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Re: The B'z Hype Topic! (New Public Release: "B'z Treasure Selection" on 8.9.17! / "B'z XX9" Out 9.21.17)

Posted: August 2nd, 2017, 7:20 pm
by Jd-

Next Wednesday, on August 9th at 6:00 PM U.S. Eastern time, a long-planned release will finally be made available in the form of the B'z Treasure Selection! This subtitled release will gather together what we consider to be some of the band's definitive hidden gems and fan-favorites in one compilation—with all-new performances added into the mix as well! However, it will only be available until September 20th. After that, it will need to be acquired from another fan.

You will notice this is not B'z XX9. We have a little something special we want to incorporate into that release that calls back to... well, you'll see for yourself! Unfortunately, that special something is not yet ready as it is a collaborative effort that will require a little extra time. The second that you hear the first note, you will know exactly what it is. Trust us, it will be worth the wait, and we have something else "worth" that wait we intend to incorporate as well with additional time.

We apologize for the delay, but you can now expect B'z XX9 to be released on the band's 29th (!!) anniversary: September 21st, 2017!


B'z XX9. Available September 21st, 2017 by request ONLY.

PLEASE NOTE: This will never be released publicly, at any point in the future, for any reason.

This is intended to be shared directly amongst fans; if you wish to receive it directly, send a PM at this link by September 20th, 2017. The package will be sent in reply on September 21st, 2017 at 6:00 PM Eastern US time.

How to qualify:
— Any member here, new or old, is welcome to join the delivery list. However, B'z XX9 will not be available again after September 21st, 2017 at 6:00 PM Eastern time unless acquired from another fan. Naturally, we will try to ensure the regulars and contributors receive the package at the designated time, but a reminder certainly will not hurt!

If you are reading this topic with any interest in this band, you will NOT want to miss this.

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! (Now Available: "B'z Treasure Selection"! / "B'z XX9" Out 9.21.17)

Posted: August 9th, 2017, 6:00 pm
by Jd-

[Available by requesting it from another fan, not publicly available]

After years of wait, it's finally time for the release of the B'z Treasure Selection! This fully English-subtitled compilation spans the band's entire catalogue and hits upon their most frenetic, hardest hitting rock numbers and their strongest, most beloved ballads. It's all here in top form with no special consideration given to singles or well-known hits. This is a compilation for those interested in some of the band's best moments that were not necessarily paired with chart-toppers like "ultra soul" and "LOVE PHANTOM". Whether you are a long-term fan or new to the band's vast, three decades-long catalogue, the variety here will surely appeal to those with any interest in their work. In addition to gathering together many of the aforementioned fan-favorite gems and moments, we have included a few all-new performances that will only be included here as well. Watch out for them!

Next month, on September 21st, 2017—the 29th anniversary of the band's debut—those that have signed up to receive it will be able to watch a special release entitled B'z XX9. You can read more about the project and how to sign up to receive it here, and as those that enjoyed B'z XX8 last year can tell you, you will not want to miss this! (For those that happen to watch through the Treasure Selection, you may see a relevant teaser by the end of it—along with a special "stinger" that has never been subtitled before...!?)

For the rationale behind this selection, here are some vague hints...

Treasure Selection Liner Notes

1. The inclusion of this song needs no explanation, other than to say this was requested many times over the years. It was held for this occasion for the past half-decade.
2. What a shame this is the only performance of this song available! Yet, it's such a great one that it would certainly be hard to top no matter how it were updated.
3. This was recently revived on the live stage. Here we have the performance that endeared the song to many and just had to be included here.
4. There are two songs that inevitably had to be included for this to be a complete "Treasure" selection. This is the first, more "upbeat" of those.
5. Undoubtedly one of their most memorable revivals after a decade off the live stage. Also one of their hardest-rocking songs in their catalogue! The lyrics were expertly tailored to the tie-in that had been arranged for it at the time—if you follow it with that in mind, it has a little something extra to discover.
6. This performance has only gotten better with time and is a great example of the band's alacrity for keeping their live shows fresh and original.
7. This was once voted the most romantic B'z song and it's not hard to see why. It's a universal message, and the title only makes sense once you hear it all.
8. This is the second of the two songs that had to be included for this to be a complete "Treasure" selection. With so many legendary performances of this song alone, it is hard to say if this is the definitive version, but it surely ranks near the top no matter the metric.
9. B'z has produced many English songs as most know. This one is special for a few reasons including the terms of its release.
10. This "hidden" gem was a long-forgotten album song until being included on a certain release. The band were just a few months from breaking every record in the book with a certain compilation album when this performance took place; with an appearance this dynamic, it would all prove to be well-earned!
11. This song was nearly the closer on the 2000s era album from which it is sourced, if not for a certain mega single warranting inclusion as well. The lyrics here show Koshi in top form.
12. "Do you have any other versions of [that]?" once asked someone after seeing it as part of the Community Selection releases. Here's one now, never included elsewhere!
13. Another example of B'z being willing to venture off the beaten path and experiment with the formula to great success. If you somehow missed this performance originally, you cannot miss it this time around!
14. This may be the most surprising inclusion in this entire compilation that no one will have expected. Despite the great many excellent live numbers included in the show from which this is sourced, this is no perfunctory performance: the vocals and especially the guitar work are top of the line, especially the solo.
15. Possibly the greatest ballad the band have ever released, and some would say it contains one of Tak's best solos...
16. The oldest performance included here, and one that speaks to the band's earlier, wildest era. There's a youthful mentality behind the music and lyrics alike that makes it one unique in that it would not likely not be suited for a release today.
17. One cannot see this performance and conclude anything but that this band knows how to play hard rock. It's B'z at their most raw and will make you wish this full show had been released already.
18. Similarly youthful to the sixteenth song included, not many bands will pair hard rock with lyrics as imaginitive yet relatable as this.
19. There are few rock bands that will churn out a song with this much power on top of a confluence of sentimental lyrics and moving riffs at as high a level as this—it's a performance of a song that far exceeds its studio version and is one of the band's best yet without question.
20. "Let's do one more song!" In actuality, as a select few may have expected, there are three songs required for a "Treasure" selection. This is that final song and a suitably high-energy closer. No matter how much time passes, this will never not be a hit live, as everyone that has seen it performed can attest.
21. ? ? ? ? ?

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! (Now Available: "B'z Treasure Selection"! / "B'z XX9" Out 9.21.17)

Posted: August 11th, 2017, 8:56 pm
by Jd-
B'z have just finished up B'z SHOWCASE 2017 -B'z In Your Town- and their two festival appearances for the summer. For SHOWCASE, they did add "Pierrot" back into the setlist and even tossed "Samayoeru Aoi Dangan" into the encore near the end for a while. Overall, it was a top-notch setlist and we can only pray it is included as a bonus with album #20 as CD postulated earlier.

Here was the setlist for the festivals:

1. Samayoeru Aoi Dangan
2. Liar! Liar!
3. Sayonara Kizu Darake no Hibi yo
4. Uchouten
5. Hadashi no Megami
6. Ichibu to Zenbu
7. Still Alive
8. Shoudou
9. juice
10. girigiri chop
11. ultra soul

Sadly, this shirt was not for purchase at said festivals, but it should have been!


In additional news, it looks like Koshi & Salas will team up one more time for CHUBBY GROOVE. Their final date will be in Shanghai (!) at SUMMER SONIC SHANGHAI 2017. Tak will be doing one more show with Daniel Ho, and this time in Los Angeles at the stellar Aratani Theater! The show is sponsored by Honda's American branch and will take place in October. You can nab tickets here.

The 20th B'z studio album will be out within the next few months and will include "CHAMP" as well as, most probably, "Seimei" and "Still Alive". I would expect an announcement around October/early November with a release on something like November 22/29 or December 6/13 but definitely no later than that.

I'll swing back in with a couple of write-ups in a bit, enjoy the Treasure Selection in the meantime!

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! (Now Available: "B'z Treasure Selection"! / "B'z XX9" Out 9.21.17)

Posted: August 21st, 2017, 6:37 am
by CrimsonDragon
I was browsing for B'z videos and found that LOVE PHANTOM originally had its own unique PV, before they merged it with the live footage from '95.

This is probably the most dark B'z PV I've seen. I recall that it took a lot of time to put that makeup on Koshi.
Such a shame this was never included as a bonus on any home video! It also included some lyrics near the end that was cut in the final version.

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! (Now Available: "B'z Treasure Selection"! / "B'z XX9" Out 9.21.17)

Posted: September 18th, 2017, 7:09 pm
by Jd-
B'z were on Music Station today and performed "Seimei" and "ultra soul" at the end of the show. It was their best TV performance in a long while if you ask me—"Seimei" is going to be pure bedlam on the big stage. They were also showcasing a "Top 100 Ultra Songs That Get You Energized" countdown throughout the show annnnnd... of course "ultra soul" came in at number one. They ran a big video package as a result akin to ones they've run in the past.

Who knows, you may see all of that in excerpted form 'round here sooner or later...

CrimsonDragon wrote:I was browsing for B'z videos and found that LOVE PHANTOM originally had its own unique PV, before they merged it with the live footage from '95.

This is probably the most dark B'z PV I've seen. I recall that it took a lot of time to put that makeup on Koshi.
Such a shame this was never included as a bonus on any home video! It also included some lyrics near the end that was cut in the final version.

Oh yeah, I remember that video now! It's been a long, long time since I've seen that version. I'm hoping they upload new scans of the older album PVs, specifically, to the YouTube channel. There were some great ones over the years, like the one for "ALL-OUT ATTACK", the circus-themed "Perfect Life", and that mini PV for "BAD COMMUNICATION (000-18)".

Does anyone want to help compile a list of "B'z Songs Premiered Live" (prior to its single/album release)? It's easy to forget some of them, like "JAP THE RIPPER", "GOLD", "OCEAN", and "LOVE PHANTOM". "MY LONELY TOWN" and "SUPER LOVE SONG" come to mind too. I don't know if anyone's compiled a definitive listing to date, but it'd be great to have in the B'z Wiki.

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! ("B'z XX9" Out 9.21.17! Final Sign Ups Open Now!)

Posted: September 18th, 2017, 7:35 pm
by Jd-

B'z XX9. Available September 21st, 2017 by request ONLY.

PLEASE NOTE: This will never be released publicly, at any point in the future, for any reason.

We're coming down to the wire! This is the biggest project we've attempted of this kind and it's required an all-hands-on-deck approach. For once, we're not actually finished long ahead of time—we're still making adjustments as I write this! No matter who you are, there is something here for everyone, and some of it is very... well, original! The theme for B'z XX8 was "history". For B'z XX9, the theme is "celebration".

This is intended to be shared directly amongst fans; if you wish to receive it directly, send a PM at this link by September 20th, 2017. The package will be sent in reply on September 21st, 2017 at 6:00 PM Eastern US time.

NOTICE: If you haven't received a response to your sign-up PM, don't worry! I'll be carefully combing through all of them on Thursday, including any and all submissions/inquiries for the International Showcase project as well. Hang in there!

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! ("B'z XX9" Out 9.21.17! Final Sign Ups Open Now!)

Posted: September 20th, 2017, 11:48 pm
by shinichi'sapprentice
How about that Dinosaur album

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! ("B'z XX9" Out 9.21.17! Final Sign Ups Open Now!)

Posted: September 21st, 2017, 2:54 am
by Folka
Can't wait!!!

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! ("B'z XX9" Out 9.21.17! Final Sign Ups Open Now!)

Posted: September 21st, 2017, 3:43 pm
by Jd-


If you want this release at that time, send me a PM beforehand and you'll get it!

shinichi'sapprentice wrote:How about that Dinosaur album

Hype levels have exceeded healthy threshold beep beep

I also love that the LIVE-GYM this time will be called B'z LIVE-GYM 2017-2018 "LIVE DINOSAUR" to kick off the 30th anniversary year. B'z have always had a good sense of humor about their ability to hang around forever but this may be their best yet.

Annnnd of course, because today's the anniversary, the Daily B'z section on is a fun one today!

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! ("B'z XX9" OUT NOW! Check your inboxes!)

Posted: September 21st, 2017, 6:00 pm
by Jd-
B'z XX9 is now available! Check your inboxes!


Today is the 29th anniversary of the day that B'z debuted on the music scene in 1988. Last year, to mark the previous anniversary, a special release entitled B'z XX8 was made available to those that signed up to receive it. The overwhelming reaction with so many reaching out and expressing how much they enjoyed it made B'z XX9 an inevitability. For last year, the theme was "history". This year, the theme is "celebration". The idea behind the B'z XX— series is to provide commemorative experiences you cannot get elsewhere and to create entertaining memories that otherwise wouldn't exist. Whether you are a long-time fan or were one of those whose first exposure to B'z has been in recent years, this is hopefully something you will consider a must-see that is packed with surprises, hidden gems, and beloved classics.

As part of this year's theme celebrating the band's entire catalogue, half (!) of the setlist has never been subtitled in any form before. Some new, some old, some in-between, but all great and all worthy of inclusion here. Expect the unexpected with this one, and be sure to stick around to see what the future holds after the final song winds down.

As stated last year, it's always been a pleasure to help spread the hype and I hope it's something we'll all be able to partake in together again in the future. So long as B'z keeps on running, I'm sure we all will as well! Enjoy!

As for what you can expect in B'z XX9...

XX9 Liner Notes
1. One could reasonably expect this song to make its way into numerous setlists long into the future—it's that good.
2. It was asked recently if there was another version of this song to be subtitled. There is!
3. Possibly the most popular modern song by the band that isn't a part of the B'z singles discography and isn't "Ichibu to Zenbu".
4. This song features more mathematical lyrics by Koshi. Do you know the others off-hand? (One was the last single from this particular song's source album...)
? ? ? Interlude to showcase... what, exactly?
5. There has been a renewed interest in the band's English songs by a few of you, so it seemed only appropriate we go with one of the best (especially given how this show was viewed together with many from this community all those years ago—!).
6. Discussed at length in a certain documentary, this song has been requested numerous times over the years. In retrospect, it's fun to think of this as the teenage sequel to "Koi-Gokoro".
7. Did you think this was forgotten? Just wait until you hear that first note. There is no further teasing for this because it's a surprise no one will be expecting.
8. Some of Koshi's finest lyrics with an incredible hook—only he brings this outlook to rock music.
9. The only rendition of this version of a great, universally-praised song within the community.
10. Relentlessly upbeat and catchy, there are few songs like it in the rock arena. It's always welcome in any B'z setlist for good reason.
11. I wonder if anyone anticipated this would be included? I mean, how could it be, right? It was totally out of reach, after all, so... how!? Seeing it live and translated will give you a whole new appreciation for this one.
12. Some have likely not seen any footage from this special occasion, with such a drastic alteration to the original arrangement.
13. The only suitable compliment to the previous song...?
14. I challenge anyone to not feel the groove of this tune. The creative lyrics are just the beginning.
15. A masterclass in guitar as part of an underappreciated ballad. This is the kind of performance that will beg that you learn to play yourself.
16. Because of an earlier inclusion, I know those in the know would see it as a shame if this didn't make the cut too.
17. Having a career that has spanned their entire adult lives, it's interesting to see how the outlook in B'z songs have changed from one era to the next. This one has that familiar air of early adulthood that characterizes much of their earlier works.
18. Surely everyone likes to hear a certain band member sing, and this one is one of the most overlooked times because of the nature of its release.
19. It was difficult to settle on "just one" from this show because so much of it was so good.
20. It is impossible for any performance of this song to not inspire hype. It's inherent to its nature!
21. This song has been a staple throughout Weekly B'z to now. This performance is especially noteworthy for reasons all too obvious as you watch it.
22. It only makes sense to return to this moment, on this occasion, in this way.
(One song credited here was removed at the last minute—maybe it will headline B'z XX10!?)
23. The only appropriate follow-up—and there's one recipient on the list that will likely be especially pleased to see it included.
24. Special Teaser for ? ? ? ? ?

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! ("B'z XX9" OUT NOW! Check your inboxes!)

Posted: September 22nd, 2017, 5:00 am
by shinichi'sapprentice
The immense content of this release messed up my counting on which performance I was watching/listening to. I just couldn't NOT post after that ending! This has yet been another treasure to keep and be added in my B'z HYPE folder. A big round of applause to everyone involved in this project coz OMG #7 AND DAT LAST THING AND ? ? ? ? ?

1. I smiled when I heard this as the opener for this release. Such a nice treat for those who haven't gotten the CD + DVD Edition of this Single (such as myself; I got UCC Black instead!).

2. I'm starting to wonder if B'z always does a huddle before performing. :D Thanks to Conan, I'm able to sing-along with this song without looking at the lyrics.

3. A version that is not from 2012! xD I like how I was listening to this song earlier in the car while I was driving home :D

4. This one is in my Top 5 B'z Songs that I really liked from the Ballot list I was asked to select a song from a couple years back. It was during that time that I started liking B'z! I really like this song's translated lyrics. And guess what? I just ordered this song's source album, together with three other albums (yay, cdjapan free shipping!), about a week ago! :D


This part is where I started messing up my counting! xD Thanks to the Liner Notes, I was able to get back on track. Out of the three songs, I think it's my first time hearing the second one :o I don't remember where exactly I first heard/watched the first one but I think it has a fun lyrics. I like Koshi's performance in there. Where is that footage from? The third one indeed not have to be labeled for the background gives away the title of the song. :D

5. If I am remembering correctly, I first heard this song from this post here (wow, I actually found it!). Second (?) time seeing this performance here as I was not in this forums yet when this live stream happened :'( Anyway! While I was watching this part, an idea came to mind which I will continue writing in Track #7...

6. I think this is the first time I'm also seeing a live performance of this song? Which documentary was this in?! I've listened to this song a lot of times because I have the album where it came from but I can never remember its title because it's written in Japanese xD

#7. THIS. SONG. So! Continuing the story from Track 5, while I was listening to it, I suddenly had an idea of making a birthday video present for a certain someone (I wonder if they're reading this right now...) using a song that B'z covered, that this certain person really liked... Ohhhhh, imagine my surprise and excitement when I reached this song! Reminder to self, that I need to ask Jd- something after finishing writing this whole thing... Two thumbs up to CREDITS SPOILERS: dumytru and Jd- for a job well done!

8. When Koshi yelled "Budokan", I had a feeling this would be one of his solo works concert. I don't think I've seen a lot of B'z LIVE-GYMs in Budokan xD That aside, maaaan, check out dat guitar solo!

9. Going back to my story from Track 5 and #7, I just laughed when I reached this song. I've always wanted to see other variety of this song because I've only seen the acoustic version.

10. Barefoot Goddess. I can never remember its Japanese title. This stage reminded me of BLOWIN from Community Selection Week 9 :D


12. Every time I see this stage, I automatically assume that it's a LOVE PHANTOM performance so seeing this performed here is indeed a rare thing!

13. I had to go back and re-count to make sure I didn't lose track again! Contrary to Barefoot Goddess, I can sing the whole title of this song here! xD I actually like this version than the original one.

14. One of my favorite songs from the album this one came from! It's also my very first B'z Album thanks to Kogorou :D

15. Another subtitle debut, huh. I actually have never heard of this before :o

16. If not for having XXV, I probably would not have known about this yet another song having its subtitle debut. I really enjoyed watching this performance!

17. Aaaaaaand another one! I first thought of BAD COMMUNICATION when I heard the woman's voice for some reason. It's always fun to see B'z makin' those dance moves in these rare finds!

18. I've been waiting for a Tak solo after seeing Track 8 and this was a surprise!

19. I haven't checked out Koshi's most recent collaboration yet but this was a fun one!

20. Here's to another classic!

21. After listening to this song's English version multiple times because of a certain special project, it's good to finally see a performance of the original version once again! :D


I'm listing this as a bonus 'coz of that EPIC guitar solo right after the previous song.

22. :')

23. OH. MY. GOsasdfghjklldfsnkdsl!!--- I've been peeking at the Liner Notes while watching this entire video and I have been really curious and excited to see what could be the last song. To be honest, I was actually hoping it will be this song and throughout the entire almost two hours of watching before reaching this finale, I wondered to myself if it's possible to see a parallel of ALL the versions of this song............ IT'S EXACTLY WHAT I GOT OMFG. This is that song I chose from the Ballot list I was talking about in Track 4 above. To sum it all up, there were tears in my eyes.

24. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT RELEASE! I'm sure it will be worth the wait whenever it will be available!

A huge ARIGATO for all the hard work and cheers to another decade of B'z!

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! ("B'z XX9" OUT NOW! Check your inboxes!)

Posted: September 23rd, 2017, 11:01 pm
by fubako
Thanks for sending me the link even though I just decided to check up here yesterday XD

Firstly, a great set list of songs. A good half of them are songs I have permanently on my music player because they're just 100% a good time or pulling at heart strings. Pure bliss.

Memories of the LA stream. That was a great show. I'd love to be a part of something like that again.

Nice to see that lyric video revamped.... at least I'm sure I've seen it before back in youtube days.

Orchestral and new arrangements are great. I don't think it was so acoustic or that there were maracas in the original, so that was interesting and fun.

Annnnd how could you end on THAT song? How could you stop the train at the peak? XD (any chance of Kobushi wo Nigire? I don't think I've seen it live before and it's definitely one of my guilty pleasures+hype).

Thank you guys for all the hard work!

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! ("B'z XX9" OUT NOW! Check your inboxes!)

Posted: September 25th, 2017, 5:42 am
by CrimsonDragon
What an amazing video! The video editing and effects is certainly incredible, definitely top-notch!

1. Excellent opener, the way the video progresses with more and more effects on screen is pretty cool!

2. This was a staple for their Pleasure 2013 tour, hopefully it won't remain an exclusive and will return one day.

3. There's a very 'classic' B'z feel about this song, its arrangement and lyrics hark back to to a simpler time.

4. Much like shinichi'sapprentice, this was also the time I started listening to B'z, back in late 2007 and leading up to 2008 with the release of BURN. The PV for this was so cool! The accompanying album tour also included the most varied setlist ever for a B'z LIVE-GYM - an eclectic mix of old and new songs, including previously unperformed ones. It was certainly perfect, right?


Hearing such rare songs live is such a treat for fans, hopefully the full performance will be released soon!

5. Another staple of ACTION, always great to see it reappear on stage.

6. One of the few occasions where backup dancers were brought on stage as part of the performance. Actually, this was quite a fan LIVE-GYM, wasn't it? It shows how the band is willing to experiment and try new things.

7. Despite covering numerous songs live, this studio recording has never been performed yet, nor included in any compilation. I'm not sure how many fans even know that this song exists, since it's no longer for sale!

8. How cool would it be if this appeared right after #1? Koshi no longer includes solo songs on B'z tours, but who knows, maybe for Pleasure 2018?! I can only dream...

9. I always loved this version of the song - a simple arrangement that gets the message across easily.

10. What more needs to be said? This song is a classic and the 'la la la...' near the end is a staple of every performance! :)

11. Seventeen years. I can't believe it has taken that long for this to have its live home video debut. If only they could reintroduce this song to new fans, even if it's for one month only... ;D

12. You know, it would be funny if Koshi popped out to do the vocals suddenly. This version of the song fortunately appears on one of Tak's albums.

13. Despite making few appearances, this has remained a fan favourite for decades. This acoustic version looks fun.

14. Definitely one of the highlights from their 2015 album, wouldn't it be great if it was coupled with Seimei?

15. I absolutely love this song. B'z have many excellent album tracks and this was one of the tracks chosen by fans to be included in 2008's ULTRA Treasure compilation.

16. Seeing early B'z footage like this really makes me wish they released these concerts in full on home video. Maybe one day?

17. Young Koshi sure can shake those hips ;D Another early single that deserves more love.

18. Tak on vocals! That's certainly not something you get to see every day!

19. Koshi's latest collaboration album certainly has some fun tracks. I wonder if he will perform these in his solo lives?

20. Koshi running across the stage never gets old. Such a catchy tune as well.

21. The heart shapes flowing across the stage and part with the audience singing really shows how popular this song is. Koshi's matching shirt is also a nice coincidence!


The guitar solo straight after was unexpected. It would've been cool if the full song was done for the last day of the tour...

22. Arguably one of the best B'z songs - one with lyrics that can resonate with B'z fans alike.

23. Seeing how this song evolves over the years is incredibly interesting - life is a journey.

24. Good things are coming and I look forward to seeing the endless possibilities :)

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! ("B'z XX9" OUT NOW! Check your inboxes!)

Posted: September 26th, 2017, 12:00 am
by Jd-
Really great to hear everything went over well with those that have seen B'z XX9!

We also have the B'z International Showcase right around the corner, but we're still contemplating just how many languages we want included. There are two languages we still need translation checkers/additional translators for: Chinese and Thai. The Thai version was started by a non-native speaker so a lot of work needs to be done to get it where it should be, and for the Chinese, there are still two songs that need translating. If you would like to help translate a B'z show into your language, post or get in touch! There's still plenty of time because as the other translators can attest, it's not altogether that much work!

Oh, and... there are still two announcements to follow in the next post that should be of interest. Originally we were going to wait a little while, but with DINOSAUR releasing in a couple of months and everyone being so kind with their response to B'z XX9, let's see how this goes!

Re: The B'z Hype Topic! (B'z New Album DINOSAUR Out 11.29.17!)

Posted: September 26th, 2017, 12:34 am
by Jd-

As those that viewed B'z XX9 discovered, there is an all-new lyric video ready for release in the form of "This Love"! B'z originally covered the Maroon 5 song in Japanese all the way back in 2005 as an iTunes compilation exclusive. The song has not been available for purchase for many years now and is highly unlikely to ever be performed by the band. A lyric video seemed a sufficient challenge and suitable answer to the conundrum of ever subtitling it in video form.

Originally, a full five years ago, I started on a concept of this lyric video and released the beginning (as fubako remembers, amazingly!). The video was not finished at that time as Weekly B'z was more of a priority. Fast forward to now, in 2017: dumytru and I decided to at long last make good on the idea of collaborating on a project of this ilk. It was a challenge but it was an immensely rewarding project that turned out better than we expected.

On Thursday, September 28, at 6:00 PM U.S. Eastern time, we'll be releasing an HD version separate from B'z XX9. And, we are considering 4K and 8K versions for the future as well! Check back on Thursday to see how it turned out!

...And... speaking of Weekly B'z...


There is so much Weekly B'z now that it seems only suitable we revisit the older releases. It seems most prefer the specially-tailored feature-length compilations in place of the brief vignettes produced previously. Thus, in the near future, we will begin a new project to preserve those entitled Weekly B'z: The Collection Redux. As part of this project, all previous shorter Weekly B'z releases will be re-purposed into feature-length compilations similar to B'z XX8 or B'z XX9. These specially-tailored volumes will be released on a regular basis in the future. Songs that were previously subtitled together may be moved to other, more suitable setlists. We will also be incorporating new footage that has never been released as part of Weekly B'z in the past as well!

Some that have aided in releases in the past will be contacted on Thursday regarding possible participation in this project! Please check your PMs at that time as your help would be much appreciated in deciding a certain volume!

The following releases will not be re-purposed and will remain intact for those that want to keep their collections organized: Weekly B'z Community Selection Weeks 1-9 (The Finale), Weekly B'z #34 (FILM RISKY), all three documentaries, Koshi Inaba Solo Live Selection, B'z XX8, B'z XX8 Special Addition*, B'z Treasure Selection, B'z XX9.

*Commemorative addition available last Christmas; if interested, get in touch!

Additionally, on Thursday, almost all of the old Weekly B'z collection (apart from those listed above) will go offline for the time being. If you are interested in the older releases, grab those now as they will only be available by request from fellow fans after that point.