Detective Conan SD Compilations

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Detective Conan SD Compilations

Postby hidarishoutarou » March 24th, 2013, 7:04 pm

I was trying to make an SD compilation of Detective Conan. This was just an alternative download link from other who has also done the same thing.


Detective Conan - 001 Remastered [FBI][77BEB46A].avi (227.7 MB)!SU0zWRpJ!WWp5QU6TN ... AeZVbqI4a8

Detective Conan - 002 [Anime-Conan][3E743379].avi (223.7 MB)!GVNXHCqK!K5h1GizXU ... zpJDdwdTyQ

Detective Conan - 003 [Anime-Conan][2E9C1FF3].avi (176.9 MB)!LUliVLIA!bhGpTAxN- ... oqhoyJcBv8

Detective Conan - 004 [Anime-Conan][EC789C22].avi (210.3 MB)!XNElwSQa!fYbgAmy1Y ... JUJkD5GjJQ

Detective Conan - 005 [Anime-Conan][4CD51933].avi (266.5 MB)!jVdWDLBY!AD2ULFrYr ... Zb2wG8AcVY

Detective Conan - 006 [Anime-Conan][5A16D9BA].avi (210.0 MB)!TE11kRqJ!G7YK0EP94 ... Uy0U8EcBLw

Detective Conan - 007 [Anime-Conan][863DA758].avi (218.4 MB)!2ZEiWR7b!NePbmFFDh ... cfuNmEOmCc

Detective Conan - 008 [Anime-Conan][B70E0F42].avi (209.3 MB)!7MFxCDDZ!O4LTuH4DC ... Ug1iUYyklc

Detective Conan - 009 [Anime-Conan][20E49285].avi (209.3 MB)!7Nkm1AgL!f9axMURpZ ... iepIhSDAT0

Detective Conan - 010 [Anime-Conan][495E2C38].avi (215.2 MB)!yJVkTQja!OUDJBA7VY ... ENtr4bg2aE

Detective Conan - 011 [Anime-Conan][FE40A4FC].avi (402.1 MB)!aM9mXAqI!ATacqmr2c ... ck7gPi1puc

Detective Conan - 012 Remastered - The Case of Ayumi-chan's Abduction [Puto-usotsuki][720p][H264-AAC][DEC2D98B].mkv (356.2 MB)(exception to the rules)!HB1yVLwY!M_fyaERyw ... RhPnP94AYg

This will be updated from time to time. Take note it will be an alternative if something bad happen to other download links. :) This is my way of saying thank you to dctp from their fine and hard work throughout this years of providing detective conan to less fortunate people who live outside japan.

It is quite hard to re-download all of the stuff that I need. I was wondering if the people who manage dctp will help m-l in subbing the rest of the detective conan episodes? I read that they need more translators. in any cases all i can do here is to provide an alternative download link to share detective conan to others. My internet speed is not that fast as average but be patience guys i believe we can get through this difficulty.
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Re: Detective Conan SD Compilations

Postby red.orchid » April 1st, 2013, 1:49 pm

Hello, thanks for the good intention! ^^
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Re: Detective Conan SD Compilations

Postby hidarishoutarou » April 3rd, 2013, 9:21 pm

Thanks also for the warm appreciation.

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