating to do since D2... Trust Kamite. He mentioned bargaining with the assassin, since he knew about every role in the town, so I accepted his offer and told him I Yuriko was the assassin. They talked and agreed to kill Nakamori N5, so Yuriko could be removed from the game and Nakamori should get one arrest on N5 before dying, or well at least I planned for that last part. Thing is, Kamite did not trust Yuriko not to kill Nakamori, even if I told him before he even hatched a plan that she wasn't killing a cop on Night 4. In the end, it was agreed for Yuriko to kill Blurf N4 and then she would get to know who Nakamori is, which is a plan I did not agree with, but we were originally going to kill Blurf anyway, so I guessed it was ok regardless... Blurf did end as BO so 4th BO down \o/ And Kamite did die this time, with an outdated will, so much for all his info :-X Still thanks for the alliance, it helped the town.
So it was finally FINALLY time to learn about Nakamori, right? RIGHT? KAMITE?! Yeah no, no one told us anything shortly after Kamite's death. Again I was mad at this :-X And our voting options were Dumi (Possibly disguised as a healer) or Stop (Confirmed to investigate). Her confirmed investigation + supposedly inactiveness could, COULD, mean that she was Nakamori that wasn't pinching, so I asked for Stop to be voted, hoping Yuriko's vote on her lynch could remove her from the game. Also with Callid being arrested for Kamite's death, it meant even less chances of getting towns poisoned, if Stop wasn't Nakamori but BO, it would mean all the BO was gone.
I was wrong. OH so wrong. And cocky too. Watching BOs drop 1 by 1 each phase in a row was just too good for the town, and with hopefully only one more to go, the game was sealed. I honestly felt we had already won the game at that point, so, EVEN AFTER Fuji came up to Yuriko to confirm that she was Nakamori, I still kept the voting on Stop, even knowing that Dumi was a better target now that Naka was confirmed to us. THAT was arrogance, and it was close to costing us the game. Even more, I lost my best ally, the one I wanted to see win from the very start.
Again I was mad :-X And told Fuji to arrest Dumi for poisoning Yuriko right away, as he should be the last BO alive, so he was the only person that could have poisoned. NOW the game should be sealed, but I didn't want to waste the town's actions so I asked them to double-check disguises and to Interro Blue, even knowing he was Sera. I almost asked the 2 protectors to protect Fuji and Eko, as the BO simply could not make a comeback with 2 cops alive Even if they visited the Cop hospital. Dumi arrested, 6th BO down \o/
There was more. 1 more. 1 infiltrator between us. Who is it? How did they do it? I know a lot of players and GMs went through much worse situations during this game, but let me tell you that having to go back to distrust all your allies is very unpleasant :-X Luckily, the arrest on Dumi meant he was Vermouth, so with no disguise in play, it was easier to finally prove everyone. Moon was proved by InterroSO, Meme by Observe, Blue by InterrObserveTigation, Eko and Fuji arrested the last 2 BOs and thanks to the assassin I had confirmed that Nakamori was in the game. Only Raiden and Henry remained "less" proven. Both protects of N1 and N3 respectfully.
I came up with a plan: Let's make no one vote. That would mean no townie gets lynched, unless someone tried voting. I was basically leaning towards giving up a town to be lynched (Plus a townie poisoned) for a lead that would seal the game. If no leads happened, only a poison would happen, and both cops could arrest for said poison, or at least one could if the other resulted poison. Something I saw a lot of people mention was to use HS, which I thought about, but I would never go with HS over Arrest, because HS can be stopped, Arrest cannot. We had the crime, just had to figure out the target.
I talked to Eko about this plan and she seemed ok with it, but as I was checking back on logs to know who was proven, I saw that Dumi claimed being tricked on N1. Then I remembered when we discussed this back on N3, how Dumi got tricked by the BO trickster since Moon was already proved as the town trickster. But now we knew that Dumi was BO, and that the BO trickster was Vodka, who was no less than Gio, the... attacked person on N1.
Something wasn't right. We know that either Raiden or Henry lied about protecting their targets, since they last BO roles remaining were Pisco/Tequila/Chianti/Akemi/Sherry, no one could have stopped Yuriko from killing Gio, yet she was saved. The first conclusion is that Lovey Dovey saved her, which was entirely possible, but why would Raiden cover up for a BO/Town Lover? As far as we knew, BO/Town Lovers acted on their own, as they should. BO would want them dead, not covered up.
Henry had already told us that he didn't send actions on N1, so while not exactly cleared up from possibilities, he really didn't have a reason to lie about protecting. He also had been pretty straightforward with information, maybe TOO straightforward :-X *Removes "I'm Makoto" sign from Henry's forehead*
No other town role could have saved Gio's life, since I knew them all at that point, only Raiden (Ran) could have. But taking into account that Dumi lied about being tricked, because Gio would never actually trick Dumi because that's a Lover suicide on N1, it means the lie had to mean something. I probably sounded like Phoenix Wright trying to find some sense into this but a lead is all I needed.
Dumi had only healed BO people from what we knew (Blurf N2, Cinna N3), which is exactly what made Yuriko distrust him when I talked to him. If Dumi lied and actually sent a heal action, the trend should continue to be other BO, like Gio... And this mindset made sense since the BO always knew the assassin was in [ACTUALLY the assassin was always in no matter what, which is something I personally misread :-X I read "Assassin MAY be in if 15 players are reached. That was my bad and I probably passed that wrongdoing to other players in my attempts to hide the assassin. Sorry PT :-X]. So, IF Dumi did heal Gio N1, but claimed tricked to hide it, that solves the discrepancy of how did Gio survive N1 if it wasn't Raiden that saved her. This is why between Henry and Raiden, I asked the town to lynch Raiden. It wasn't evidence, it was a lead, based on the logic that I explained above. One lead is all I needed, only something that would pull the weight's balance to either Rai or Henry. If it failed and a cop died poisoned, plus BO bribing the other cop to ensure no arrest happens, we still had Moon, Meme, blue and me to vote the remaining suspect, so I think the game would be sealed. I think. I dunno, I'm tired of thinking X_X

I think that's all my summary of this game. Again thanks to everyone playing! And a few extra mentions:

- Kamite you need to rework your strategy :-X What you call a lead, usually isn't one by most people standards. Same with saying someone is proven. It is ok for you to believe it and adapt your playstyle accordingly, but you can't expect others to follow along easily. Other than that, glad we could help the townies :P

- Yuriko my BFF <3 Having a partner always at the ready to discuss all Mafia things is one the most enjoyable things in this game. You helped way too much, I wish I could have helped as much in your cause.

- Got a new appreciation for Dumitru, he is more threatening that I would have liked to admit. That quote in his signature was no joke after all, I'll be more wary from now on!

- Having a GM meeting all the deadlines, answering PMs quick, organizing all the PMs and Discord changes without a fault, all of that is some very dedicated work that shouldn't be overlooked. PT You have my thanks for this game!

- The assassin: I saw a lot of ideas being thrown around and I can agree that it needs nerfing, seeing her in close-action. Just want to remind everyone that this thread exists for the future GM to take into consideration!

- And as a final note, I hope everyone recovers from their various illnesses and exhaustions that happened throughtout the game. Mafia is important, but so is your health!

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 19th, 2018, 3:14 am
by Kamite
My play style is random, and its always going to be random. I know people do not agree with it, and so do I. I learn from my mistakes and try to change them. To ally with me its always a gamble which is the point of this game is it not? To trust a fellow player with nothing to go on, let alone with what type of role and abilities you have. My play style for this round was prove players abilities and roles, without directly asking.

On Night 2 I asked Moon to use her ability on Raiden.
When Jecka told me her ability, I also said to check on Raiden.
Jecka would tell me what she found and would confirm with Follow up.
Funny thing I would not expect for her to die, nor for Conia to S/O Raiden as well.

I like to point out I was suspended and couldn't confirm anything myself.

When Meme told me he interrogated night 2, I tested him by interrogating moon.
When Conia told me his "ally" had s/o I tested him by checking moon.
Meme would tell me result, while conia can confirm that moon was indeed interrogated as well as being slandered or not.

Most people would agree that a "lead" is finding out if someone killed, or is a possibility of being BO. To me a lead is a confirmation on anything that prove another person wether town or. BO.

Again, I can understand that my play style, doesn't match with others, as well taking a chance with allying being a gamble.

For Link's biggest Argh moment: I did not intentionally gave out Moon's ability. When talking about finding the trickster, I slipped out that it was a "she" when trying to keep my pronouns gender neutral. By the time I edit the message to change it to "they" Dumitru notice and it was too late. I didn't deny nor confirm and continue with the gender neutral. I will admit it was a mistake on my part; however, this is not something that people should fuss over. Mistakes happen all the time and without giving context of the full story, they're should not be any judgment on the player. I never intended to give away other people's ability. Not even in the DM, did I give away who could do what. I even requested Moon to have her permission if I can share her ability to Conia. She said yes, which is how Conia knew and chose the follow up on Day 2. Same with saying interrogating Moon Night 3. I just said "interrogating moon" I didn't say if it was I or someone else. Even Conia had to check with follow up on me to see if I wa the interrogator all along.
en I read that PT and Link were both mad that I "gave out moons role" It pissed me off, because those two don't know the whole story and for them to quickly judge me without a second thought.

I will say that my biggest pet peeve for this round is two things.
One is judging players based on their playstyle. However people play is their choice to do so, and should not be used against as either suspicious nor evidence wether their town or BO. When Link died, I wasn't sure if it was intentional or random. Link is well known to be a strong player so I wasn't sure.

To hear that "Yuri did that" "Kleene will never said this" "Raiden gave too much info" "Conia never gives info" Blah blah blah. What ever people choose to make, its their choice to make not yours. I voted Kleene on a whim day 1, it was random. I was also shocked to hear that Kleene mentioned "I would have grudge on her for last game" Yes I was pissed off at her last round, but only DURING that round. When its all over I let it go and moved on after all is just a game. So after Day 1, I asked around to know info on Kleene, trying to find if she even is BO trying to find prove that she is town. As Conia mentioned I suspected Rai to be BO and suggested on lynching on him, but Conia said Yuriko trusted Rai, and my thought was they were BFFs and left it alone. When info got back to me about Kleene, nothing gave way that she was BO, until Conia mentioned that Kleene kept questioning Conia about the will. I trusted Conia at that point, so his suspicious were also mine, so I changed from Raiden to Kleene. And the rest soon followed.

Another reason why using people's playstyle as reasoning is really stupid. That is the failed Night 3 kill. When came forward that he was a protector, I didn't believe him and thought it was a trap. So it was a risk I was willing to take, because I thought I was going to be bribe killed regardless and conia thought the same. So I put it to the test and told everyone I was getting attacked and I had a protector protecting me. My initial thought was that if I told everyone that I was protect, they will go for someone else instead, or used a sniper instead. But no nothing happen, why? Because I am known to lie across the games, and believe I was bluffing. Again using a play style to gain the upper hand that became the downfall for the BO.

Second biggest pet peeve is questioning the GM. NEVER questioned the GM. Unless the asked to be questioned you never do. The point of having different GMs is to have different types of rounds and to keep us on our toes. If everyone thought like the GM, or tries to think like one, then the games become predictable and boring. No one wants that. What PT felt this round, is what I felt in my own round that I GM. I read some people tying to analyze me and say "Kamite wouldn't do this, or knowing him they're shouldn't be another role like this." It is your job as a player to find out the roles yourself and not think like the GM; because, the GM will always be random and can mess around with the players if they choose to do so.

Yuriko: You keep saying I wasn't listen to you when I had. When you mentioned that a BO could have a healer, and it was Vermouth, I check Dumitru for it. I did said I trusted Dumitru, but I never mentioned that he was town, When Conia mentioned to add the people I thought were town, I hesitated because I had no evidence that they even were. Had I not died, I would have found out next phase that he was disguised as Araide. Another thing originally we were going to vote Stop, until you suggested to vote Cinna, which I agree and everyone change their vote. We had nothing on Cinna, so if she was town then I took responsibility for it, but it would also narrow down the BO suspects as well. I did suggest to trick stop twice, because I thought it wasn't her turn to kill the first time we tricked her. So I thought tricking her again will stop the kill, but hey I was wrong and I admit to it. I even had people to talk to stop and say something that she was town, but she was too inactive to say anything, leading into her demise. Though everyone voting Stop was not on me, but on Conia as well. As he kept insisting based on what and you said. You could have also persuade everyone else to change it to someone else. I know everyone keeps saying your the "Psychic BO Finder" but I can't use that without evidence, without providing proof that they are either Town or BO. I mean you did trusted Raiden, and to an extent so did I. Because I thought you did something to prove he is town and was trustworthy. But no, you didn't do anything on him.

But yeah this are my thoughts on this round.

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 19th, 2018, 11:29 am
by Kleene Onigiri
My report: I was lynched based on nothing \o/

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 20th, 2018, 10:51 pm
by PT
Kamite wrote:en I read that PT and Link were both mad that I "gave out moons role" It pissed me off, because those two don't know the whole story and for them to quickly judge me without a second thought.

If the person you're telling someone else's role/ability to is not your BO buddy/BFF/Lover/DB ally, then you have no business telling them without the original player's permission. I will always be mad at anyone that does this.

It's especially bad when you've done literally zero things to prove that the person you're telling is also town.

You have to realize that crap like that will make people less likely to ally you in the future.

Re: FM 77: A Terrible Fate [Town Wins!]

Posted: November 24th, 2018, 3:47 am
by MoonRaven
Wait, what happened?