Mafia Round 62: Save Princess Akobee! - APTX Round [Lovers win!]

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Mafia Round 62: Save Princess Akobee! - APTX Round [Lovers win!]

Postby Kleene Onigiri » November 29th, 2014, 9:14 pm

Round 62: APTX Round

This is not your regular Mafia Round, this is an ALL APTX ROUND!
What is a this? Well, it's similar to the All-APTX Mode from Mini-Mafia, but with more modified stuff!

Here are the rules (sort version)

1) Everyone has unlimited amount of APTX available, town, BO and lovers. Everyone!
2) There is no killing and no more lynching! You can only take someone out with APTXing them!
3) All arrests will become detentions. So ability arrest is detention now and house search is also detention. For more info see under "Ability Changes".
4) There will also be some other abilities modified for ALL APTX rounds. Like protect, heal, first-aid, erase, snipe etc. For more info see under "Ability Changes".
5) Lovers will be in for sure as a 3rd party. Yumi doesn't decide the lovers anymore and Yumi doesn't have armor anymore either.
6) Lovers need to APTX a certain amount of town and a certain amount of BO to win. The game is over and lovers win when they manage to do so. For more info, see under "Lovers".

Caution: This is new and will be hard to balance. It might take forever to finish or it might end in some few round too! It could get crazy!

Starting time and phasechange time
Will probably start around December the 8th at 23:00 CET.

11. Ki-RBT (Conan)
15. PhoenixTears (Evil-Kir)
16. Yurikochan (Kazuha)
17. miyano_shiho (Akemi)
20. Raifuujin (Makoto)
21. pofa (Gin) [Lover]
22. KangarooGirl (Yamato) [Lover]

10. Raiden (Yumi - APTXed Day 1)
1. shinichi'sapprentice (Ran - APTXed Day 2)
6. dumytru (Haibara - APTXed Day 3)
18. breva (Takagi - APTXed Day 3)
13. Osaka Detective (Heiji - APTXed Day 4)
2. darkest absol (Eisuke - APTXed Day 5)
14. Kaito Lady (Yoko - APTXed Day 6)
4. Kamite (Akai - APTXed Day 7)
7. Iwamoto Yuri (Pisco - APTXed Day 8)
3. bash7353 (Yuusaku - APTXed Day 8)
12. MoonRaven (Bourbon - APTXed Day 9)
5. Memesu (Jodie - APTXed Day 9)
19. cinnamoroll (Korn - APTXed Day 9)
8. Giogio (Uehara - APTXed Day 10)
9. Nemomon (James - APTXed Day 10)

Link for what happened etc.:
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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby Kleene Onigiri » November 29th, 2014, 9:14 pm


APTX: Everyone has and can use APTX and it's unlimited. You can only APTX during the day. There are some abilities that can stop APTX, but you will still be able to APTX the next day.
Killing and Lynching: There is no more killing and there is also no voting and lynching. You can only APTX someone to take them out of the game.
BO: BOs know each other and they can also APTX each other (tho that's not recommended).
Rules: Changed rules will be noted. Otherwise things are like with normal rules and they can be read here: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=12511
If something doesn't add up, the GM had the freedom to decide what applies and happens.

Lovers are the 3rd party in the game. Lovers know each others identities and will suicide when the partner dies (like in normal mode). They also have Lovey-Dovey like usual and it will stop APTX.

Lovers need to kill a certain amount of town and a certain amount of BO to win the game. The number will be around 1/3 town and 1/3 BO. (might be changed)
If there are not enough town and/or BO left to APTX to get the amount needed, then they need to kill everyone else in the game till they are the last ones standing.
If the Lovers managed to kill the amount needed and both aren't detained, they will win the game and the game will end. If they killed the amount needed but at least one lover is detained at the moment, then the lovers need to wait till the detention is over. If one lover get's out of detention and the other lover get's into a detention in the same phase, they don't win and need to wait till that detention is over too.

Everyone can become a lover, even DBs, Sonoko and Yumi. (If one or more children are lovers, then it's platonic love :P)
Lovers are being decided first in the game. If Sonoko is a lover, she'll also be BFF with her lover and be able to use their actions.
If one or both lovers are BO, they will not know who the other, non-lover BOs, are. The BO group will also not know that the lovers are from the BO either.
If a DB is a lover, they will not know if there is another DB in the game and vice versa. (it's possible that there is only one DB in the game)

Winning Conditions
For Lovers: See under Lovers (above)
Town needs to kill all BOs and the Lovers.
BO needs to kill all Town and the Lovers.
Detention doesn't count. So you can't kill all BO besides one and put them into detention. You need to APTX every last one.
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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby Kleene Onigiri » November 29th, 2014, 9:14 pm

Changes to Abilities

(or clarifying things)

Order of Actions
Night Actions
Travel > Discombobulation > Detain > Face Pinch > All other actions

Day Actions
Travel (unless APTX'd) > Detain (when used on the one being APTXed) > Face Pinch > Charm (unless Kazuha is APTX'd and does not have the charm herself) > APTX > All other actions > Detain (release)

APTX can be stopped by...
the victim being detained.
the APTX user being frightened or put to sleep.

Also, clarification: If someone was Healed/Protected from APTX, the one that did the APTX will just get a APTX(failed) as a result.
So if you APTX someone:
...correctly: APTX (success)
...wrong role: APTX (failed)
...healed/protected and was the right role: APTX (failed)

Protect, Heal and First-Aid (only day action, can be Special Investigated now.)
Only occur on successful APTXes, otherwise nothing happens.

Protect can save someone from APTX. If the protect was successful, the protector will be injured for 2 phases.
The victim will know that they were protected/healed from APTX, but not by who. The APTX-user's identity will stay hidden.

First-Aid will save the APTX-victim, but the victim will be injured permanently. (injured people can still APTX and have passive abilities)
The victim will know that they were protected/healed from APTX, but not by who. The APTX-user's identity will stay hidden.

Heal will save the APTX-victim.
The victim will know that they were protected/healed from APTX, but not by who. The APTX-user's identity will stay hidden.

Just 1 lover can use it on the other lover.
They can use it every day, even if it was successful.

Injured people can only use APTX and their passive abilities.

Special Investigate
Special Investigate can now also be used on the day action Heal, First-Aid, Protect and lovey-dovey. (Keyword Heal and Protect) [only those day actions]


They can only be APTXed as Anokata, not as their "real Identity".

Chianti and Korn
Day action: Revenge (passive) and Heal
Night action: Observe OR Stake-out
Day Action: Follow Up
They won't have snipe (since it's useless).
Instead, they both get Heal.
Revenge changed: If they get APTXed, they will injure the one who APTXed them for 3 Phases.

Erase works on APTXing.
Can only erase their own APTX-orders. If APTXed once successfully, the next successful APTX can't be erased. But the one after that can be erased again etc.
If an APTX fails (whatever reason), the erase didn't happen and can be used for the next attempt again.

Sabotage,VoR and Accompy
They are useless now, so they aren't in the game.

Night action: Frighten + Abduct
Day action: Erase

Night action: Discombobulate
Day action: Erase

New BO roles:

Rye, Mafia Hunter
Day action: Protect
Night action: Investigate 3 OR Frighten
Day Action: Revenge
Interrogation: BO
Scent: yes
Disguise: No
Items: Gun, Car keys, Headgear, Alcohol
Observe: Male Adult
Note: Rye and Akai can't be in the same game.

Atsushi, Mafia Scientist
Night action: Research
Day action: Sleeping Pill
Day/Night action: Travel
Interrogation: BO
Scent: No
Disguise: No
Items: Gun, Alcohol, Glasses
Observe: Male Adult

Evil-Kir, Mafia Interviewer
Night action: SI 2
Day action: Interview (passive)
Interrogation: Not BO
Scent: No
Disguise: No
Items: Gun, Car keys, Headgear, Panties, Alcohol
Observe: Female Adult
Note: Evil-Kir and Kir can't be in the same game. For APTX, you need to distinguish between Kir and Evil-Kir.

Interview: Like betrayal, just for day actions done by town/lovers. So Evil-Kir will randomly get the info what day action was used, not the identity tho.


Police and Arrest
There is no Arrest anymore, but detention instead. The detention varies from officer to officer.
Detention will not stop an APTX-attempt. So if Gin used APTX on Shinichi correctly, Shinichi will die and Gin will go into detention.
But a detention will save someone from being APTXed. So if Shinichi is being detained, he won't get APTXed and will survive.
If the officer detains someone who is APTXed (Shinichi) but is also getting APTXed, then the detention won't happen and both the officer and the APTXed (Shinichi) die.
If the officer dies, the one he detained will be released (like normally).

Detention #
Will detain a person for a fixed amount of phases.

Detention X
Will detain a person for a maximum of 4 phases. User can release them at any time.

Megure and Shiratori
Night/Day action: Detention X
Night action: Investigate 3

Satou, Nakamori
Night/Day action: Detention 3
Night action: Investigate 3

Takagi, Chiba, Uehara
Night/Day action: Detention 2
Night action: Stake-out
Day action: Follow-Up

Night/Day action: Detention 2
Night action: Investigate 2
Doesn't have armor anymore. This also means that you can disguise as Yumi now.

Night action: Investigate 2
Night/Day action: Detention 2
Day action: First-Aid


Day action: Revenge (like the snipers, injures the one that APTXes him for 3 Phases)
Night action: Investigate 3 and Frighten

NOC and Betrayal from Kir
Since a BO might be a lover and not really in the BO rooster, she'll still get information from that lover-BO. She won't know that a BO is a lover tho.


Night action: Research
Day action: Bow-tie, First-Aid

Sonoko can be a lover now. If she's a lover, she's automatically BFF with her lover.

Ran, Kazuha, Makoto and Sera
Day action: Protect OR Stalk

Eri and Kujo taken out

Kobayashi and Araide
Day action: Heal OR Sleeping Pill

Detective Boys
There can be 1 or 2 or 3 DBs in the game. They also can be lovers now.
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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby Kleene Onigiri » November 29th, 2014, 9:14 pm

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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby Kleene Onigiri » November 29th, 2014, 9:15 pm


It was louder than usually in the DCTP-house and that's not a surprise. A lot of people from the DCTP-Town gathered together to enjoy the chilly evening.

Yurikochan, Giogio, miyano_shiho, Nemomon and Ki-RBT were baking delicious desserts and it filled the house with an inviting smell. Raiden tried to sneak up on them to steal some, but was spotted by Yurikochan immediately. "You can't! They aren't ready yet!" and slapped Raiden's paw hand and he fled. "You need to get better than that if you wanna sneak up on me. I'm experienced with stalkers.." "You mean Conia, right?" miyano_shiho said teasingly and Yuriko blushed. Giogio, Nemomon and Ki-RBTl used that opportunity to give some of the fresh baked cookies to Raiden without Yuriko and miyano_shiho noticing.

Raiden purred was happy, but he didn't want to hog all the cookies for himself. Wanting to go to the living room he saw Kaito Lady and Iwamoto Yuri discussing something about doctors in the hallway. He didn't understand much, but it seemed that they were seeing a lot of doctors. Worried Raiden gave some of the cookies to Kaito Lady and Yuri saying: "I hope you both will cheer up with those cookies! Seeing all those doctors must be a hassle!". Kaito Lady and Yuri were confused what Raiden meant, but they happily accepted the cookies.

PhoenixTears, cinnamoroll, Memesu, Kamite, Raifuujin and pofa were playing Pokemon in one of the corner of the living room. "Yes!! A SHINY! Finnally" "Nice one!" "What did you get?" Raiden heard from them. But he didn't notice who the lucky one was, because he almost collided with breva while entering the room. "I'm sorry breva! I didn't see you. Here, have some cookies!" "No I'm sorry! But if I always get cookies from you when we collide, then I should run more often into you." Breva laughed.

Bash and dumytru were playing some chess but they couldn't concentrate because of the delicious smell. Some Detective Conan Movies were running on the TV and Darkest Absol, shinichi's apprentice, MoonRaven and Osaka Detective were making funny comments about it while watching it.
Raiden went around and gave everyone some cookies. Looking around he wondered: "Hey, where is Kleene Onigiri?"

"I don't know, she was supposed to come over too." Raiden heard from behind him. "Whoa, where did you come from KangarooGirl?" "I just arrived. Kleene wanted to come with me but she wasn't at home." Kanga replied and Raiden gave her some cookies too.
"Hey guys, do you hear that?" Memesu asked. "No, what do you mean?" Kamite said. "There, over there. Some strange sound like a knocking or pounding or something. Be silent for a bit everyone."
The TV was turned off and everyone was focusing on the sound. "Ah, I can hear it too! It's coming from that chimney…" MoonRaven explained.
"What, the chimney?" breva wondered. "Ohhh! It's Santa Claus!" pofa cheered. "Don't be silly, it's not even close to Christmas yet." dumytru replied.
Everyone went closer to the chimney to inspect it. And then they heard it clearly, a tiny little voice hoarse from the dust: "HELP! Help meee~! I'm here!"
"What? Someone is stuck in there!" PhoenixTears said. "Hey, so it IS Santa Claus!" pofa joked.
Darkest Absol and cinnamoroll tried to get the person out of the chimney. After lots of effort and creating a big mess, they pulled the person out with a big whoop.

A small black ball appeared.
"Huh… who's.. What's that?" shinichi's apprentice wondered.
The black ball suddenly got big eyes and was coughing.
"uff… thanks… it's me!"
"Who?" everyone asked.

"I'm Kleene!" Kleene Onigiri said. "But this is an emergency! We need to save Princess Akobee!"


"What?!" Yurikochan was shocked. She and the others also went to the living room hearing all that noise.
"What happened to Princess Akobee?" PhoenixTears asked while some others, newer to the DCTP-Town, were whispering: "Who's Princess Akobee?" "We'll explain later… (Link and Link for explanation)"

Kleene, now not so black anymore thanks to miyano and Nemo helping cleaning her up a bit while watching out to not rub off the mold, explained: "It… it was horrible… Princess Akobee was visiting me at home and… then… there he was… that evil man… IT WAS MR. MOLD!"
"Mr. Mold?" Everyone wondered. Some people were whispering again. "Wasn't mold… a good thing?"
"And then" Kleene continued "he just grabbed Princess Akobee and vanished! He KIDNAPPED AKOBEE!" Kleene was sobbing and Gio and Ki-RBT tried to cheer her up with some cookies they brought from the kitchen.
"Mr. Mold" Kleene said while nomming "is an evil being created by … an accident. He's evil and likes chaos! He also has magical powers and wants to disturb the DCTP-Town! Not only that, it seems he already begun his plan starting with kidnapping Princess Akobee! Who knows what else he's trying to do! In any case, he needs to be stopped… that's why I need your help!"

"But what can we do?" Kaito Lady asked. "Yeah, it's not like we can do anything against an evil magic-using… Mold or whatever it is." Yuri added. "If it would be some normal criminal, we could just do some detective work and chase him." Osaka Detective said.
"It's fine! Everyone, just touch my mold!" Kleene explained.
"Uh… touch your mold? What does that help us?" Raifuujin wondered.
"It'll give you magical powers! You'll transform!" Kleene said excited. "What? We'll…. Become magical… girls?" dumytru asked. "Yes, exactly!" she replied.
"But… some of us are boys!" bash said "not that I wouldn't like some magical powers… but I don't wanna wear a mini-skirt… or do a half-naked transformation sequence…" "But that's the fun part!" Kleene replied.
Some of the people gathered were excited, others were confused and some others again were skeptical about this mold-touching-transformation.

"Fine, I'll just show you what it's like! Anyone volunteering?" Kleene asked.
"Me!" pofa exclaimed. The others were wishing the best of luck and took a step back from Kleene and pofa, who were facing each other now.
"Alright, pofa. Thanks for doing that! It won't hurt. You'll just need to touch my mold." Everyone in the room went silent and focused on Kleene and pofa. Pofa's hand was slowly approaching Kleene, closer and closer, till she was almost touching Kleenes mold. Pofa stopped for a moment, taking a deep breath, and then touched Kleenes mold.


Nothing happened.
"Huh? Did it work?" pofa was wondering.
"Wrong mold." Kleene said.
"What? You have different mold?!" everyone shouted.
"Yes, of course!" she replied. "It this mold over here, next to my right eye."
Pofa sighted and everyone else did too. All the anticipation went away and pofa immediately touched the mold this time.

A shining bright light appeared and wrapped around pofa.Tho no one could see what was happening with pofa.
The light faded and there she was, pofa, but she didn't look any different. She still had the same cloths she had before, the same hair, nothing seemed to have changed.
"Awww, I wanted some fancy cloths actually…" pofa sulked.
"You can get them too! But first everyone needs to do the mold-pact with me" Kleene comforted her.

Thus, everyone was standing in a line in order to touch Kleene's mold. Some people were excited and eagerly wanted to touch it, other were nervous and some others were wondering what kind of magical power they would get.
After everyone finished their turn of touching the mold, which is a fuzzy and soft feeling, because mold is awesome, Kleene said:
"Alright! Good job! Now, everyone wonders what kind of magical powers you got. Well, the truth is, I don't know. But what I do know is the magical title everyone got! So you need to figure out what power you have, but we'll come to that after I tell everyone their magical title!
Also, some of you get extra accessory or a weapon or some other kind of item, which is helping you in your magical power.

Now, I'll start to tell you your title…"
Everyone was excited to hear their title. While Kleene was announcing the titles, she was sometimes pulling something out of her mold.

"Mountain Summoner darkest absol! You get a small magical rock!
Laughing Chaos Gladiator PhoenixTears! You get a two-handed magical sword!
Darkness Trapper Nemo! You get a small magical pouch!
Power Corrector Raifuujin! You get a magical cellphone!
Emerald Catcher Ki-RBT! You get a magical net!
Alien Honey Healer cinna! You get some tasty magical honey!
Diamond Mistress breva! You get magical diamond earrings!
Storm Empress miyano_shiho! You get a magical fan!
Kindness Screamer shinichi'sapprentice! You get a magical megaphone!
Peacable Void Finder Giogio! You get a magical vacuum cleaner!
Lawful Crystal Witch dumytru! You get a magical crystal wand!
Flame Guardian Kamite! You get a magical burning shield!
Silent Dreamer Fighter MoonRaven! You get a magical blindfold!
Illusion Gatekeeper Yuri! You get a magical key!
Goddess Protector Osaka Detective! You get a magical orb!
Royal Storm Singer Memesu! You ger a magical microphone!
Clockwork Planet Empress Kaito Lady! You get a magical watch!
Cloud Invoker bash! You get a magical umbrella!
Chemical patroller summoner pofa! You get a magical test-tube!
Witch Berserker KangarooGirl! You get a magical broom!
Shadow Controller Yurikochan! You get a magical controller!
Laughter Lightning Attacker Raiden! You get a magical lightning rod!"

Kleene finished giving out the items. Everyone was eager to try out their new items and magical powers, but before they could really try it out, dumytru asked:
"Wait… we didn't just sell our soul to you, did we?" Everyone panicked a bit, but Kleene smirked and said:
"Don't worry, it's all right! I didn't take your souls or anything…. Tho you guys might get a bit moldy now…" Everyone was relived and didn't hear the last part so well.
Pofa asked another question:
"You said we can get some fancy cloths, right? How do we get them?" "Oh right, Kleene mentioned something like that!" Raiden said.
Kleene said joyfully: "Sure you can! You just need to throw me into the air and say: Magical Mold Power, make up! (we don't wanna offend any copyrights)"
Some of the new magical fighters were laughing, while others were eager to try it out.
Raiden grabbed Kleene and threw her into the air saying the magical words… Raiden was, similar to pofa, engulfed in light but just for one second. Raiden reappeared immediately and was now wearing nice darkred smoking with bell-shaped cufflinks and a fly that had a tiger pattern.

But suddenly, there was a loud crash and a maniacal laughter. Before people were able to figure out what was going on, spinning barrels were everywhere and were spinning with high speed towars our brave magical warriors. Raiden was taken by surprise and fell into a spinning barrel! With a WHOOOMP and BAAM Raiden was spinning away and no one was able to prevent it. Kamite was also hit by a barrel and was trapped, but managed to get out of the barrel using the flaming shield and just burned the barrel to ash.


The maniacal laughter appeared again. Everyone was looking around wondering who it was, while PhoenixTears didn't look, but stared at the spinning barrels with a pale look on her face.

"Who isss iiiiit~? What's going ooooooon~?" Memesu sang and Shinichi'sapprentice yelled through the magical megaphone: "THIS IS NOT RIGHT~ WHOEVER IS DOING THIS, BE KIND AND STOP PLEASE~!" KangarooGirl was using her magical broom and flew above everyone. She circled around looking for the culprit, while Osaka Detective used the magical orb to summon a protective barrier and the Magic Mold Girls and Boys moved into it to be safe from the spinning barrels.

"Over there in the shadows!" KangarooGirl pointed over to the hallway "there is a figure!"
Yurikochan used her controller to pull the shadow that was looming over the figure away so that Nemo could trap the darkness away in the magical pouch.
The sight was clear and there he was. A man with a great body and no shirt on, throwing the spinning barrels at the Magic Mold Girls and Boys.
"It's…. It's Abs.!" Gio shouted vacuuming some barrels away.

"Yes, it's me my lovely DCTP-People!" Abs. said joyfully while still throwing around barrels.
"Why are you doing this? What happened?" breva said and her diamond earrings sparkled as if they are ready to get into action.
"I was enlightened!" Abs. replied "Mr. Mold showed it to me! Showed to me what I have to do! And that is to spread chaos and havoc! That is what the world needs! You guys will also see it! The truth! Just come with me in the barrel and you all will see the happiness that you get from chaos!"
"HAHAHAHAAHAA!" was suddenly heard. It was PhoenixTears tightly gripping her two-handed magical sword. "This can't be… haha… impossible… you're not Abs.! GIVE ME BACK MY ABS.!" she shouted while shaking.

"PhoenixTears!" and PhoenixTears looked over to Kleene surprised "Use your magical sword!"
"My… sword?" Phoenixtears whispered. "Yes!" Kleene encouraged her while sitting on MoonRavens shoulder to be on eye level with PhoenixTears "See that dark moldy spot on Abs. forehead? It's Mr. Molds doing! He brainmolded him and left that mark there! If you remove the moldy spot he'll be back to normal again!" Before anyone else could say, or even react to Kleenes words, PhoenixTears charged with her sword right at Abs.. Cutting up any barrels that get in her way she looked as if she's flying through the room. With a elegant step she swung her big sword across and cut the moldy part tight off Abs. forehead without leaving even a tiny mark on it.
She was so fast that it took everyones breath away, even Abs.'s. The cut off mold spot made a poof sound and disappeared in black smoke.
"You… YOU DID IT!" Yurikochan cheered almost dropping her magical controller. "This was awesome PhoenixTears!" miyano_shiho applauded waving around her magical fan. They all gathered around PhoenixTears to congratulate her and Kleene was even thrown into the air celebrating their first victory. PhoenixTears blushe a bit and said thanks but was still worried about Abs. "How is Abs.?"
Cinna, using her magical honey to heal Abs., said: "He's alright! Still a bit dizzy and confused, but nothing wrong with him anymore!" "Thanks, cinna!" PhoenixTears said happy and gave Abs. a big hug.


"Guys… I'm sorry… I barreled Raiden… he's probably brainmolded by Mr. Mold now..." Abs. said. "Don't be! It's not your fault PhoenixTears said. "Yeah, we'll save Raiden!" Kleene said confidently "... there is also something I have to tell you!" Abs. added "It's not only me who got brainmolded by that strange guy Mr. Mold. There are also other people who were affected!" "Yes… and he even kidnapped Princess Akobee…" Kleene added. "What!... No, not Princess Akobee too!" Abs. was shocked." "Did you see Akobee? Or do you know were Mr. Mold is?" Kleene asked. "I have no clue. I didn't see Princess Akobee when Mr. Mold attacked me at the plaza on my way to the DCTP-house. The only thing that was on my mind was to come here and create chaos.. That's what Mr. Mold told me to do."

"I see… thanks for telling us Abs.. You should rest here! The Magic Mold Girls and Boys should be able to secure this house so that no one brainmolded or Mr. Mold himself can enter anymore and harm you or others here. This will be our safehouse! We'll safe everyone that is being brainmolded or held hostage by Mr. Mold!" Kleene announced and everyone cheered and got motivated.

And so the Magic Mold Girls and Boys went outside and tried out their magic.
Darkest absol used the magical rock with rubbing strongly against it. A sparkle appeared and flew towards the DCTP house but missed it and instead flew a good distance away till it hit the ground a flat grassland. The earth was shaking furiously and a huge Mountain erected from the ground!
"Whoa! Careful!" Kleene shouted. Some others fell over from the ground shaking and darkest absol looked at the mountain in awe. "You need to be careful! Seems you can summon a mountain with rubbing against your small rock. Try to rub gently against it to summon a smaller mountain." Darkest absol tried it out, this time just brushing lightly against the small rock and this time only a small sparkle appeared and the ground just bend over a bit.

The others, still a bit panicked and shocked from darkest absols great magical power, were now more careful at trying out their powers. Kleene went around and gave everyone some tips or ideas. She didn't know where she had the knowledge from, but when she saw her Magic Mold Girls and Boys in actions, it was as if she always knew what they could do, even tho she actually never knew such items existed. The Magic Girls and Boys had a similar feeling. They didn't really know the new items, but when they were in a pinch, they knew, no, rather felt what they had to do, how to use their items.

PhoenixTears who already used her power and practiced around with her two-handed sword. Kamite, who also used the magical shield against a barrel already out of reflex, watched PhoenixTears. "Hey Tears! Since you have a sword and I have a shield, maybe we could train together?" Kamite asked. PhoenixTears liked that idea and agreed. So PhoenixTears and Kamite were sparing together. Kleene watched them some time and suggested: "PhoenixTears, try to laugh while you swing your sword!" "But… that looks silly!" PhoenixTears replied. But she did as Kleene said and her swing, her power was greater when she was laughing. Her sword was even glowing while doing so.
"Kamite, try to protect someone with your shield! PhoenixTears, swing your sword at me!" and so Kamite protected Kleene with the shield and the flames were brighter and stronger than before.

Nemo and Yurikochan had a similar idea. They already used their abilities together. They were a good team, Yuriko controlling shadows and Nemo being able to trap it, since it seems to be attributed as some sort of darkness. Thus they also trained and tried out new moves together. Kleene suggested to put the shadow over something instead of moving it away. So Yurikochan immersed some objects with a shadow and they turned deep black. Nemo was able to trap the object in his pouch this way. "But… now it's gone?" Nemo asked. "Try to grab into your pouch, Nemo". Nemo did and was able to release the item again. "Hey, that's quite handy!" Yuriko applauded Nemo.

Meanwhile KangarooGirl was on her broom and flying around doing different stunts. Kleene pointed out that her broom had some switch on it which KangarooGirl didn't notice before. Her broom turned bright red and was now flashing when she pressed it. Now she was even faster with her broom while still able to maneuver like before. She was going berserk on her broom.
Raifuujin, not really sure what to do with the cellphone besides playing games, skyping and blogging on tumblr, asked Kleene for some tips. Kleene showed an app that Raifuu didn't see on the cellphone before (from all the gaming). The app showed the names of the people around him, so all the Magic Mold Girls and Boys. He selected KangarooGirl and saw some power-gauge on the display. He increased it and KangarooGirl got even faster on her broom. "Weeeeeeeeee!~" KangarooGirl shouted. Now Raifuujin decreased the power almost to zero and KangarooGirl speed also almost stopped "Hey! Give me more power again!" she complained.

Yuri was examining her magical key and rolled it around in her palm. Osaka Detective was also one of the Magical Molds that already used their item. Since Kleene wanted the DCTP-house secured, Osaka Detective tried to put up a magical barrier on the DCTP-house. "Try to make multiple layers! It'll be even stronger then." Kleene suggested. "Hm… good idea" Osaka replied and put up 7 layers on the DCTP-house. The layers even had different color, so the DCTP-house looked quite fancy now. "Hey, I think I could secure it with my magic key too!" Yuri suggested and Kleene encouraged her to try it out. Thus Yuri pointed with her magical key towards the DCTP-house and a light-beam came out and hit the barrier that Osaka put up. Some majestic gates appeared on each layer. "Oh! Nice! Now if someone wants to enter they need to get though the gate, but it won't open for intruders!" Kleene explained.
"Oh~ oh~! Let me try too!" someone called. It was Kaito Lady and waved around with her magical watch. She got closer to the DCTP-house and touched the gates Yuri created with her watch. The gate was shining brightly and transformed. The gates now got some clockwork ornaments on the frame and there was a big clock at the top of each gate. Each clock had a different time showing but wasn't moving. Instead, the gates were moving now and even swapping from one barrier to the other. "Yay! Now you need to enter the right gate with the right time on the right barrier!" Kaito Lady was cheering.
"But enemies could still enter if they manage to figure it out." pofa said twirling her magical test-tube around her fingers "so we need someone that will be patrolling!" and just as she said it, she held out the test-tube high into the air and some red-purple smoke came out of it and created a big cloud. A "pon" noise was heard and suddenly, a man with a lab coat and different bottles in his hands came out of the smoke cloud. "He'll be patrolling the DCTP-House and fend off any enemioes with throwing acid at them!" pofa said gleeful. "You guy are great!" Kleene jumped all excited.

Meanwhile Meme and shinichi's apprentice teamed up and tried out if they could do something with the magical microphone and the magical megaphone. Since both of them use their voice, they thought they could team up and do a magical attack together, but it just didn't work somehow. They tried to sing a song, but every time they both used their tools, no sound came out whether from the microphone or the megaphone "But… I thought it'll work?" Memesu was disappointed. "I thought so too…" Shinichi's apprentice sulked. "It'll work!" Kleene rolled to them. "But we'll need Raifuujin for that!" "Raifuujin?" Meme and shinichi's apprentice wondered. So shinichi's apprentice called for Raifuujin - and everyone heard that loud and clearly.
"You need me?" Raifuujin came running. "Yes! Try to sync those two with your power corrector" Kleene suggested. Raifuuji took out the magic cellphone and taped around on it. "Done!" Raifuujin said. "Huh, I don't feel different" "Me neither" Meme and shinichi's apprentice wondered.
"Try to use your magic tools together now!" Kleene said excited, wanting to know if it actually worked. So Meme sang into her magical microphone and shinichi's apprentice accompanied her singing with the megaphone, and finally it worked! It was a beautiful song they created together. It was about a kind storm that will sooth the world. And indeed, everyone around them could hear and were touched by that song. It soothed their hearts and the other Magical Molds were powered up by it. Happily, Meme and shinichi'sapprentice continued to sing together.

Breva and dumytru were both trying out their magical tools too. Breva was holding her earrings in her hand and stared at them while dumytru was waving around magical crystal wand and got some sparks and beams out of it. "You need to wave the wand in a certain way. Your movements are too big and not smooth enough. Try to swing it with some more feel and more elegantly and… well you know!" Dumytru tried again this time more smoothly and elegant and with more feeling and… you know! And it worked! A big beam came out of dumytrus wand and hit a stone which just busted with a "poof". Breva cheered and asked: "What should I do with my earrings?" "Put them on and then concentrate. Like on that stone over there which wasn't blasted away by dumytru yet." Kleene said and dumytru grinned. Breva put her earrings on again and stared at the stone. But nothing happened. "Uhm… I'm not sure what to do…" "Hm… maybe hold onto your earrings and try again! It should help you focus!" breva exhaled deeply and held her earrings with her hands. She focused on the stone with all her might and suddenly the stone teleported right next to her! "Wow!" surprised breva took a step backwards "I can teleport things!" Kleene nodded in a praising way and rolled away again.

MoonRaven was yawning deeply and streching. "Oh man… I'm not sure what I'm doing…" "What's wrong?" Kleene wondered as she rolled past MoonRaven. "Well, I'm using that magical blindfold, but all it does is making me sleepy and I'm falling asleep!" MoonRaven complained. "Well… I guess that's what it's supposed to do?" Kleene said uncertain. "Show me what happens maybe." "Sure! Time for another nap" MoonRaven said and put the magical blindfold on. Instantly, MoonRaven fell asleep but was still standing. Kleene approached MoonRaven slowly and suddenly, MoonRaven jumped around and did some awesome kicks and punches and it looked like some really great… sleep fighting! After some minutes MoonRaven stopped and the blindfold fell off. "See? I'm just sleeping…" MoonRaven sulked. "Haha! Indeed, you werw sleeping. Sleep fighting! You have some great kicks and punches I must say!" Kleene laughed. "I'm.. sleep fighing? Awesome!" MoonRaven rejoiced.

Kleene started rolling again, this time towards bash and miyano_shiho who were creating a lot of wind. Passing a tree Kleene was almost there but suddenly, she was stuck. "Huh… what? What's that! I.. can't move!" "Yaay! Caught you!" "What… who.. who's there!" and out of the trees shadow… Ki-RBT appeared! "I was testing out my magical net! Guess I managed to even capture you without you noticing the net on the ground!" Ki-RBT smirked and was happy with her accomplishment. "Wow, not bad! I really didn't see anything!" Kleene tried to get out of the net but instead got entangled even more. "Wa- Wait Kleene! I'll set you free!" But it was too late, Kleene already entangled herself more and more in the net and it took Ki-RBT a bit longer to set Kleene free - and Kleene had to sacrifice a bit of mold in the process. "I'm free again!" Kleene jumped around. "That net is really nice!" "Yeah! I can even stretch it as much as I want!" Ki-RBT bragged.

Now Kleene was able to continue rolling towards bash and miyano_shiho. But on the way to them she suddenly didn't see them anymore. They literally vanished in front of her eyes "Guys? Where are you? GUYS?!" Kleene panicked. "Haha! This is great!" she heard suddenly in front of her, but she saw no one there. "Wait Kleene, I'll make it disappear so you can see us again." and a rapid wind gush was blowing towards Kleene and she had to close her eyes. After opening them again she saw bash and miyano_shiho grinning at her. "Ohh! You guys disappeared. How did you do it?" Kleene wondered. "It was me!" bash answered "I can invoke clouds with my magical umbrella. This time I summoned a mist to make us disappear!" "Ohhh! I see!" "And I can blow it away again with my magical fan!" miyano_shiho explained. "I can even create some sharp wind that even cuts trees! Wait, I'll show you!" and miyano_shiho turned around and waved her fan sideways. A big, sharp wind raised as if a storm was summoned and cut some trees that were across them into little pieces.

"Jeez… I told you I'm not here to clean up after you guys!" Kleene heard behind her. It was Giogio with her magical vacuum cleaner in her hand. "Aah.. Sorry Giogio! I just showed Kleene what I can do!" miyano_shiho said jumpy "Could you clean it up again? Please? That way you can show Kleene what you can do too!" Giogio showed an annoyed face but looking at Kleene, who had sparkly eyes and expected a demonstration from Giogio all excited, Giogio gave in and said: "Fiiine…. But just because Kleene is here!"
Giogio turned her magical vacuum cleaner on level 2 and tapped around on a small monitor on it. Then she pointed it towards the mess miyano_shiho created with her wind. The vacuum cleaner made a buzzing noise and sucked in the mess but leaving everything else, like flowers, trees or stones intact. "Ohhh! So you can suck in specific things while keeping the other things in peace!" Kleene said. "Yeah! On the small monitor I can adjust what will be sucked in and what not!" Giogio and rubbed her nose boasting.

"EVERYONE GATHER IN THE DCTP-HOUSE! CINNA MADE SOME TASTY JUICE FOR US!" shinichi's apprentice screamed through the megaphone and everyone gathered in the house.
Cinna used juice and her magical honey to create a drink that refreshed everyone's powers again. But the best part was that it tasted awesome!
"Alright! I think some of you wanted to transform! Let's do it now before we head out!" Kleene said and the others cheered.

Ki-RBT, MoonRaven, Yurikochan, dumytru and Raifuujin each threw Kleene into the air and transformed. Ki-RBT got a red and black costume. MoonRaven got a purple and black sailor uniform. Yurikochan got a green kimono with a yellow flower pattern and yellow accents. Dumytru's cloths turned into a white shirt, black trousers and a blue tie. Raifuujin got an suit in black and red with a cape and also a monocle having a matching charm with the magical cellphone. The charm was purple with a white lightning bolt on it.

"You guys look great!" Kleene said "once we pack some supplies we can head out!" "But where should we go?" shinichi's apprentice asked. "Well, Abs. said that he was attacked at the plaza. So we'll start looking there." Kleene suggested. Abs. nodded and was helping packing the supplies as suddenly a box appeared in midair: "You acquired 5 water bottles, 20 sandwiches, 5 apples and a first-aid kit." Everyone was surprised. "What… was that?" Abs. asked but nobody had a clue.
"We can worry about that later… let's head out for now!" Kleene said.

So they marched down the street heading towards the plaza. Everyone was worried about the enemy but also still excited about their new powers. "Oh yeah, I got a new idea for a move we could try out together, Meme! Wanna try it ou- AAAHHHHHH!!!!" shinichi's apprentice screamed suddenly, this time not using the magical megaphone, and fell down a hole that was in the middle of the street.

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*joining* o/

Postby shinichi'sapprentice » November 29th, 2014, 9:25 pm

:o :o xD will read the rules later

*gets APTXed as..........* 8D xD
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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby darkest absol » November 29th, 2014, 11:38 pm

O.O In!
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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby KangarooGirl » November 30th, 2014, 12:49 am

Sounds like absolute madness. I'd love to join but I've got a few things going on right now so I probably shouldn't. We'll see if I change my mind later :P

I will say though that 1/3 to be killed by lovers sounds a bit too difficult. I'd lower it for the sake of the lovers personally but it's up to you in the end.
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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby bash7353 » November 30th, 2014, 3:23 am

I'm in!
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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby Kamite » November 30th, 2014, 3:47 am

Oh sweet Im in.
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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby Memesu » November 30th, 2014, 5:53 am

:o *Joins*
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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby dumytru » November 30th, 2014, 5:58 am

I'm in! \o/

shinichi'sapprentice wrote:dumytru hasn't acted very 'evil-like', but that's his specialty though...

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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby Kleene Onigiri » November 30th, 2014, 7:43 am

KangarooGirl wrote:Sounds like absolute madness. I'd love to join but I've got a few things going on right now so I probably shouldn't. We'll see if I change my mind later :P

I will say though that 1/3 to be killed by lovers sounds a bit too difficult. I'd lower it for the sake of the lovers personally but it's up to you in the end.


Yeah, was still thinking about the numbers.

But for example with 20 players:

18 non-lovers and 2 lovers.
1/3 of 18players would be the BO number usually in normal games (roughly) so 6. But I want to make it a smaller BO group here, since a group has an advantage here. so 1/3 - 1 instead. So 5 BOs.

Then there would be 13 Towns. 1/3 would be ~4 town people and 1/3 of BO so ~2 BOs, so lovers would need to kill 6 players altogether.
I could also make 1/3-1 of the Town, so it would be 3 Towns to kill instead of 4. (was thinking to go with that maybe).
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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby Iwamoto Yuri » November 30th, 2014, 7:46 am

I'm in!
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Re: Mafia Round 62: APTX Round

Postby Giogio » November 30th, 2014, 8:44 am

"Could get crazy"? Sign me up! :D
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