Do you like koushirou from digimon?

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Do you like koushirou from digimon?

Postby Haibara & Aika ryona » December 1st, 2017, 2:14 pm

Koushirou-kun always is the best in my opinion, no I mean that I say to my family, and to my friends that I am koushirou-kun. To me koushirou is real captain for the Chosen Children not Taichi. Really Koushirou is such as the Coach in the Football, he do everything to them, but no he is the number 4, or 5 or maybe 10 as popular characters in the entire Anime Digimon.

Koushirou really is the “Special One” in the entire Digimon Seasons. People always love the characters who talk about brave, about friendship, about loves in all animes, and the smart always not so much popular, or no so much have a real fans. To no, Really in the anime, you can change Taichi which Daisuke, or with Takato (Even if I love Takato), or with the character in the Season Frontier, the same with yamato, you can change him with any characters in the Anime, Sora and Mimi can be changed with Miyako, or with the character in the Season 4. And the Same with Takeru (TK) who can be changed the character in Season 4, but who is the one who will change with Koushirou, no one.

How Could be that Koushirou became one of the less important characters in the Anime? And Both Hikari with TK became more important than him. I do hate Takeru, with his Digimon. I do Hate TK, patamon, Angemon, HolyAngemon, and so on, and to me if Atlur Kabuterimon only have more power then Koushirou will be the smartest, and strongest character in the Entire Digimon. Koushirou Always the best Because no one can do what he did.

I always watch his Episodes; because it is he best Episodes, with Vandemon. Both Koushirou Episode, With Vandemon Episodes Are The Best. I do Remember the first Episode, and who Koushirou was very involve to learn to ho the Generator works automatically in the Episode Five. Firstly, he understood that he can use the codes to help him, and help the characters. In the episode 10, maybe he was the reason of why Mimi Cried, but without trying to understand the languages in the wall, then no Mimi, or Tentamon Will live. Even when, Leomon appeared, he figured out that they should use “Holy Device Digivice”. In the Episode 19, every well things are made by him. He firstly thought about using the networks that Etomon use, and he explained everything to the Chosen Children, then he is the one who changed the wall to appear what is hide.

Another point is in the Episode 24, which firstly is that Sora did help all characters, and the characters also helped her who they goes in their own ways, however koushirou didn’t need any help in episode 24, and he solved all problems in that Episode by himself. I should back to episode 13 when he understood from few talk with leomon that if they beat the Darkness Power then they can back to their own world. In the Episode 28, the entire problems that they found was solved by him. He firstly decide to not sleep, and talk with Gennai San head to head, then his digimon whom the one who beat the bats who guard the Myotisimon’s Palace. Secondly, he is the one who solve all the Cards Problems. In the Episode 31, everything is done by only him; because everyone was sleep in that Episode.

Now, do you remember the Episode when both Yamato, and Taichi want to reach to final stage of Evolution, who is the one who try to solve the puzzles in that Episode, Surely Koushirou. I also Think that Koushirou is the one who deserve to reach to the Final Stage in that Episode More than Yamato, and Taichi, Do you know Why? Because He didn’t Appear in all of these Episodes 33, 34, 35, 36 (Only Few Events without fighting Also), he only challenged in this Episode 37 and from the half Second of the Episode, which means that he deserve more than Taichi, and Yamato who did fight from 34 35, 36, 37, and even in the 38, and 39. I hated so much that Koushirou didnt’t appered from episode 33 until 37 (Ok maybe it is not necessary for him to appear in both episodes 33, and 34) but why he didn’t appear in 35, and only appeared little bit in both episodes 36, and 37? Why that? WHY? WHY? WHY? I don’t have any reason for this.

Ok, not let me to back to the best episodes for koushirou, now the time for episode 39, when he found that the phenomenon that appear after the death of VenomVandemon is from Digital World. These three episodes considered are one of the best episodes for Koushirou which are episode 42 which is the episode “Under Pressure”, the episode when they fight Machinedramon who Hikari got a fever again I means the both episodes 48, and 49 which are (“My Sister’s Keeper”, and “The Crest of Light”) also. Firstly, let’s go with the episode: “42- Under Pressure”; because in this episode, firstly koushirou began in this awesome episode for koushrou with figuring out that they can fight, and beat Metal Seadramon using the “Dramon Destroyer” that the “WarGreymon” had. Secondly, he figured out that they should look to what happened in the water with wammon as long as they stayed inside wammon; because they really need to know if everything is fine with wammon; so he used wammon as a receiver which is really an awesome idea, and helped them to know if there is any digimon who following them, or who fighting them. Also, he is the one who figured out that they can use whistle that Hikari had to find any place to go using the rebound of the whistle, and if the one who followed them in that time is not MetalSeadremon, then this idea surely will work 100 by 100, even so it still work but by 95 from 100.

Now, for the both episode 48, and 49 which are (“My Sister’s Keeper”, and “The Crest of Light”), then firstly, he is the one who stopped in the street to find something that will help him to use the computer to find any hospital, or pharmacy. He used the hospital to know the type of medicine, then he is the one who decided to use the network to deceive machinedramon, and his teams. He is the only one who understand what they want to do, I mean when machinedramon decide to destroy the entire place using his teams, at that time, the one who understand this idea is Koushirou. At in the episode “The Crest of Light”, he is the one who try to be calm in that episode; because he already know that they need to eat, and relax if they want to fight. Taichi only thought about himself, and his sister without think about his teams, but no didn’t like that when koushirou asked him to few minutes for relaxation, and also he did a punch in Koushirou’s face, but koushirou always very smart, and very nice person, koushirou always have a “Really Pure Heart”, and accept that if they slap, or punch him. When taichi understood his wrong, koushirou as usual, always forgive people quickly without getting his revenge, and also asked taichi to not be to rush, and they should merge their powers if they want to fight machinedramon.

In the episode 53 which is before the final episode, he is the one who understand that their heart is the real necklace, not the necklace that they have. He is the one who back all of the other chosen children when all of them lost them necklace.

In the movie 2, he is the one who stopped the virus digimon, asked the entire people to send a million messages to stop Diaboromon. The same thing happened in the season two. He always the one who made decision, solve problems to all characters without asking for favor, or without getting Tired or bored. They always play, do their Hobbies, but koushirou no, only thing that he do is helping the chosen children, and their digimon.

In the Adventure tri movie number 3 which is “Digimon Adventure Tri Confession Chapter”, Did you say what all of the chosen children have done in that episode? They was so selfish and only wanted to play, to go with their digimon, without considering about what will happen to them. If they only listened to the advices that koushirou told to them, and left their digimons in the server with koushirou then nothing will happen to them, but no they only did what they want, and then they also left everything as something didn’t happen. I always love Mimi because she always with koushirou nearby him, when she jump, she fell in koushirou’s body, always with him, but I hated that she didn’t concerned about what he is trying to do in that movie. I hate TK, he always stupid always made mistakes, and the reason of why patamon got a virus if from him. But I was happy that Tailmon, who was smart when she was with Vandemon also said that I think that we need to back to koushirou, and ask him for some solutions. Tailmon even if they made her as smart, but still she will not reach Koushirou’s Level. I was so happy when Kabuterimon Final Evolution did appear finally, and was they reason of why all of digimon back to their their real mind

But I was happy, when I saw mimi in the final episode when she take some food, and drinks to koushirou, it looks like that she understood her listen, and want to say so sorry for koushirou; because he did everything right in that movies, and they made all wrongs in the movie.

I always love Sora, and happy that she always ask Koushirou, admit his true brain, admit, and motivate him to evolve his ability in learning about codes, and so on. The same thing with Hikari

And for all these reasons, I see that Koushirou is the Real Captain, The Real Coach,, The best digidestined and Deserve to have the best strongest Digimon.

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