Jormungand (anime)

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Jormungand (anime)

Postby mangaluva » October 9th, 2012, 7:08 pm

New obsession acquired: Jormungand
New objective: Find a way to give Jonah all of the hugs without getting shot

Seriously, I'm curious if anyone else has watched this and if so what they think of it. I'm enjoying it myself; I like the animation style and the characters are interesting, even if Koko's facial art sometimes scares the hell out of me (which is likely the intention). And then there's Jonah. That kid is so badass, but in a totally heartbreaking way because he's badass due to being a CHILD SOLDIER. And then he has these quiet moments where he does or says something so childish, like skip math or confess that he's frightened of needles, that I just melt. Please, somebody, set this kid up somewhere nice where he never has to see a gun ever again T_T

Plot description for anyone who hasn't seen it
Jormungand follows the entourage of Koko Hekmatyar, a top black-market arms dealer in Europe and Africa. The series starts when her entourage of assassins, snipers, ex-soliders, and other generally dangerous people picks up a new recruit; Jonah, a child soldier. Jonah is very quiet and reserved and extraordinarily deadly. Koko's entourage all have, in her words, "a screw or two loose", but none more than Koko herself, who claims to be in the arms business in the name of "world peace". The series is a weird mix of Koko's entourage being an absolute nakama to each other and caring for Jonah, military politics, and intense fight scenes.

So, anyone else seen it?

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