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Postby ProfParanoia » June 13th, 2014, 11:57 pm

Toddler Naruto wrote:Those are complete remakes though, while remasters are just the same games with updated graphics/textures etc.

There is no reason for them to have given it an addition to the title except to make fans think they have to buy both, the graphics will not be better in any meaningful way since this started to get made the moment to first one came out. It's a pure marketing trick. It's not nearly as bad as the Watch_Dogs or FarCry 4 pre-order things, it doesn't even bother me beyond the "um... no" feeling, but I just don't think this needs to be marketed as a special version.

For Topic: So what were the thoughts on the Smash Bros 4 tourney? It was pretty obviously a "here's stuff in the game" and not a tourney, but it was fun to see players I know on the stage.

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