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Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 14th, 2018, 11:15 pm
by shinichi'sapprentice
dumytru wrote:I still don't understand why the game didn't ended after blurf was lynched.

I really suggest reading the graveyard when you get the time. Doesn't have to be the entire chat, but at least the last phase where you can see us discussing ways on how town could still pull off a win! I can summarize for you here, though I'd have to recollect my thoughts first xD

Interesting points under your reply to Kleene! Thank you for sharing because at the last phase, fellow graveyarderz and I don't have a clue as to what exactly is going on in town's side. We were truly hoping you not lose the fighting spirit to tackle on the BO and reading from your notes, it looks like you did try your best til the end \o/ I'm curious as to why you guys decided to lynch blurf though? There don't seem to be any evidence found action-wise against him? Or did I miss it?

Also, just to note, it would've been a fun time continuing my early alliance with you! Somehow, I had flashbacks from when you and cinna were BOs and couldn't seem to trust you right away this time! xD

As for Moon, did no one catch her saying..

MoonRaven wrote:...

No, Henry, my friend...


This was a red flag for me 'coz it sounded like he was in contact with Henry right before he died (which was true). She may not have been the one to send the actual aptx (points for Kleene) but what she said hopefully had made town keep a closer eye on her a little bit earlier.

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 1:10 am
by Iwamoto Yuri
I guess this is my wrap up then :P

Spoiler: Missing out on the first two phases and Day 1
So, as I posted in the topic Day one I'd forgotten the game would start on Saturday. I had distracted myself with the idea I'd go to a pagode near mt Fuji that weekend and that ended up making me forget about several things, like this game and part of my homework.
So when I checked the forums on Monday and realised there was a message in my inbox I was totally frustrated with myself to the point I asked Stoppy if I could vote myself, haha. It did help getting me my first ally, though. SA was the first to contact me that day.

Spoiler: Night 2 and Day 2, my first suspicions of Moon
With my alliance with SA going well I decided to contact a few others in the hope to ally. This lead to allying with Cinna, Moon and Kleene. With Moon's response to my message, though, I right away felt something was off about her. Mentioning something about throwing out a net night 2 I decided to be cautious with her, and unlike what I told her purposefully voted her Day two after talking with Cinna, who also mentioned having heard Moon was behaving oddly. I'm not sure if this gave her an incentive to vote Moon, but we both did so that phase. Moon's upset message afterwards and Cinna's words only solidified my suspicion of her.
Sadly my interactions with SA were cut short here, but I felt that, after having made more allies I could handle things.

Spoiler: Night 3, suspecting dumy and the blurf vote Day 3
With my suspicion of Moon still going strong I decided to attempt frightening her night 3. She'd sent me a message where she feigned being upset, and I pretended to be innocent in a message back. I also decided to gender observe Kleene in the hope to find out more about her. Out of all of my allies we had talked the most so far, and because her behaviour didn't seem very suspicious at this point I hoped I could find out something that's prove her innocence to me. I only ended up finding out she was an adult, and with her dependent way of playing I was still hesitant to fully trust her.
Day three rolled around and Cinna's will lead dumy to deny contacting me, which right away raised some flags. I called him out in topic on this while talking with kleene about voting him. In the meantime blurf messaged me asking to vote him as well. Somehow it all seemed to line up. I started having doubts, however, when I saw dumy's excuse, and him calling out blurf in chat caused some confusion with me and Kleene. I ended up hesitating for a long time, then told kleene to change her vote jut before going to bed.
Meme messaged me night three, asking who I suspected, and being the honest person I am I told her dumy and moon day three. After asking why I responded to her that the only real things I had against these people were their words. Suspiciously enough I heard absolutely nothing from Moon this phase. Part of me wondered if there was some sort of correlation.

Spoiler: Pulling the strings Night 4
Suffice to say blurf was innocent, and finding this out dumy was obviously flabbergasted. With me noticing he had probably thrown the towel into the ring and Kleene again taking a passive approach I decided to look at the day 3 votelist and pulled my conclusions from that: Kamite had not voted along, nor had he said something against it.
Moon hadn't voted, but that was because I'd frightened her, her response to this would be important.
Meme had voted along.
Kleene had also followed my lead and voted blurf.
Dumy and Blurfs votes had been obvious since they had called each other out.
Looking at this it lead me to conclude that, since the round was still ongoing, there'd most likely be two BO members, with my suspect list being Kamite, Moon and Meme. I voiced these opinions to dumy and Kleene as soon as I could.
That's when Moon's response threw me off. As a possible BO member she had posted about her failed vote in topic. part of me had expected her to say nothing had she been BO, and with dumy's response saying she had refused to vote when he'd asked because she knew blurf's role my suspicion of her faded a little more. Was it weird she hadn't stood up for Blurf publicly? Yes. Could she be purposefully throwing me off by posting about her failed vote in topic? Most definitely. But before thinking it through I had started to trust her. My suspicion list now consisted of just Meme and Kamite, the latter of whom I'd barely heard anything this round.
Waiting for kleene's response till last minute I asked her to attempt arresting Kamite for one of the murders and frightened Meme. I ended up going to bed at three am. I had fully assumed she was the remaining cop at this point.

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 1:27 am
by Memesu
Thanks for the game :D

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 2:01 am
by MoonRaven
Hello, I had fun game. Might later dissect my actions and choices but can I just say... Playing Calvados was brilliant! No unnecessary hassle with costumes, just pick a BO who's action you want to use and voila! The selection for town to suspect is larger.

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 2:06 am
by Kamite
dumytru wrote:But really, at that point Kamite and Meme were way more suspicious, and I kinda stopped caring too much. Btw Kamite, why do you act like that :O It's so damn confusing. You even said "that's suspicious", but HELL YOU NEVER TOLD ME WHAT WAS!!!1

Anyways, me trusting you is part of the game, I'd never get annoyed / angry by that :P so no need to say sorry.

When I said that, I was referring to the vote on Henry, I thought that was trying to guaranteed that Henry was dead if APTx failed. That was a mistake on my part for not following up on it. However what made me not contact you after that, was that you didn't provoke on the previous two messages I sent you. One was on choosing suspiciousness on Moonraven, but you didn't say anything. The other message was to heal/protect me at all cost. That was a biggest flag (in my case at least) that I was cop. I contacted Cinna with that same message, to protect me and she connected the dots that I was cop, though she was not healer.

Now why I was acting that way, was me trying something new and see the reactions based on the others. Guess it didn't worked out too well.

One last thing with you, due to you double posting, I didn't see that you tried to get blurf lynched, which confused the hell the out of me. Had I seen it, I would have definitely would have said something. Because I go to new post to see updates on the thread, and I kept seeing your name not knowing it was a new post.

Call it the Kamite's curse because even though I was suspended, I was TRYING to contact town; HOWEVER, even though I contact them, they dropped like flies one after another. First contact was Raiden, died night 1, next contact was Henry he too died, then it was Cinna and Blurf after that. Dumytru was the only that stayed alive.

Bulrf I tried to stay in contact, but we both just stopped communicating with each other. And I started to get suspicious on him since I said I was doing something to Raiden. With Raiden's death I thought Blurf had something to do with it, so I try to arrest him in for his murder. Which in retrospect, was the dumbest thing I can ever do. Jumping the gun on that without trying to prove anything.

In response to SA: As for Moon I had my suspicious with her since the very beginning when she voted for you, after I suggested it out of nowhere.

Overall we used discord to try out communication with each other by: having something that gives notifications when someone sends a message; instant PM each other in the within the server, and the intact messages without being deleted. This was test run using this method for everyone to try out, thanks to stop for agreeing to do this.
What are you guys input on integrating the discord with forum mafia? Was it useful, did it hindered anyone, or the was no difference?

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 2:52 am
by dumytru
Oh wow. For me, it looked like you said you're going to look into Moon (said that in a phase day) so I thought maybe you are an info-gatherer. Then you said "protect me" and partly I thought you were in danger, partly I thought you were messing around.

I haven't asked about Moon because I thought you'd tell me eventually if you found anything.

Well, blurf said he's not info-gatherer and I knew there was a sniper in game. And then when Kamite said in discord "we're really screwed", blurf replied with "we really are screwed :KORNemote:". At first I thought it was a coincidence, but then I realized the game might end that phase and BO might be "screwing around". Anyways, I thought it wasn't enough to go on, but having nothing else and since we were about to lose, I thought I'd ask Kleene. Obviously she agreed, haha.

Well I told her normally I wouldn't lynch anybody because of that, but it was better then deciding randomly who to lynch.

No idea blurf was trying to get me lynched though. What the hell, haha.


I was flabbergasted, but that was mostly because the game didn't ended. I was expecting to see either a lynched BO and a night phase or a lynched townie and a game ended.

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 3:00 am
by Iwamoto Yuri
Kamite wrote:What are you guys input on integrating the discord with forum mafia? Was it useful, did it hindered anyone, or the was no difference?

I'd love using discord...

Except I absolutely hate discord. I just don't get along with it.

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 3:11 am
by blurfbreg
dumytru wrote:@Kamite
No idea blurf was trying to get me lynched though. What the hell, haha.

To be honest, I didn't until the last moment when you didn't reply me, and got me somewhat suspicious. I sadly had to go in two hours from the time you replied and I made a split second decision based in the absence of information, which I called as the gamble in my will (and also didn't say exactly what for that reason). I obviously gambled wrong. I still remember Stop writing about it in the graveyard. Something along the lines of "and he was doing so well". :-X

Re: Discord
It was nice to have a place for more continuous flow of information (and discussion among the dead). It also helped me, since I don't get much notification from the forum, and don't always read everything that comes up. I could see how well BO used their HQ as SA and I stalked and waited for their thought to be posted.

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 3:34 am
by MoonRaven
I really liked using discord for messaging. Much quicker and efficient.

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 6:08 am
by Kleene Onigiri
Whoaaa, so many replies :D

But first, I totally forgot: Thanks for hosting the game Stoppy! \o/

dumytru wrote:I still don't understand why the game didn't ended after blurf was lynched.
I might annoy somebody, but idk...

I think it was a good choice to keep it going. IMO it's better to give 1 phase more than to stop the game too early.
In this case there was still a cop in the game. Rule wise it says that game keeps going till all cops are gone.
Thought the cop was suspended, there was still a small chance that the town might do a comeback. Especially if the BO suddenly get's inactive (forget to send kill action). Or if we didn't kill Kamite and Yuri frightened one of us, there might also have been a chance for town to still win the game.

The BO did know a lot about town, but the GM may not take that into consideration when deciding if the game can be stopped or not. (since it's not guaranteed that BO uses APTX for example).

dumytru wrote:The conversation with you literally saved the game for me, otherwise I wouldn't have had any fun, really.
And while I did trust you, I told you it's a gamble since the game is ending, but! You asked me why I trusted you. That's mostly because you actually try to make a conversation, when most BOs would try to avoid any (conversation) at all.

Yay \o/ I myself prefer games with lots of communication than winning but having done nothing :x

Yeah, you told me it's a gamble XD But I was still paranoid, especially since yuri was suspecting you and wanting to lynch you. But the next phase she started to trust you somehow (or at least you weren't a main suspect anymore) and she also told me her role too O_o"
My paranoia kicked in and I thought you both teamed up and try to lure me out XD

dumytru wrote:What made me suspect you was:
- you just agreed with my suspicion on blurf, but didn't do anything about it (I honestly expected you'd try to make a plan, which is why I waited so long before announcing the lynch, but then there were less then 6 hours, so I did it anyways).

Actually, this was a bit of an "awkward" situation XD
Because before you PMed me, Yuri was already talking with me and wanted me to vote you with me. I told her I agree with her suspicion and added some more suspicion behaviour from you :3 The night before, you pmed me and asked me if i can investigate. So you told me who you investigate, but not a target ("You investigate Cinna killing somebody"). But I did tell you what exactly I'll investigate. My investigation information was specific, while yours wasn't. We already planned to kill cinna. So I deliberately said I'll investigate cinna killing Dumy. Because the next phase I told yuri something like: "I think dumy fooled me! He suggested that I should investigate some killings together with him. He told me to investigate cinna killing somebody, bit cinna died so my investigation was wasted D:"
So I added that to yuris owns suspicion on Dumy.

So the plan was to lynch dumy for that phase :x

But then dumy Pmed me with wanting to lynch blurf XD BO perspective wise, lynching blurf was a better option than lynching dumy. We had info on blurf and narrowed it down to Ran/kazuha, but didn't know for sure. And dumy was narrowed down to James/Rena. But dumy trusted me, while blurf didn't trust any of the BOs I think.

That's why I tried to get blurf lynched instead :x

But I was also busy that day D: So sorry that you had to wait for my replies :(

dumytru wrote:- you didn't said anything on the forums about agreeing with the lynch, so I even tried to make you do it, but you still refused (???)

That was bad timing. Since I was still discussing with yuri, if we should go for blurf-lynching instead of dumy-lynching. I couldn't just go to yuri and say "Yo, yuri, let's lynch blurf instead!"
Then when it was decided and I was thinking about replying to you, the forum died :V
Strangely the forum tended to die around 9 to 11 PM my time, with midnight being phasechange.

dumytru wrote:- you never came with your own opinions about players, you basically listened to me and agreed or disagreed <- which is my strategy when I'm BO :P and I know how well it works lol
But really, at that point Kamite and Meme were way more suspicious, and I kinda stopped caring too much. Btw Kamite, why do you act like that :O It's so damn confusing. You even said "that's suspicious", but HELL YOU NEVER TOLD ME WHAT WAS!!!1

Ahhh, yeah I tend to do that :3
But I think I also do that as town? I rarely cast suspicions on people without good evidence. And I wasn't in contact with blurf, so :V
Maybe that's why people think i'm suspicious when i'm playing as town? ???

dumytru wrote:Anyways, me trusting you is part of the game, I'd never get annoyed / angry by that :P so no need to say sorry.


It was a bit of a rollercoaster with Moon somehow :D
Because one phase ppl told me "Moon is suspicious! She said something strange!" I'm like: "Oh noes! Moon! D:"
But the next PM it was "Oh, nvm. Talked with Moon and she's not suspicious anymore" Me: "Phew..."
Someone else PMs me: "I think Moon is suspicious!" Me: "Oooh nooo D:"

And I didn't even know what Moon said to you guys to make her suspicious and then not suspicious anymore XD
But it was still fun to see :D

I liked it a lot!
With IRC I tend to forget that I opened it :x And I'm on discord anyway, so it's great for me.
I think it's also more fun for ghosts/guests, since they can see what the BO is saying in the BO channel. And rereading the Graveyard after the game is also fun! XD
I also liked the BO channel. You were able to pin the actions (and you can also edit text). So you can jump right back into the logs and see why you did this and that decision.
With Forums, you sometimes post something at the same time, which can get confusing sometimes. Like someone saying who to kill and someone else is asking about that at the same time or so.

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 10:02 am
by Stopwatch
Thanks everyone, and thanks for playing/graveyarding :D.

In terms of choosing not to end the game the rules specifically say
Black Organisation wins if the BO outnumbers the Town and there is no foreseeable way for the town to regain control of a day vote.
So, we went to 3vs3 with Kamite still suspended but he would be unsuspended by the point Mafia could reach 3vs2 and had both pinch and arrest so in theory (though unlikely for obvious reasons) he could actually have arrested two BO and lynched another come D4. BO also had APTX but Yuri had frighten and iirc at that point hadn't revealed her role so the Mafia didn't know who to disc to stop the frighten so they could guarantee APTXes. Essentially, though the chances were small Town could actually have turned it around still at that point so BO didn't have day control of the vote and so I couldn't close the game so long as that was a possibility. The game ended once the Mafia narrowed down Kamite was cop and killed him then disc'd Yuri so she couldn't stop the APTXes.

In terms of Discord, it was nice to be able to have the permissions so that dead/spectator players didn't have to worry about accidentally posting in the BO HQ. I think it'd be a shame to force people onto a platform when they can still play on the forums/IRC and may not want to join Discord but it seems there are ways to log the conversations for people reading after the fact (thanks Kamite) and historically it's not like people could always read past BO HQs or graveyards anyway so eh. I'll sort out a guide thing for future GMs who might not know about Discord permissions so they know how to sort it if they choose to continue using it though.

EDIT: This should be able to explain how to set up everything for Discord permissions-wise.

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Night 4

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 10:23 am
by Stopwatch
This should be able to explain how to set up everything for Discord permissions-wise.

Re: Re: Mafia Round 73 - Mafia Win!

Posted: April 18th, 2018, 8:44 pm
by cinnamoroll
Thanks for GMing Stop! *offers cookies*
I had fun :)
Congratulations to the BO!

(Discord was good for mafia, I like it better than irc.)

Re: Mafia Round 73 - Mafia Win!

Posted: May 8th, 2018, 2:00 am
by shinichi'sapprentice
re: Discord Mafia-ing

what do you mean it's been 18 days..

Still learning Discord tbh but integrating it to our Forum Mafia was, as others agreed to, indeed a fun experience! If only it has IRC's custom beep and colored text features...

I liked being able to read the BO HQ and Graveyard after game ended. I think it's also a good backup aside from IRC for when the forums cannot be accessed (which tends to happen when there is a mafia/espionage game going on v:). That being said, if we are to continue using Discord while playing mafia, I suggest all future GMs should add a note saying that players can send actions through the said platform ONLY when the Forums are not accessible.

As for disadvantages I have listed, first off is that people can edit their messages (which is something you can do in the forums too I guess) and I'm just concerned I'll missed a lot of important changes to action plans (mostly a BO issue I guess). Secondly, I'm still all for maintaining discussions in the forums. I had to keep an eye on three platforms (forums, IRC, Discord) to make sure I did not miss any messages. Lastly, will future GMs always have to be server owner of the Discord server if they wish to use it? I mean I don't mind but if someone wants to start a game, there's just too many settings to set up *elmo*

aight Kamite, ya can start the new round now V: