Mafia 71: No More Akos (Town Wins)

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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Day 6)

Postby Akonyl » May 27th, 2017, 7:11 pm

Stuff's out
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Day 6)

Postby PT » May 27th, 2017, 7:12 pm

comma!! D:
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Day 6)

Postby dumytru » May 27th, 2017, 7:35 pm

Cinna D: D:
shinichi'sapprentice wrote:dumytru hasn't acted very 'evil-like', but that's his specialty though...

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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Day 5)

Postby Conia » May 27th, 2017, 8:53 pm

Yurikochan wrote:
PhoenixTears wrote:You're right. It's super weird that I'm suddenly saying I was tricked right after a trickster was lynched.

I totally forgot he was Anokata-Eisuke. My bad. Guess I'll lie better next time. V:

Gosh. This is awkward.

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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Day 6)

Postby Jecka » May 28th, 2017, 2:17 am

Akonyl wrote:Jecka: "Well that's sad, but we have to keep going!"

I would never
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Day 6)

Postby Memesu » May 28th, 2017, 2:24 am

Woo \o/
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Day 6)

Postby Akonyl » May 28th, 2017, 2:40 am

Jecka wrote:
Akonyl wrote:Jecka: "Well that's sad, but we have to keep going!"

I would never

you totally would. You just did it, right there!
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Day 6)

Postby Akonyl » May 28th, 2017, 7:01 pm

You all know who you think is most deserving of the razor arm.

blurfbreg: 5

However, as you get ready to forcefully throw her into the path of the robot (who seems to be patiently waiting for your choice), blurfbreg (Akemi) holds out her hand.

"I...", she cries, "...have killed my sister. I did it to save her from one monster, but in the end, I guess she was just killed by another, huh. I'm such a fool... I can never make it right, but I know how offer up what little repentance I can."

Jecka (Araide) attempts to strike a cool pose as she nods solemnly before delivering a Totally Super Cool And Suave Line. "Hmm... I've healed many people in my time, but the pain of killing one's own sister... I'm afraid that some wounds can never be healed."

As Jeckaide is striking the pose, KaitoRizu notices a piece of paper taped to Jeckaide's back that says "I totally killed cinnabara on Night 6". Despite Akembreg's confession, Jecka is arrested. That'll teach him to prematurely do a cool pose.

"Yeah..." Akembreg sighs, smiling painfully, as she walks over to PhoenixTears (Tequila) and hands him two pieces of paper. "I want you to have these. I know that their recipients aren't around anymore, but still... I'd like someone to know how I felt. I know that the Noir Collective was just using me too, but really, I would have liked to see this mission through to the end, after all I sacrificed for it... everything I lost. At least one of us gets to, yeah?"

"Yeah..." replies Phoequila, reading the pieces of paper:
*Note: Read on a computer screen to achieve full effect.
Spoiler: To: Miyano Shiho
Dear Shiho,

On the fifth nightof thismission, dread seeps through the core of my being. I fear I may not see you again. I
write this in the hope that the others in the organization may bring my last thoughtsto youshould I not return.
The boss would see this as a small favour to the loyalty our parents have shown totheorganization.

The boss said this would be my last assignment. The boss said the mission was going to be quick and easy. It is
anything but. They tell me that all I have to do is infiltrate Akonyland, find out what the butler knows about
Renaldo Blue, Akonyland, and the Bee Swarms, find the schematics of the secret weapon and the Original's
cloning machine, and return home with the information. It was supposed to be a simple infiltration mission. The
boss said the results of the mission can help advance the immortality project our parents started. We could have
given enough information that the organization no longer wants to keep us around. More importantly, the
organization would not want to keep you any more.

The boss was wrong; the mission was far from simple. I never expected that one of us think a piece of
cardboard is good enough as official ID. I never expected the dead to come to life, but I'm sure you'd love to
see it. I never expected the land to allow deliciously deadly AND deadly delicious berries so close to one another
(though I'm glad to be rid of that woman). Even worse, I never expected this mission to involve killing so many
innocent people who have no role with the organization. I can't bear the thought of finding you amongst this
crowd, drafted unawares to the dark deeds that I will eventually bring upon you. They must have kept most of
the actual mission details from me to make me accept.

Now that most of my comrades have fallen, I fear the worst will come to bear upon me. I am wholly convinced
that our organization cannot control this power. The hatred and rage of one man has warped Akonyland, and will
be our ruin should we attempt to wrest control of it. Now thatthismachine has all it requires for its machinations,
I'm afraid I cannot save even you. Alas, I'm afraid that myhand maybe the instrument of your demise.

When you hear these words, run as far away as you can fromtheorganization. Do not look for me in Akonyland.
I can no longer guarantee your safety. If you can, find Moroboshi Dai. You may not know him, but he'll know you.
He's indebted to me in so many ways (and I him), but he's sure to help.

With all my love,

Spoiler: To: Moroboshi Dai
Dear Dai-kun,

I can't go on. This accursed place. I can bear it no longer. I've finally done the unthinkable. I've killed my own
sister. With my own hands. Stabbing her in the heart. Have you ever seen the face of someone you killed? Not
through a scope, like all your jobs, but right in front of them. It's horrifying. Although she looks exactly like my
sister many years ago when she was in elementary school, I have no doubt that this is her. I can recognize that
adorable face anytime, anywhere, even after all these years. Dai-kun, am I even human? Can I stand among
humanity and proclaim I'm better than this monstrous creation of Akonyland?

I know you'll understand though. You were with me originally because you wished to, but because you had to.
For that short while, you were my dream, my inspiration, my hope. Even though we were star-crossed, we were
bound by circumstances. For that short while, I knew where I was going. I knew who I wanted to be.

Now? I can barely stand it. After I stabbed her, I had a spark of terrible insight. I was asked to kill a man on this
trip. He... was in the way of our mission. The thing was... he had your posture. He had your cologne. He hinted
at a fondness for rye. The way he speaks, I can almost imagine you in his place. Even though he wore that
mask to cover his face whenever I'm nearby, his stoic posture was unmistakable. His eyes gaze into me the
same way you did. I nearly swooned the first time I saw him. I stuffed the man into a nearby bus that strangely
converted organic matter to fuel. Last night, I checked those bones. They really do match your height. The
skull reveals the face I adore... adored.

Did the boss also know that all those I love are tasked to the mission in Akonyland? No matter. I have no reason
to live. I'll let myself die in this place. I'll have the cold comfort that I don't have to end my life myself.
Machinations beyond the imagination of the organization has already taken place, and it'll end my life. The others
in Akonyland wouldn't look kindly upon me for my terrible deeds. If they wouldn't do it, I have my sister's work
on me. I have seen what it does to others. The process looks painful, but I know that I deserved this pain after
all I have done.

I'll be with Shiho soon. I'll be with my parents soon. And I'll be with you soon.


Akembreg steels herself and runs straight into Akobo, getting skewered almost instantly. Stopwatch (Amuro) shakes his head in awe.

Amuwatch: "I thought I had frightened her, but she still goes out with such determination. It's sad, the kind of things this place made us all do... she could have been quite something."

As Akobo takes his time incinerating the body with his heat vision, the group runs to the doomsday device and opens it, freeing the butler. Even with nothing inside, the device still seems to be charging.

Yuriko: "What do we do?"
Butler: "Um, uh... well, it destroys anything like what you put in it, right?"
Kamite: "Yeah, I remember him saying that."
Butler: "So what if we put Akobo in there? It might just destroy him, and all the Akonyland tech!"
Stopwatch: "It's worth a try, but how would we get him in there?"
Kamite: "Don't worry, I've got this."

Akobo finishes incinerating Akembreg's corpse and rushes the group for some razor arm slice-and-dice action. Unfortunately, Kamite (Sera)'s sweet martial arts skills prove a little too much for the robot, and she manages to (carefully) grab Akobo's razor arm without getting cut, judo throwing him into the machine!

Akobo: "You... how can you do this?! You inferior organisms! I'm immortal! You can't win!"

From inside the machine, Akobo shoots his heat vision at the group, melting through part of the door and hitting the butler in the chest. It's all for naught though, as the machine quickly reaches full charge, releasing a blinding flash of light. When the light dissipates, it seems that all the lights in the room are off.

Butler: "Looks like... we did it. All the tech in here is fried now... should be including the cloning machine and doomsday device. It probably fried itself before it could do any damage to the rest of the world."

The gasping voice worries dumytru (Conan), who runs to the butler's voice.

Conatru: "Hey! Are you alright?!"
Butler: "I'm afraid not, looks like this is the end for me. Don't think Jeckaide's healing would save me now."
Jeckaide: "Not to mention, my hands are literally tied, now that I'm arrested."
Butler: "But hey... the machine's destroyed, so maybe it's time for me to go as well. No More Akos..."
Conatru: "Um, but... what about Renaldo? Isn't he still in jail?"

Silence fills the room.

Butler: "Dammit... and just when I got to say the round's title..."

The butler gasps as he passes away. Always the leader type, Yurikochan (James) speaks up first. "Well, now that that's all over... how do we get out of here?"

"No need to worry," KaitoRizu (Yamato) scoffs, "when you only have one eye like I do, you learn to rely on your other senses a bit more. I remember the way back. Come on."

It takes quite some time to get out of the castle (you're pretty sure Kaitamato got lost a few times in the darkness), but when you do, you see a convoy of Jeeps approaching. As it stops, you see someone get out and walk towards you. It's the smoking lady who first gave you the assignment.

Smoking Lady: "Looks like we made it in time. Sorry to keep the details from you, but even though we needed an advance squad to make sure to take care of things quickly, we still needed a main convoy to follow to take care of the cleanup."
Jamesiko: "Hmm... I guess that makes sense."
Smoking Lady: "Where are the rest?"
Seramite: "All dead... and this one here's an infiltrator. We managed to take him alive. We're pretty sure this guy's an infiltrator too, but we're not sure."
Kaitamato: "Yeah, too bad the cloning machine and superweapon were busted. Maybe for the best, though."
Smoking Lady: "I see... we'll take care of those infiltrators, and the technology should still be good for analysis. You all go ahead on your own, we've got an extra Jeep for you. Report back to HQ."

The smoking lady gestures and two agents grab Phoequila and Jeckaide, taking them off somewhere as Jeckaide continues to plead his innocence. The rest of the crew gets in an empty Jeep and drives off. As they prepare to leave, it's almost like the other agents are snickering...

It's a long drive, with Kaitamato, Jamesiko, Amuwatch and Seramite taking turns driving (Conatru is prohibited from driving because he's a kid and he's not even a real agent anyway), but eventually after a few days you make it back to the HQ of your unnammed organization (after dropping Conatru and Seramite back off at their homes). As the remaining three enter though, it looks like things are a lot busier than normal at HQ. Jamesiko walks up to someone to ask what's going on.

"What?!" the agent replies in shock, "you don't know? You been on vacation or something? Alright, listen to this. You know how some of us have been monitoring the disputes in Akonyland recently? Well, a few days back, there was a prison riot at a prison holding a person of interest in that case, the former butler of the Akonyland estate. He managed to escape. In the investigation into the riot's causes, we found out something pretty crazy. You know that raid on the Noir Collective a month or so ago? We were afraid that some of their agents may have infiltrated our organization since then, but it seems like it was even worse than that. The boss of the Noir Collective, yeah the boss-lady herself, managed to use the opportunity to sneak in here, and task a bunch of idiots into going on some weird mystery mission into Akonyland. God knows what they got up to in there. Apparently she gave 'em all individual briefings and told them to keep it secret so nobody'd talk about it and realize the whole thing was bunk. Sent some of her own agents in to oversee it too, and make our agents think the Collective was actually trying to oppose them, when they were actually just being played like fiddles. Wonder if they found anything in there... like maybe a lost treasure? Or maybe some kinda doomsday weapon? Wouldn't that be a fine mess. But anyway, seriously man, where've you been all this time, you go on vacation?"



"Oh, you know... the beach."

Game End: Town "Wins"
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Day 6)

Postby dumytru » May 28th, 2017, 7:02 pm

Good job town! \o/

Thanks for GMing, Ako!
shinichi'sapprentice wrote:dumytru hasn't acted very 'evil-like', but that's his specialty though...

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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Day 6)

Postby PT » May 28th, 2017, 7:03 pm

Really disappointed that we never could poison Stop, even though we were right twice.

I have other comments to make (the biggest one being that I basically gave up on us having any chance of winning this maaaaany phases ago), but I'll leave them be for now.
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Town Wins)

Postby KaitoRizu » May 28th, 2017, 7:11 pm

Yay! ^_^ congratulations to us! Our town association is the best \o/

Also Yamato emoji: (-`_X)

Sorry for the arrest Jecka we just wanted to be on the safe side...

Thanks for GMing Ako!
Thanks for the SS Kamite! ;D
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Town Wins)

Postby Kleene Onigiri » May 28th, 2017, 7:15 pm

that plot twist!
Also poor jecka XD
Good job town \o/

Thanks for GMing Ako \o/ The bees are save I guess \o/
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Day 6)

Postby Abs. » May 28th, 2017, 7:19 pm


Thank you for GMing :D

Thanks to the players for playing! :D
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Town Wins)

Postby Akonyl » May 28th, 2017, 7:36 pm

Extra Stuff

Although edited into the first page, here's the GM spreadsheet: ... 1405876498
(Spreadsheet also contains links to the Graveyard and BO HQ)

Also, D1 and N2 originally had people dying, before they were so rudely interrupted, pretty close to phase change. I actually had little writeups done for them that never made it in, alternate deaths for cinna and kleene :V

Check the phase changes to see where it woulda fit in, it's not the whole phase post.

D1 cinna lynch:
It's cinnamoroll! However, she doesn't make a very good meat shield, because after all, she's just a little girl, and isn't tall enough to block anything. This is quickly fixed however, as Memesu and Kamite help her up just in time for cinnamoroll(Haibara) to get shot in the head. How kind of them!

After the shot, the warden succumbs to his injuries and passes out again, giving the group time to escape. However, dumytru refuses.

dumytru: "We can't just leave him here!"
Abs.: "who? The warden?"
dumytru: "No, who cares about him? Yuritome!"
PhoenixTears: "But he's..."
dumytru: "No! I refuse to believe it! I can just imagine it now, him standing back up, broadsword and all, and saying something really sarcastically...!"
Kleene Onigiri: "We know this is hard for you, but you have to let him go."
Jecka: "Well, I guess it's a good idea. If we leave him here, the body could be used to link this incident to us. Maybe."
PhoenixTears: "Then what about Cinnabara?"
Jecka: "She was just a kid, we let her tag along because she wanted to. Do you think she was a real agent? Come on, leave her there."

N2 kleene as the pilot (erased by PT):
Conia: " Not at all. It's obvious, Kamite."

"Yeah, okay, whatever," Kamite responds, rolling his eyes. He's had enough of this, he wants out. "Hey Kleene," he shouts as he approaches the cockpit door, "how much further you think?"

Kamite opens the door to find a dead(un-moldy) Kleene Onigiri(???)! He shouts for the rest of the team. Also the butler, who promptly begins an investigation.

"Well, let's see here, cause of death... oh dear," the butler comments as he picks up a piece of nori from in front of the chair. "It looks like the riceball must have gotten bored of flying the plane and decided to pass the time playing a game of Secret Solo Strip Poker. Unfortunately, removing the nori removed some of the mold keeping the riceball alive, and now we have this ero-- tragic scene. Oh, you may also notice that things seem like they are tilting. That's because in the riceball's death throes, the plane's yoke was snapped off, and now the plane is impossible to fly. We're going to crash."

cinnamoroll: "Can't we do anything? Isn't there an autopilot?"
Yurikochan: "Doesn't look like it. On the note saying Yuritome was the pilot, there's also a line written by him saying 'I uninstalled the autopilot, because autopilot is for chumps.'"
cinnamoroll: "Fantastic..."
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Town Wins)

Postby dumytru » May 28th, 2017, 7:44 pm

"If town does manage to lose I think they should all basically be banned from mafia forever, and blurf promoted to Mafia King-Eternal."

shinichi'sapprentice wrote:dumytru hasn't acted very 'evil-like', but that's his specialty though...

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