Detective Conan "My first Wide" - any1 knows?

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Detective Conan "My first Wide" - any1 knows?

Postby Seraphita » September 25th, 2013, 5:48 pm

hi guys ^^

I ve been lookin around what other Japanese Conan things beside Manga/Anime/Movie/Specials/OVA/MagicFiles are to be found (or should I say: to have? ;) XD) there is one thing I'd like to ask around if any1 knows of it:

Detective Conan Special Edition 15 My First WIDE
名探偵コナン特別編 15 My First WIDE

I know that it is a manga and it was released in June 2013 but i couldnt find a clue as to what exactly it is?! In spite of its name it isnt a part of the manga-series which is drawn by Aoyama's assistants.

So, any1 got any idea what it is? (The number 15 suggests that it is part of some kinda of series...)


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