A new(ish) member here!

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A new(ish) member here!

Postby Tumunasideli » November 12th, 2017, 4:52 pm

Their name is tumunasideli but we can call them Tumuna. They started watching DC one year ago and DC is only anime they continued.

Tumuna is a bit crazy and they always find a crazy side of stuffs, but they probably won’t tell you almost anything. They are too shy to post it.

Btw they are a bit obsessive and right now obsessed with Sera Masumi (They would probably tell you they are in love with ‘Mas’.), and find her middle brother (Kiti) brotherly cute. That is the reason they are introducing themselves on Kiti’s Bday.

(Yes this is tumuna’s normal way of talking. )

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