The B'z Hype Topic Has Closed (2011-2018) — Thank You SO MUCH For Everything! The Hype Never Dies!

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The B'z Hype Topic Has Closed (2011-2018) — Thank You SO MUCH For Everything! The Hype Never Dies!

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The B'z Hype Topic was started over 7 full years ago (!) on June 3rd, 2011 with the express purpose of gathering B'z information into one place and spreading some hype and goodwill along the way. I'm hopeful that's been accomplished and equally hopeful some of the memories and people we've encountered will remain important to us going forward.

Unfortunately, in the interests of personal time, the B'z Hype Topic will be closed indefinitely as of today and none will replace it on this forum.

But let there be no mistake: Always, the people I've met because of this band will stay with me, and I will always be a fan. I will continue to purchase every single, album, and home video that is released, and I know many of you began to amass collections after discovering this place. When a new B'z release is announced, you'll find it right here at CDJapan. Even if we aren't listening in the same place at the same time, I've never thought the connection we've shared through this music could ever be tested by time or distance, anyway, so let's not allow that to stop us!

Something else I learned from this place is that there's potential for something great in every encounter with every person you come across. Always, people with the same emotions will come together. Those moments in life when you share something special with once-strangers and now-friends—those aren't easy to come by, so I know I, for one, will always cherish them all.

To every one of you that contributed to this journey, I thank you for all of your kindness throughout. I will miss you and I hope this place has helped bring some light that was otherwise not present. Thank you so much! Truly!

. . .

While this is the end of this place, the dedication to spreading B'z hype will always persist elsewhere. You can always visit the official sites and the English fansites below, which I'm assured will remain updated by dedicated individuals that will not disappoint: — The place to get all the latest B'z information translated into English as soon as it's available. — Complete write-ups on virtually every B'z topic, including the singles, albums, and tours.

. . . . .

Even though this may feel like the end, it's just as Koshi always says around this time...