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Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (Day 5)

Posted: October 11th, 2018, 1:37 pm
by Kleene Onigiri
Vote Yuriko! There is evidence

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (Day 5)

Posted: October 11th, 2018, 5:07 pm
by Yurikochan
Kleene Onigiri wrote:Vote Yuriko! There is evidence

So says the one that pushed off two townies of our own. I hope Kamite’s ghost haunts you for your life. And her evidence is also lies. Maybe she’s even BO herself. I’ll just leave you with this fun thought.

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (Day 5)

Posted: October 11th, 2018, 10:50 pm
by Abs.

If you don’t want to inadvertently give away someone’s role, at the very least tell someone trusted, AND WRITE THAT THEY ARE TRUSTED IN YOUR WILL!!!

We may yet win this!!!!!

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 1:09 am
by blurfbreg
Once you start on your breakfast, you ask the captain on why he cared so much about hitting the boat on the piece of rock you now are stuck on, way more so than a dead person.

"You see, the islands around Ogasawara has a lot of history and unique qualities to it. The group of island around Ogasawara are all considered Bunin-jima (無人島), meaning no people live here. It was due to a little trickery by someone named Ogasawara Sadayori claiming that their ancestors (the Ogasawara) came from the island that Toyotomi Hideyoshi gave the island (chichijima 父島) to them. Once Toyotomi found out, he was exiled from the land. Except for the events in World War Two turning the island into a military base for both Japanese and American troops, there is little to be found here. The reason the islands are unique is that the islands have not been in contact with any of the lands nearby, thus making the evolution of the flora and fauna on these islands unique to the rest of the earth. Some dubbed the island 'the Galapagos of the Orient', though I detest that name. As a matter of fact, UNESCO has declared these islands as a world heritage in June of 2011. The fact that my ship may have destroyed the unique life that we'll never find elsewhere on earth makes the devastation a little more serious than the dead body which I can't help anymore."

The Captain sighs, "I've seen enough dead bodies too that I am a little numb to the deaths now. Anyways, I'll let you all enjoy your day. Please don't leave the ship, so that we don't tarnish the natural beauty. You're welcome to see first hand what is here now that we're stuck here."

Although you are no botanist or biologist, you can admire the beauty here. Maybe life can be like this. Maybe you can simply relax here and let life be. Make the old island name obsolete. Despite all the horrible events, you can't say you haven't had an exciting summer vacation.

Eventually, the sun is setting and you leave your votes in the voting box. You wait for the results.

Henry Gordan is not having a good day. It's the second time getting your badge taken from you. None of the murders seemed to make sense. To calm yourself down, you stay in the sauna for a bit and have a few pints of beer while soaking. Some time half way during your sauna, Yurikochan enters the sauna and brings in a few pints of her own. "You want some?"

"Sure, I don't mind another one. It's been a terrible week for all of us." Henry Gordan reaches out for a bottle.

"It sure has." Yurikochan takes a bottle for Henry Gordan, stealthily slipping something into the bottle as she opens it. "So, Henry, do you think we'll all make it off this cruise yacht in Ogasawara?"

"I think so. My pride believes that Japan will not abandon us." Henry Gordan takes a sip out of the new cold beer.

"I hope for your sake that Japan will not abandon us. Well, at least me."

Henry Gordan warily glances at Yurikochan. Suddenly, Henry Gordan starts to dissolve from the inside. "So I guess I was right. You are Shiratori!"

"Wait... YOU are the killer all along? You ended shinichi'sapprentice's life?"

"Since you are about to die, I'll tell you. Yes, it was me. I can see that the new APTX is working as expected. Goodbye."

Yurikochan takes out a machine, collects a little bit of the pool that was Shiratori, and place it into the machine. The machine reads: "20 hours remaining until new APTX".

"Hello everyone, it seems that the ship has a few holes on the stern. Luckily, I still have some welding equipment on board and have fixed a few. I'm sure we'll get going around midnight."

"Let's see how the votes go!"

Lynch candidate (number of vote): Voters
darkest absol (3): Abs., Iwamoto Yuri, Yurikochan
Yurikochan (2): Giogio, Kleene Onigiri
Captain Bulufuru Buregu (3): Kamite, Meme, Raiden
Kamite (1): PhoenixTears

"Well, it seems we are going to send darkest absol 'overboard'. What do you have to say for yourself?" The captain snatches the mask from darkest absol's face and reveals the beautiful face of Mouri Kogorou.

"This is some sort of mistake. Plus, how are you going to send me overboard?"

"Actually, I was just going to tie you up here. I'll take any notes you have for the rest of us if you wish."

"Well, here you go." Kogorou hands over the paper. The Captain shows all of you the note.

Oof, guess I couldn't be much help. My action didn't go through on night four, which is a shame since I was guarding SA. Began speaking with Kleene on Day 4, and told Kleene 'I could have stopped SA from dying'

The captain finds a few extra votes hidden in the voting box and reads them, "Uh... what is this? Why am I getting voted? Wait... aren't these people dead? No... the ancestors are ANGRY with me. The ghosts that haunt us has spoken. I must atone for this. I cannot be allowed to live. Worry not, esteemed guest. A few of the crew know how to weld. I checked earlier. Do not fret. You will return to safety by tomorrow's time."

The captain jumps off the boat and swims away from land. Eventually the sky darkens and you cannot see the captain anymore.

Now late at night, Yurikochan enters the lounge and heads for the bar. "I'll have a Bourbon please." One of the two bartenders pours out the drink. As the evening went on, Abs. enters the lounge as well in a garb that is a little bit red. The bartenders dismiss it, thinking an accident with the tomatoes at dinners, since the room has such low lighting anyways. He orders a Tequila.

"So, how did things go on your end, Tequila?" The bartenders thinks they're nicknames for each other because of their drinks and wandered away to clean some glasses.

"Oh Bourbon, it all went well. Vermouth found the package in one of the goods. The Portrait of a Young Gentleman with Jan Six as the model was a fake and contained it. Apparently, it was recently authenticated and bought by a descendant of Jan Six, and is still currently in his possession. Also, I've dealt with the loose ends below."

"That must have been a handful. Did Vermouth help out with her silencer?"

"Of course. She did ruin her favourite costume. She was really mad about that."

"Ah, that must have been a scene. I wish I was there to see it."

"I would have taken a picture, but you know how she gets around a camera. Anyways, did you get through to Rum?"

"Ah yes, the satellite phone worked like a charm. Chianti is coming with a special ride. They'll make this place 'sparkle' so she says. We probably don't want to be around when that happens."

"Oh good. I'll get the inflatable ready."

As Tequila leaves, Iwamoto Yuri walks in with a different attire than this morning. "Hello boys! Get me a Vermouth, will you?"

Vermouth takes her drinks and sits down next to Bourbon. "We've got everything. Are you ready to clean up?"

Bourbon downs the bourbon, "I thought you'd never ask."

Bourbon jumps the counter and dashes towards the closer bartender. Vermouth takes out her pistol with a silencer attachment and aims at the farther bartender. At the same time, the bartenders are knocked unconscious, by bullet or by the deadliest kick.

Without a sound, they both head towards the suite of Kleene Onigiri. They lockpick the door and sneak in. Vermouth takes the gun and quickly shoots her in the head. Removing the mask, they find Makoto lying on the bed, with this note by her side.
I'm sorry, Raidoko, I couldn't avenge you myself! But my allies will surely catch your killer!

A lot of people trusted me and I was able to verify some people.

People that are very likely town (no particular order): MoonRaven, Yuri, Henry, Giogio
People that are not the Mysterious Benefactor: Moon, Henry, cinna, yuriko, darkest absol, gio

Possible BO people/People I couldn't clear completely (doesn't mean they are BO!): Abs., darkest absol
There is a lead on Yuriko - cinna followed her and she has a scent

- I was tricked on N2, which I didn't announce in order to pretend to be a day-action role. Was frightened on D2.
- Protect used
N1: Raiden
N2: Raiden
N3: Gio (which is why Raiden died T_T)
N4: SA (I wasn't tricked and I didn't die instead, so my conclusion is that SA was bribe killed T_T)

They continue on in the same fashion to the suites of MoonRaven (Kazuha) and Giogio (Naeko).

The following note (from Naeko) reads as follows:
Kleene and Moonie are fully trustworthy. (the cop, please contact them! (heres hoping I'm not currently lynching the cop))

Crime reports:

N1: trick
N2: abduct
N3: sabotage
N4: abduct

Vermouth, Bourbon meet up with Tequila by the submersible platform with the message, the package, and the key to the package (and the kitty). Tequila has finished inflating the lifeboat disguised within his suitcase. They all row out from the boat, and Chianti picks them up in a helicopter.

Then Chianti unleashes the machine gun on the boat, shredding it to pieces and hitting the fuel reserve. In a few moments, the cruise yacht explodes, destroying both the natural beauty of the Ogasawara islands and the people on board the cruise.

You hold the ticket in your hands. Sure you had the most exciting and dramatic of summers, but no one will ever know.

Game Ends! BO Wins!

Spoiler: GM notes
GM notes to the ending result: The criteria for ending the game was discussed in great detail in the graveyard (aka Deck One). Due to the events in Night 5, Kazuha was not able to stop the APTX target for Day 5. At the same time, Kazuha is not able to vote. Since Yuriko's psychic powers (and the BO's inductive powers) have locked onto Henry's role, this will reduce the number of players to 7 (3 BO vs. 4 Town). If ALL of town were to vote for a single target, it can tie with BO when they vote all on the same target. If that is the case, since Kazuha's player is not known to the BO, the game would continue.

If anyone in town did not vote when all of BO vote, this will lead to a total of 6 players remaining (3 BO vs. 3 Town), which is our current circumstance when darkest absol decided to abstain from voting. In this case, the only protector can at best stall for one night, but would find that they would at best tie the votes when one of them is frightened (leading to 2 v 2 votes with corresponding accompany target). The town has no recourse for what the BO can dish out. Eventually, the BO will win in this case.

GM notes to the game: You have all played valiantly to the bitter end. There were times when I thought I made one side too powerful, and then flips immediately to the other side. Despite all that, the game seemed to introduce just enough unknowns for you all to try hard. You all were (from what I can tell) extremely paranoid, but you all did your best in your own way. I'm glad that some of you have written back on my PM with your own story to continue the story of you enjoying this cruise. I'm glad to have written and hosted this game for all of you.

By the way, the PM messages you all got were more unique if your roles involved... crimes, so you're welcome to share those so that others can enjoy the story with you too.

Kamite invites you to join discord and discuss your thoughts on the game. The fun. The paranoia. The frustrations. Your comments on gameplay. Anything about the game.

Spoiler: For those who wish to see The Portrait of a Young Gentleman

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (Day 5)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 1:11 am
by Kleene Onigiri
Congrats BO XD

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (Day 5)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 1:13 am
by shinichi'sapprentice
grats BO! brb golf! xD

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (Day 5)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 1:17 am
by MoonRaven
So basically. .. Bo won based on luck by frightening me?

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (Day 5)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 1:35 am
by Conia
MoonRaven wrote:So basically. .. Bo won based on luck by frightening me?

The frighten on you gave them an advantage, yes, but it was definitely not based on luck :P

Also congrats to the BO for a flawless win, and on a more personal side, I'm sorry to my fellow townies :-X

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 1:40 am
by blurfbreg
Unfortunately for the town, that's what the last two phase came down to. Moonie the MVP.

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 1:41 am
by Kamite
Congratulations BO. This was great and killed the benefactor day 1.

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 2:03 am
by PT
Grats BO! And a special shoutout to Yuriko's Scarily Accurate Mafia Predictions (TM).

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 4:07 am
by Yurikochan
Wifey <3

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 4:32 am
by blurfbreg
Inspiration for story:
The idea came to me with the 20-year old case on the ship (where the people got on board with an old 10000 yen bill), but extending that case for mafia purposes. I actually watched the whole 1.5 hours of the episode to make sure I figure out how they alibi out the whole crew. In order to make it work with BO, I had to make sure they had a reason to be on board. I mean, the BO aren't going to be murdering people left and right for no reason. And so, I made up one, which was--as a townsperson you probably can't tell--to retrieve some secret package and message left behind on some paintings that were mysteriously not going to a gallery, but now onto a private cruise. Sadly, this means I need a third party, the true murderer who orchestrated the whole event. The killer would then be the person who organized the trip for their own nefarious purpose. I was going to decide what that was once I got the random role for the mysterious benefactor and the list of target roles. The first murder would have to be related to the same trick in the 20-year old case (fire burning in places where they shouldn't be), so that it connects to how you're all stuck (which involves removing all possible communication devices and navigational capabilities).

So I did a bunch of research for the trip (making sure the timeline make sense). The ocean current: I knew a bit from my trip to Okinawa, but researched more on the unique life there (including giant squids). The yacht: The Taipan is real, and has a sister ship, the Crystal Esprit, both of which were owned and built in the same year (1980s). Ownership changed hands, and their names changed as well. You can actually find the deck plans for Crystal Esprit here, and the facilities on the Taipan are slightly exaggerated, but not by much if you want to stare at photos of the boats from its previous names (Genting World, Megastar Taurus, Princess Diana) to find out. Life on a cruise ship: turns out hooking up is quite prevalent on large cruise ships. Uniforms: short but necessary work. Paintings: I found that there are a lot of stolen paintings or recently recovered paintings of Rembrandt, so that's why I chose it. The painting themes were selected after this decision. The inspiration for murders from the painting came literally the hours before each of the phase change stories.

I was suggested to read the book by Italo Calvino named If on a Winter's Night a Traveler through my playing another game, which formed the narrative aspect of the game. The other inspiration is the show (and 1970s book) called the Last Ship, where the only survivor to a mass extinction event was the members of a crew aboard a military warship. Everyone felt like you, so that there was a sense of community. I involved you guys in the cruise activities, so that you feel like this is actually a place to be. You see others, but feel that you and everyone else on board suffering from the same circumstances. The intrigue happens when more deaths occur, as "you" becomes "someone" or "one of the guest". The pronouns change to reflect that distancing at certain times of the story. How the story was going was affected by the vote result and kill results.

Thought process on the gameplay:
The idea for putting in the mysterious benefactor coincided with the discussions on APTX issues from Yuri's round. My thought was that if I make people not want to share their role as well and fear for their lives from this invisible force, it might force people to play with more guts and less role revealing (or more suspicious seeming). When PT asked about the ability to kill for the mysterious benefactor, it made me try to decide (within an hour) whether a silent sabotaging town role would be more effective at getting kills and whether the ratios for the number of players would work.

After a short deliberation in my mind, I went with BO:Total = 1:5 (rounded up), with one town being benefactor. With 16 players, it turned out to be 1:3:12. Among the town roles, to make it not be too strong, I decided police:agents:civs = 1:1:2. Then I decided on the mysterious benefactor and gave him/her a role. I panicked for a moment when I found out it was for Rena. After some thinking (which wasn't that much), I thought it'd be fine giving the benefactor literally all the tools to play both BO and town to her whims. Then I randomized the list of target roles. Luckily, it came up with 1 police, and 2 civ (which I changed one from Kogorou to Tequila, so that the benefactor can't simply play with the BO to get herself out of the game).

The civs in this game are mostly support roles (and not investigative), which also balanced overpowering factor from arrests (which I limited to 2 or 1, depending on how you look at it). The town's way of winning requires a strong trust, the effect of which diminishes the later it got on. The BO's role (because they're not here to kill) was chosen to support them investigating the place and blending in with the crowd. Vermouth and Bourbon (a natural pair in the show) are perfect (and were chosen specifically while everything else was completely random). It didn't really make sense to have the boss be doing this himself, or have anyone who's specialized in murdering, and thus this gives us the BO team.

And I hoped it balanced well. Which I thought it was. The town had a lot of chances to get there, but the BO was made to specifically do as little crime as possible to make it hard for investigations. A game of guts, and both sides were awesome at their gut work. You'll find so many mistakes on both sides that feels devastating, which is part of the fun.

The random roles happen to all be the new roles. It'd be nice to know whether they work or not. Write down what you feel about the roles you had and the game in general. Was it too OP, or not enough? Any suggestions for the way the serial killer operates? (we should revive the mafia discussion thread for this). I'm sure the future GMs would love to know.

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 5:59 am
by Abs.
Raiden’s full will follows.

Next up:

{Prep}[Contacted] Kleene: Trust in the Mold. <3
{N1}[Was contacted by] Abs #InvisiblePenPals ─ Hmm, he has been rather quiet for some time now. I wonder what's up...
{N1}[Was contacted by] IwaYuri: #CoffeeAllianceGo!
{N1}[Contacted] Cinnabunny ...
{N1}[Was contacted by] Giogio ─ Seems townish? I hope we're on the same side.
{D1}[Contacted] SA Hmmm. Appears Team YuriCo wanted to throw him overboard Day 2. Did they have a lead on him, or just wanted to get rid of the Pantry Thief? To be honest, I kind of wanted to vote him too Day 2 but went with random person that probably wouldn't get lynched... V:
{D1}[Was contacted by] Kamite: Can APTX me ─ FYI in case I am found poisoned Day 2...Huh. Still alive and well, I wonder what that could mean?
{N3}[Contacted] Conia I will probably regret this.
{N3}[Contacted] Yuriko

Summary of the Game:
Night 1:
Mysterious Benefactor killed PT(Takagi)
SA claims tricked (if true, he couldn't have done the kill and is not the M.B. However, that does not rule him out as BO!)

Day 1
Memesy(Rena) lynched by Kamite, Cinna, DA | No will with betrayal results included... :V

Lynch candidate (number of votes): people who voted for candidate
Meme (3): cinnamoroll, darkest absol, Kamite
Conia (2): MoonRaven, shinichi'sapprentice
darkest absol (1): Giogio
dumytru (1): dumytru
Henry Gordan (1): Iwamoto Yuri
Iwamoto Yuri (1): Kleene Onigiri
Kamite (1): Abs.
Raiden (1): Memesu
Yurikochan (1): Henry Gordan
No votes cast: Me, Conia, Yuriko

Rena being in the game, rules out Kir from the lineup of suspects.

Night 2
Dumytru Starling killed [Will: Followed somone]
Two possibilities for only one Night 2 kill...
1) The BO decided to leave the killing for he M.B. To keep free of any obvious crimes.
2) M.B. decided to chill with a drink instead of doing a kill.

Day 2
Kleene was Frightened! [Voted Kamite]

Lynch candidate (number of vote): Voters
Conia (2): Henry Gordan, Iwamoto Yuri
shinichi'sapprentice (2): Conia, Yurikochan
Abs. (1): MoonRaven
Giogio (1): Kamite
Henry Gordan (1): cinnamoroll
Kamite (1): Abs.
Kor (1): PhoenixTears
Kleene Onigiri (1): Giogio
MoonRaven (1): shinichi'sapprentice
Raiden (1): darkest absol
Yuriko (1): Raiden

No vote cast: 0

Night 3

Trust in the Mold. It will guide your way to victory!
*normalpanda* Kleene is my BFF
Good Luck, Town! <3

Spoiler: Secret Plan Conjured Up by the Deduction Queen!

Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins)

Posted: October 12th, 2018, 6:12 am
by dumytru