Mafia 71: No More Akos (Town Wins)

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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Town Wins)

Postby KaitoRizu » May 30th, 2017, 1:45 pm

Kleene Onigiri wrote:@KaitoRizu: Oops, sorry, missed your PM in my PM-inbox-spam XD

It's okay ^_^
Thanks for the SS Kamite! ;D
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Re: Mafia 71: No More Akos (Town Wins)

Postby Yurikochan » June 8th, 2017, 2:48 pm

Akonyl wrote:
@3: It was actually me that got told by Raiden. I then told Yuriko and SA.

I can't believe yuriko lied to me D:

Kleene tells me about someone ( Raimouth ) saying Kamite was slandered but was told no night so everyone assumed it was night 3, which as we had already confessed our roles to one another, I went back to your PMs to make sure I just wasn't going nuts and saw the Kamite was absolutely nothing'd, which felt sorta worthless til Raiden lied to the ally,

I never lied, you just must have misread :) maybe you were drunk Blue Bars! I also said I only spoke to Kleene and SA as well :P
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