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pofa's epic mixes

Postby pofa » July 16th, 2013, 9:57 pm

In which I post mixes for the general enjoyment of anyone looking for new music, and hope anyone else who makes mixes will post them here too so mine don't get lonely. I'll recycle the songs I like and put them on my own ones in the future.

Full disclosure: I like the 70s and I like folk rock, and I'm not above including top 40 songs either.

"Ghost Tonight"
-Melancholy with drums.

1. The Valley/Okkervil River
2. Only If For a Night/Florence + The Machine
3. Dante's Prayer/Meav ni Mhaolchatha
4. Spring Flight to the Land of Fire/The Cape May
5. "Bring Me Back a Song"/Nightnoise
6. Ghost Tonight/Chairlift
7. Until We Meet Again/Emma-Lee
8. Rustle/Koh Ohtani
9. Rhiannon/Fleetwood Mac
10. Here Comes the Rain Again/Eurythmics
11. January Hymn/The Decemberists
12. One of These Nights/The Eagles
13. The Sound of Silence (acoustic)/Simon & Garfunkel
14. A Thread Cut With a Carving Knife/Stars
15. Rain/The Seatbelts
16. Bleeding Out/Imagine Dragons
17. C'est la Mort/The Civil Wars
18. To the Ghosts Who Write History Books/The Low Anthem
19. Little Talks/Of Monsters and Men

(Wasn't sure if this would go here or in off-topic, but it's basically a music exploration thread so I went ahead and posted in this section. Apologies if it needs to be moved.)

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