Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby toyks » December 26th, 2009, 9:50 am

1. Ai Haibara (DC)
2. Kimihiro Watanuki (xxxHOLiC)
3. Kaito KID
4. Yuuko Ichihara (xxxHOLiC)
5. Conan Edogawa
6. Hitachiin twins (Ouran)
7. Misaki Kirihara (Darker than BLACK)
8. July (Darker than BLACK)
9. Hei (Darker than BLACK)
10. Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach)
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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby hgokuh » December 29th, 2009, 9:08 am

Order is not that inportant in the first five, I really like them all.

1.-Shinnosuke Nohara from Crayon Shinchan
2.-Kankichi Ryotsu from Kochikame
3.-Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece
4.-Shinichi Kudo from Detective Conan
5.-Lupin from Lupin the Third
6.-Vegeta from Dragon Ball
7.-Gon from HunterXHunter
8.-Dr.Kenzo Tenma from Monster
9.-Tokoroten no Suke from Bobobo
10.-Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist
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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby kkslider5552000 » December 31st, 2009, 5:20 pm

Ocelot wrote:how can you like L? this just proves to me that you are also antisocial.

oh, Ocelot! You! *shakes head* *insert canned laughter here*

I'm gonna run out of ways to make fun of him soon. Time for him to go the way of the KaitoKid0?
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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby nanilola » January 2nd, 2010, 7:26 am

My top 10:
1. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)  ----- I'm in love.
1.  2. Morita Shinobu (Honey & Clover)
2.  3. Lambo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
3.  4. Kudo Yukiko (Detective Conan)
4.  5. Yagami Light (Death Note)
5.  6. Gokudera Hayato (KHR)
6.  7.Tsukamoto Tenma (School Rumble)
7.  8. Alphonse Elric (FMA / FMA: Brotherhood)
8.  9. Kasukabe Saki (Genshiken)
9.  10. Isaac Dian & Miria Harvent (Baccano! - Can you even separate these two?)
10. Kuhouin Murasaki (Kure-nai)

Edit: I forgot Conan. lol. No, actually, I'm just not sure where to insert him. Since my list is in order, he's probably somewhere between 1 and 3.

Edit: Oh Oda-sensei, why do you have to mess up my list with your amazing characters?  ;D
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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby Holmes » January 11th, 2010, 4:57 pm

Top 10

1 -Vermouth (DC)
2 - Lelouch vi Britannia/Kallen Kouzuki/C.C (Code Geass)
3 - Gin (DC)
4 - L (Death Note)
5 - Kaito KID (DC/Magic Kaito)
6 - Jeremiah Gottwald (Code Geass) Bisho no Teresa (Claymore)
7 - Asakura Hao (Shaman King)
8 - Milo/Saga (Saint Seiya)
9 - Kisaki Eri/Kido Yukiko/Kudo Yuusaku/ (DC)
10 - Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)
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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby Jd- » January 11th, 2010, 6:14 pm

Ocelot wrote:not to mention that detective conan also did a better job at presenting you with a moral dilemma(episode 345)  :)

Bro, I love Conan and I love Death Note, but you cannot be serious with that statement. Conan is a series almost entirely void of any sort of questions in regards to ambiguous instances of morality and ethics, whereas Death Note is a series centered entirely upon that. Conan is very linear with its logic and isn't even as deep as Holmes (which, admittedly, did not delve into this in any shocking manner, but there were moments of Holmes bending, ignoring, and breaking the law outright in favor of the "greater good"). It's a series aimed at youngsters and has no reason to ever remotely delve into anything of this sort, and that's fine.

Death Note, on the other hand, does ask you to choose a side. I think deeming it "disgusting" as you did in another post is missing the point entirely unless your threshold for that word is considerably lower than my own. If so, my apologies. (I'm not familiar with any major plotholes [especially in the first half], so if you wouldn't mind elaborating on that in a spoiler tag, that'd be great too.)

Death Note is a character study, to say the least. The motivations of the characters and the way they approach reaching their goal is ever-changing, dynamic, and--above all--gripping. Conan is a mystery series where there is virtually no ambiguity and no wavering personal conflicts outside of very, very few instances. The good-bad guys are still going to jail, but we're led to believe they'll serve less time because of the motive (after all, almost everyone in Conan as of late has an alibi that isn't so much a justification for murder but an understanding that no one debates with). It's very linear on a philosophical level, so you can't really compare the two and somehow say Conan is on top without admitting personal dislike and bias toward Death Note. That's my piece on it.

ranger wrote:If Kira did exist and he was killing off criminals left and right, I wouldn't object.  Wars would be stopped, even if it was by a fear of Kira, there would still be peace.  I personally wouldn't need to worry about being robbed/jumped/etc...corrupt politicians would shape up...

The best part about all that is we already have an all-judging Kira of our own that we've brought into existence. It has many incarnations, origins, and canons, but it pretty much always tends to preach good over evil... If only their influence was as obvious as Kira's, we may have something. :P

That said, Death Note was so well-paced that every turn of the story brought over new questions. If you agreed with Light in the beginning, did you later when his motives evolved in order to ensure his own self-preservation (which, in itself, was not entirely selfish in that he still wanted to create his New World)? Were you really still agreeing with Light's motives at that point? What about L putting those around him in the line of danger as experiments, and sacrificing a man on live television just to test his theory? (An interesting parallel comes up here, actually--this is someone that Light would have killed anyway in his prime [if he hadn't gone unreported, etc], and L made it happen. Sure, maybe he was on Death Row and was very near execution, but what if a judge had granted a stay? What if evidence came forward that exonerated him and it was too late? It would be L's fault regardless, even if he was striving for that greater good.) Seeing those differing perspectives and watching that constant clash of intellect of two similar but distinctly different characters--both on different sides of the law, both making choices for their own vision of the "greater good"--made for a hell of a ride, through and through, and it's something we have not and likely never will see in Conan.

Personally, I sided with Light right through the end (at least, until the end of the first half, when the series was still making sense). Villains are genuinely more interesting to me regardless, and especially in this case. The second half of the series is a mess, in my opinion, but the first half is some of the finest suspense entertainment in any form. Light had uncovered the secret to solemn law and was doing something that no one (outside of those who were paid to investigate it) was truly a vocal advocate against near the end. Crime practically no longer existed, and no right-minded person agrees with crime that hasn't already begotten crime. Reasoning out the means you would go to in order to attain that was entertaining--at least for me and so many others that have made it one of the most successful anime exports in recent years (especially once you discount all of those that have sword battles and gravity-defying fisticuffs as their primary plot points).

Once it became obvious what Kira was doing, you were no longer bound by natural contracts with the world nor held to an imaginary religious standard with no immediate effect (already being withholding here): if you killed someone, you were going to die. It was as simple as that, and should you kill someone, there was no forgiveness--you acted despite being aware of the consequences. Twisting the fabric of reality as we know it and showcasing its effect on society truly made the series shine. So many questions came out of the scenario, about what you would consent to in order to achieve peace, and just who deserved judgment, how many were sacrificed without knowing about this new world coming, and all of that.

And the best part? If you didn't agree with Light, you were on L's side, and you were still just as engaged as the rest of us. Absolutely phenomenal writing and character development, simple as that.

[spoiler]As for who is smarter, L or Conan, there's no real point in debating it, folks. Same with Poirot and Holmes--unless they exist in the same universe, you can't even begin to weigh them (even though Poirot was a portly fellow, harhar :P). The characters are formed and revealed based solely on their environment, so unless they share an environment, their strengths and weaknesses will never, truly be of a comparable nature.[/spoiler]
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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby mangaluva » January 18th, 2010, 7:18 am

1. The Kaitou Kid (DC/MK) Both of them, Toichi>Kaito.
2. SesshoMaru (InuYasha) my first manga guy crush ♥
3. Youko Kurama (Yuu Yuu Hakusho) Kurama>Shuuichi
4. Kagura (InuYasha) I cried so much at her death  :'(
5. Sohma Rin (Furuba) angsty, fierce and sexy... I like her  ;)
6. Kudo Shinichi (DC) Because he's hot as Shinichi and kawaii as Conan ♥
7. Sohma Momiji (Furuba) starts off cute and ends up hot
8. Toya (Ayashi No Ceres) Fit and skilled, and an angsty romantic to boot ♥
9. Chichiri (Fushigi Yugi) Just awesome. In so many ways.
10. Koizumi Akako (Magic Kaito) Also just awesome, especially her Gothic Cleopatra outfit
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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby Key-chan » January 18th, 2010, 4:12 pm

Dear Kami, I can't choose. I'll still try...

1 - Hakuba Saguru (Detective Conan) and Akise Aru (Mirai Nikki): I personally think they're very similar, not just because they're both detectives...A lot of people think of Hakuba as nothing more than an arrogant and stuck-up jerk, but he's also got a kind of determination the others don't have (I'm not saying they don't have any, but I get the feeling his is different in a way) and is probably a lot more understanding than most see. [spoiler]In Magic Kaito for example, he called Kaito and gave him a few tips how to beat Chat Noir despite knowing he was helping a thief.[/spoiler] There's something he has and that a lot of readers are missing...(and I'll admit, I think I developped some kind of weird crush after he randomly popped up in a dream of mine XD) Akise is at the top with him because he totally owns, period XD [spoiler]I mean come on! He even outsmarted God! XD[/spoiler]

2 - Kaitou KID/Kuroba Kaito (Detective Conan): Yeah, they're two different characters despite being on and the same, but I think we all know what makes him awesome (except Pretz, who I think hates him for those very reasons XD)

3 - Sousuke Sagara and Weber Kurz (Full Metal Panic): Sousuke is just blatantly funny for his lack of normal behaviour. He has no idea how to act in society and blows everything up "for security reasons". He's also horribly blunt wich just adds to his strange personality. As for Kurz...'nuff said XD

4 - Squalo and Hibari Kyoya (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!): Just because Squalo is awesome. And Kyoya...all I have to say is "Kamikorosu" ;D

5 - Suoh Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club): He loves to exagerate and be a drama-queen and constantly overreacts in a pathetically hilarious way, but he's also insanely sweet when you see him in his serious moments, and much more shy than he tries to make believe. That's boy personality is just genius creation from the author.

6 - Sohma Shigure and Ayame (Fruits Basket): To make it simple, it's impossible for me to separate them in my mind. They're a wonderful comedy duo, Shigure being a constant pervert and Ayame acting gay as every occasion he has- and one of the best videos I've ever seen on YouTube that somehows suits them perfectly. (Will put link once I find finally the video again.)

7 - Hikaru and Kaoru, the Hitachiin twins (Ouran High School Host Club): Well, what can I say? They're like a split-in-two Kaito. Except I already have a Kaito up there, which is why these two are a little lower on the list.

8 - Tenjou Night (Absolute Boyfriend/Zettai Kareshi): Because he is, needless to say, the definition of "perfect". And because his mistakes are awesomeness XD (But he's not as perfect as someone else I know~ <3 ;D)

9 - Usui Kenta (Karin/Chibi Vampire): He's sweet, caring, understanding, clumsy, naive, and a male version of me XD

10 - Valon (Yu-Gi-Oh!): He only showed up in the anime version during the Orichalc-thing season, but I'm sure that, along with Raphael and Alister, if he had been come up a little more often or been included a bit longer, enough to have time to develop a deeper history and personality and all, he would've been a great character. (I also like Rex and Weevil, but I blame that on LittleKuriboh for making them purely awesome XDDD)
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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby karisama » January 26th, 2010, 12:23 pm

mangaluva wrote:6. Kudo Shinichi (DC) Because he's hot as Shinichi and kawaii as Conan ♥

Thank God, I'm not the only one!

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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby ccppfan » January 28th, 2010, 6:40 am

In no real order I guess...

- Kuroba Kaito---DC/MK (I REFUSE to call him KID)
- Rita Mordio---Tales of Vesperia (THERE IS A MANGA VERSION)
- Alphonse Elric---FMA
- Mei Chang---FMA Brotherhood (PHEAR THE KAWAIINESS)
- Roy Mustang---FMA
- Hyuuga Hinata---Naruto
- Konata---Lucky Star (I'm alot like her lol)
- Tieria Erde---Gundam 00
- Allelujeah/Hallelujeah Haptism---Gundam 00
- Lockon Stratos/NEIL Dylandy---Gundam 00

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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby Beastly » January 28th, 2010, 7:04 am


1. Kudo Shinichi (DC)
2. Lelouch Vi Brittania (Code Geass)
3. Ai Haibara (DC)
4. Kaito Kid(DC)
5. L Lawliet (DN)
6. Light (DN)
7. Sasuke (Naruto)
8. Echizen (POT)
9. Killua (HXH)
10. Jeremiah (Code Geass)

Well the DC vs DN discussion isnt over yet wtf???  ???
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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby Callid » February 19th, 2010, 9:06 am

Rank  CharacterSeriesNotes
1Killuah Zaoldyek    Hunter X Hunter    In German the "h" is added to his name.
2Ai HaibaraDetective Conan
3Akira TohyaHikaru no GoAgain, in German the "h" is added to his name.
4KurapicaHunter X Hunter
5Sasuke UchihaNarutoI hope I won't get killed for ranking him that high...
6AnnaShaman KingHave noticed this Manga only recently and haven't finished yet...
7Yagami LightDeath NoteOnly during the Yotsuba arc, though..
8Hikaru ShindoHikaru no GoEspecially the later one, after Sai has left.
9Kaitou 1412Magic Kaito, DC
10Yuusaku KudoDetective ConanBarely made it to the TOP 10. This was one of the hardest.

Please note that there's a large gap between 6. and 7. and between 9. and 10..
Also I'd like to note that the next ranks are mostly occupied by HnG and HxH characters.
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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby Umandsf » February 19th, 2010, 9:31 am

Hello! I'm very impressed by your table layout. I need to update mine. Then again, I haven't really read anything new, so...
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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby Detective Prince » February 19th, 2010, 11:51 pm

1.Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo------DC
2.Ai Edogawa/Shiho Kudo Miyano  ;D------DC
3.Kaito Kid------DC
4.Itachi Uchiha------Naruto
5.Toshiro Hitsugaya------Bleach
9.L------Death note

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Re: Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Postby kenrick95 » March 2nd, 2010, 6:06 am

  • Hattori Heiji (DC)
  • Kudo Shinichi / Edogawa Conan (DC)
  • Kurogane Yaiba (Yaiba)
  • Kuroba Kaito (M. Kaito/ DC) (Kuro baka ito;D  ;D
  • Shinnosuke Nohara (Shinchan)
  • Haibara Ai (DC)
  • Doraemon (Doraemon)
  • Hondou Eisuke (DC)
  • Miyamoto Musashi (Yaiba)
  • Geroda Gerozaimon (Yaiba)
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