Rules of the DCTP Forum

The rules found here are made available in order to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone in the community. Naturally, the etiquette one would abide by in everyday human communication also applies even if not explicitly detailed below. Additionally, the moderators of the DCTP Forum reserve the right to remove or alter any posts found to be objectionable.

  1. No English/Raw Anime or Manga Downloads

    1. Please DO NOT post links to unauthorized English anime episodes, manga chapters or Japanese raws of said chapters: This includes downloads and links to online collections of these files as well as anime episodes of similar sorts. The only acceptable links to full anime episodes are those hosted by an authorized streaming service such as Crunchyroll or Hulu. #
  2. General Posting Courtesy

    1. No Spam or Objectionable Content: Please refrain from spamming or posting illegal or questionable content, including adult material and creating topics that are not suitable for a general audience. It is acceptable to deviate from the topic at hand occasionally for the purposes of humor, etc., but please do so in moderation so as to not derail discussions. #
    2. No Unmarked Spoilers Outside of Designated Areas: Foremost, please be courteous to anime-only fans! Keep in mind that those who only follow the anime may not be familiar whatsoever with manga developments. This includes spoilerific images in your avatars and signatures. Once a development has aired in the anime, it is OK to utilize such materials in your profiles. If you have any question at all about your post containing a "spoiler", please use the spoiler box function in your post. #
    3. Always Be Courteous: Never forget to be nice and courteous to your fellow posters. There is rarely any call for anger, and certainly none that should be vented toward one another. Collect your thoughts and carry out all debates and disagreements in a calm and respectful manner. #
    4. Avoid Excessive Cursing: Do not use or indulge in excessive cursing or profanity. Mild cursing is fine, but there is no call for going overboard with it. #
    5. No Attacking Others: Avoid attacking other users, including the use of insults and exhibiting aggressive behavior toward them in your posts. #
    6. No Abusing Multiple Accounts: Don't simultaneously use multiple accounts. If you've lost your password and can't be bothered recovering it, feel free to make a new account. Don't, however, use the two accounts for strange schemes (cheating in random forum games, agreeing with yourself, etc). In other words: sockpuppeting is not allowed. #
    7. No Pairing Wars: Disagreements on the merits and usefulness of a character and their role in the series is fine. However, please do not engage in "pairing wars" and general discourtesy when becoming involved in such discussions. Treat everyone with respect no matter what their opinion may be. #
  3. FAQ

    1. How much does it take to get banned? To get banned from here, you'll have to have either caused a lot of problems in the past or really go out of your way to annoy others. You will not get banned for honest mistakes or anything of the like, so just have a good time. #
    2. Where can I ask for help with the forums? Create a new topic in the Issues & Suggestions board and someone will likely assist you promptly. #
    3. Can I discuss fansubs here? Please do not link to, discuss, or insinuate where anime fansubs or manga scanlations can be found. #
    4. Where did my post go? It's likely it was deleted by a moderator. Posts will only be removed if they are considered problematic, offensive, or break one of the rules found above. Unless you receive correspondence from the moderator, please do not take its removal personally. #
    5. Why are there not more Character-A versus Character-B topics? Pairing wars and character feuds are generally a source only for vitriol and attacks on others that do not share their view of a character or a given aspect of the series. As noted above, please refrain from engaging in "pairing wars". #